How to Reach Plovdiv


  • By Air: Plovdiv international airport is located about 5 kilometers away from the city in the village of Krumovo and has chartered flights and direct services towards Frankfurt-Hahn, London, Milan, Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. Taxis are the best way to get to the airport even though there is an availability of a public bus.
  • By Train: Many trains depart from Plovdiv to national and international destinations. Frequent services are available towards Sofia and Istanbul.
  • By Car: You can reach Plovdiv from various Bulgarian cities via international route A1. The road goes to Sofia on the west and Stara Zagora on the east.
  • By Bus: There are three long distance buses in Plovdiv serving various places both in Bulgaria and Turkey.


  • By Foot: The old town is fairly compact and is in the pedestrian zone. Most of the ancient sightseeing places are also in proximity.
  • By Bus: Plovdiv has a comprehensive bus service that can take you to several important areas in the city.
  • By Car: You can explore the city and other places to see around by car. But be careful while driving, because Plovdiv has a high rate of accidents.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are the best way to get around the city. However, be alert while hiring one, as the drivers may trick you into paying more.


Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Plovdiv. The most preferred mode of transport in Plovdiv is Car.

Average distance: 5.35 km Average time: 25.73 min

  • Car 35.71%
    Driving 13.4 min Walking 2.3 min Overall average time for 6 kms 15.7 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 21.43%
    Bus 19 min Waiting 7 min Walking 4.67 min Overall average time for 6 kms 30.67 min
  • Walking 21.43%
    Walking 31.67 min Bike 7.33 min Other 5 min Overall average time for 4 kms 44 min
  • Bike 7.14%
    Bike 25 min Walking 5 min Other 2 min Overall average time for 7.5 kms 32 min
Route Distance Time
Skutare to Plovdiv 11.68 km 11 mins
Haskovo to Plovdiv 92.28 km 1 hour 32 mins
Svilengrad to Plovdiv 165.85 km 2 hours 45 mins
Sofia to Plovdiv 168.16 km 2 hours 48 mins
Dupnica to Plovdiv 181.49 km 3 hours 1 mins
Edirne to Plovdiv 206.58 km 3 hours 26 mins
Montana to Plovdiv 212.66 km 3 hours 32 mins
Thessaloniki to Plovdiv 254.67 km 4 hours 14 mins
Bucharest to Plovdiv 275.02 km 4 hours 35 mins
Ankara to Plovdiv 926.58 km 15 hours 26 mins
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