How to Reach Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is very easy to reach by either of the modes of transport.


  • By air: The closest commercial airports are San Luis Obispo, located at 9 miles and Santa Maria, located at 26 miles. Followed by the Santa Barbara Airport, located at 87 miles.
  • By road: Situated off Highway 101, south of San Luis Obispo, you can easily reach Pismo Beach by road.
  • By rail: The closest railway station is at Grover Beach located a quarter mile away.


  • The best way to get around Pismo Beach is by the free beach trolleys. There is a free beach trolley amongst Port San Luis, Avila Beach, Shell Beach and Pismo Beach. This runs exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays. Albeit, Memorial Day to Labour Day the trolley even runs on Thursdays and Fridays, departing every hour from 10AM to 3PM. Bear in mind that the services are not on in winters. Additionally, there also is the South County Area Transit. This service has four routes serving the 5 Cities metro area.
Route Distance Time
Arroyo grande to Pismo Beach 5.78 km 5 mins
Callender to Pismo Beach 7.12 km 7 mins
San luis obispo to Pismo Beach 8.19 km 8 mins
Verde to Pismo Beach 9.4 km 9 mins
Atascadero to Pismo Beach 19.66 km 19 mins
Santa maria to Pismo Beach 25.51 km 25 mins
Paso robles to Pismo Beach 28.04 km 28 mins
Santa barbara to Pismo Beach 112.3 km 1 hour 52 mins
Madera to Pismo Beach 120.79 km 2 hours 52 mins
Fresno to Pismo Beach 131.76 km 2 hours 11 mins