How to Reach Pingyao - The Easiest Way to Reach Pingyao


  • By Air: The closest major airport is in the county of Taiyuan called the Taiyun Wusu International Airport which is 90 km away from Pingyao. Many airlines operate flights to the airport like Air China, Hong Kong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Tiber Ailines and Air Macau. There are buses, trains and taxis frequently plying between the two cities.
  • By Train: You can take a train from cities like Taiyuan, Xi’an, Guangzhou and Beijing. You can take a tuk tuk from the station, or even walk to the county centre. High Speed trains ply between Pingyao and Beijing and Xi’an now, however the station is 35 km southwest of the county.
  • By Bus: Buses play between Pingyao and the cities of Xi’an (7-8 hour journey) and Taiyuan (90 minute journey). Booking ahead would be a smart idea since buses are sometimes sold out.
  • By Taxi: There are shared taxis that ply from Taiyuan, they are quite affordable.


  • On Foot: As most of the walled city is out of bounds for taxis and cars, the best way to get around is on foot. It will be good to have a map handy though as many parts of the city look almost exactly alike.
  • By Golf Cart: It is possible to hire a golf cart to get around the walled city.
  • By Bicycle: You can rent bikes to travel in the county, however, if you’re visiting Pingyao during peak season, it may not be possible to get around quickly because of the many tourists milling about. Walking may be a better option.

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How to Reach Pingyao from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Taiyuan to Pingyao 50.44 km 50 mins
Xi'an to Pingyao 376.33 km 6 hours 16 mins
Beijing to Pingyao 486.23 km 8 hours 6 mins
Central district police service centre to Pingyao 685.68 km 11 hours 25 mins
Kuala lumpur to Pingyao 1558.87 km 25 hours 58 mins
Melbourne to Pingyao 5811.69 km 96 hours 51 mins
Istanbul to Pingyao 9242.16 km 154 hours 2 mins
Enschede to Pingyao 11615.97 km 193 hours 35 mins
Arnhem to Pingyao 11728.61 km 195 hours 28 mins
Almere stad to Pingyao 11799.68 km 196 hours 39 mins