Best Things To Do in Pismo Beach, California

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One of the main draws of the Pismo beach are the Monarch butterflies. Resorting to the “Butterfly Trees” of Pismo Beach, the Monarch butterflies cluster these from late October through February. A favourite attraction of many these fluttering joys are a sight to watch. There are many talks and events around these butterflies too.

Beach activities like surfing and beach bike and ATV rentals are dear to all kinds of tourists here.  Fishing at the Pismo Pier, kayaking and canoeing at the caves and coves, are some other great activities to do too.

The Dinosaur Caves Park- for interesting history and great ocean views, Margo Dodd Park for pleasant strolls and the Eldwaylen Ocean Park for a spectacular staircase leading you to a beautiful charming beach, and wine tasting at the Sans Liege Wines are some other best things to do in Pismo Beach.

Given the many number of resorts and spas here, following the day up with a rejuvenating indulgence at one of these would be the most ideal thing! With signature therapies, they sure know their work, so relax and let them take over.

Below we have a list of things to do in Pismo Beach and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Pismo Beach getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Pismo Beach with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Pismo Beach

Here is the list of things to do in Pismo Beach and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Pismo Pier

    4.6 (682 Votes)
    Pismo Pier

    View Point, Pier, Leisure

    Blue ocean, pleasant weather, ample of time, some good food and great beverages. Well, Pismo Pier has everything to keep you hooked. So, if you want to soak in the sun, or just want to relax beach side, then head straightaway to this incredible attraction. One of the most lovable tourist spot in Pismo Beach, Pismo Pier is a great place to enjoy watching people surf on the clashing waves of the ...Read more
  2. Monarch Butterfly Grove

    4.6 (492 Votes)
    Monarch Butterfly Grove


    Who doesn’t like butterflies? And if they are monarch butterflies and there is a full fledged attraction dedicated to them, then who would miss it! Well, Monarch Butterfly Grove is an important tourist attraction in Pismo beach and people flock in huge numbers to witness the extravagance of these migratory insects. People usually carry telescopes to catch a glimpse of mesmerising butterfl...Read more
  3. Dinosaur Caves Park

    4.6 (486 Votes)
    Dinosaur Caves Park

    Outdoors, Park, Leisure, Picnic Spot

    Located aptly between the Pismo beach and Margo Dodd Park is the fun Dinosaur Caves Park. If you’re travelling with your family and kids and wondering what exactly will excite your children, then Dinosaur Caves Park has it all. Play area, picnic tables, stunning view and the list goes on and on! The play area has dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, seals and don’t worry, they aren’t for...Read more
  4. Margo Dodd Park

    4.7 (429 Votes)
    Margo Dodd Park

    Park, View Point, Leisure, Bird Watching

    Another popular park in Pismo Beach, Margo Dodd Park is small in comparison to the Dinosaurs Caves Park. But the view it offers is just unmatchable. Are you a birdwatcher? Or a photographer? Or do you just find the aquatic animals adorable? Then you’ll surely love this place. An excellent opportunity for every birdwatcher and photographer visiting Pismo Beach, Margo Dodd Park also has som...Read more
  5. Pismo Beach Farmer's Market


    Any tourist attraction is incomplete without a shopping space. A place which has something or the other to offer to everyone. Hence, Pismo Beach is no exception! The Pismo Beach Farmer’s Market is a weekly market held in the city which displays a wide variety of veggies, fruits and other products. If you’re into organic food, then the freshly homegrown products will satisfy your tas...Read more
  6. Price Historical Park

    4.1 (307 Votes)
    Price Historical Park

    Museum, Park

    A piece of history in Pismo Beach and that’s Price Historical Park for you. Mind you, this not one of those parks of the city. Instead, this one has a historical significance to it. Once a house to Vaquero Juan Miguel Prais, Price Historical Park is now a museum to the tourists. Miguel Prais was the founder of the Pismo Beach city and hence the museum is named after him. A small museum wi...Read more
  7. New Life Community Church

    4.8 (141 Votes)
    New Life Community Church

    Church, Religious Site

    Tired of visiting beaches or partying and want to detox the soul? Want to be at peace? Then how about visiting a church which is grand and very quiet at the same time. Soak in some divinity, worship and be thankful to the God. Moreover, the church also organises many events throughout the year and it will be a good idea if you visit the church during that particular time.
  8. Tastes Of The Valleys Wine Bar And  Shop

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Winery, Specialty Shop

    A tourist attraction is incomplete without a good place to hang out and grab a drink. But Pismo Beach has many of them. Tastes of the Valleys Wine Bar and Shop is the most popular wineries in Pismo Beach and a perfect place to pamper your taste buds and quench your thirst. You can indulge in some wine-tasting and have a great time. Also, the shop sells wines and you can even buy a bottle or two...Read more
  9. Seacliff Park

    4.7 (41 Votes)
    Seacliff Park

    Park, Picnic Spot

    A park which overlooks the sea is the best description of this site. From the top of the park you can see some beautiful views and the sea which is silent and wild at times making all types of sounds. The waves hit and go back from the shore land all this you can enjoy while sitting in the park. You will see picnic tables right on top of the ocean and this makes for a perfect date with your fa...Read more
  10. Spyglass Park

    4.5 (25 Votes)
    Spyglass Park

    Park, Picnic Spot

    Spread across an area of 4.5 acres, the Spyglass Park is a wonderful park that offers fantastic views of the ocean as well as access to mile and a half of tide pools and sandy beach. The park also features barbecue areas, a grassy area meant for recreation, picnic tables, benches, a playground for the children, parking options for cycling as well as handicapped picnic access. You can even walk ...Read more
  11. Beachwalker Inn & Suites

    3.6 (7 Votes)
    Beachwalker Inn & Suites Image


    Have a pleasant stay with your family and friends at Beach Walker Inn Suites and enjoy luxury at its best. The resort has nineteen guestrooms and four suites, and a perfect location near to the beach side makes your stay much more relaxing. The resort provides free breakfast, Wi-Fi and other world-class amenities makes this place a popular tourist destination. There are also some famous attract...Read more
  12. Old West Cinnamon Rolls

    Cafe, Bakery

    To get a quick bite on your way, drop in at Old West Cinnamon Rolls at Pismo Beach. Started around forty years ago, with a small stall at a fair this cafe has grown popular with time. The café specializes in serving some of the most authentic snacks in the town at a very affordable price. Their menu list includes raisin walnut roll, crumb roll, pecan roll, and lastly the popular cinnamon...Read more
  13. Cool Cat Cafe


    The Cool Cat Cafe is a retro styled burger joint offering shakes, fries and cocktails in their 1950’s styled dining space complimented by vintage decors. The walls of Cool Cat Cafe are adorned with retro posters while the table tops look like vinyl CDs. The black and white square patterned floor and the white and red couches will take you back to the 50’s while devouring the “...Read more
  14. Splash Cafe Pismo Beach

    4.6 (27 Votes)
    197 Pomeroy Ave, Pismo Beach, CA 93449, USA
  15. Steamers Of Pismo

    3.4 (30 Votes)