Best Things To Do in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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  • Ancient theatre: A 2nd century amphitheatre built during the Roman era and a must-visit place on your Plovdiv itineraries.
  • Ancient Stadium: A second century monument built under the rule of Emperor Hadrian.
  • Historical Museum of Plovdiv: A museum holding historical and cultural exhibits of Bulgaria from the 16th to 20th centuries.
  • The Museum of Natural Science: A museum with huge collection related to Palaeontology, Mineralogy and Biology.
  • Cathedral of St Louis: A Roman Catholic Church built in 1850s, named after Louis IX of France.
  • Zion Plovdiv Synagogue: An Ottoman Style Synagogue belonging to the 19th century.

Guided Tours

Plovdiv have two tourist informationcentres, one in the city centre and another in the old town. These centres provide maps, brochures, bus and train schedules, and other relevant details.

  • Free City Tour: There is a free tour of the city every Wednesday, held in both English and Bulgarian languages by experienced tour guides. You have to register in prior if you want to avail the service. More information about it is on the Plovdiv tourism website.
  • Free Plovdiv tour: Walking tour of the city organized every day. Just show up at the venue and join the fun. Address: City Hall, Stefan Stambolov Square, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • Plovdiv Day Tours: Private walking tours of Plovdiv with professional travel guides. Address: Plovdiv Mihalaki Georgiev 4004, Plovdiv 4004, Bulgaria.
  • Plovdiv Trips: Visit to the major attractions in Plovdiv and surrounding areas. Address: 13, Ilarion Makariopolski Street, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria.

Below we have a list of things to do in Plovdiv and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Plovdiv getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Plovdiv with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Plovdiv

Here is the list of things to do in Plovdiv and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Plovdiv Roman Theatre

    4.7 (541 Votes)
    Plovdiv Roman Theatre


    Plovdiv Roman Theatre also known as the Ancient theatre of Philippopolis is a historical structure in the center of the city of Plovdiv. This magnificent 2nd century amphitheater, built during the reign of Emperor Trajan, has undergone restoration after the landslide in 1972. The theatre is in form of a semi-circle with an outer diameter of 82 meters. The open spectators’ area consists of...Read more
  2. Bachkovo Monastery

    4.7 (390 Votes)
    Bachkovo Monastery

    Art And Culture, Church, Museum, Monument

    The Bachkovo Monastery, also known as the Petritsoni Monastery or Monastery of the Mother of God Petritzonitissa in Bulgaria, is one of the oldest and largest Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Europe. It is considered to be an important monument of Christian architecture, which is offers a unique combination of Byzantine, Georgian and Bulgarian culture. This site has undergone several restoration...Read more
  3. Ethnographic Museum

    4.6 (461 Votes)
    Ethnographic Museum

    Museum, Performance, Architecture , Arts And Crafts

    The Plovdiv Ethnographic Museum is the second largest specialized museum of it’s kind in Bulgaria. The museum preserves over 40,000 exhibits inside Kuyumdzhieva house, which is a fine example of the Bulgarian Baroque architecture from the National Revival Period. There are several temporary exhibitions organized here along with the prestigious permanent exhibition of the museum. Apart fro...Read more
  4. Assenovakrepost

    Landmark, Historical Site, Fort

    Asen’s Fortress, also known as Assenovakrepost to the locals, is a medieval fortress in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains. The fortress is located at an altitude of 279 meters on a high rocky ridge on the left bank of the Asenitsa River. It went through a major renovation in the 13th century, to serve as a border fortification against the Latin raids. The site offers a brilliant view of the...Read more
  5. Alyosha Soviet Army Memorial

    Landmark, Memorial, Monument, Statue

    The Alyosha Soviet Army Memorial was erected by the initiative of residents of the city of Plovdiv, in the year 1954-57. The memorial pays tribute to the Soviet casualties during the liberation of Bulgaria from the Government and their Nazi allies. An 11-meter tall concrete statue of a Soviet soldier is installed here, which tops a 6-meter granite pedestal. This Alyosha was about to be demolish...Read more
  6. Nebettepe

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    Park, Landmark, Ancient Ruin, Monument

    NebetTepe (Nebet Hill) is known to be the place where the people of ancient Plovdiv were settled and remained to live here for 8 millennia. It is located in the northern part of the three hills (Trimontium), and offers a spectacular view of the Plovdiv City from the top. There are preserved remakes of the north fortified wall from the time of Justinian the great (6TH century). These fortified w...Read more
  7. Djumaya Mosque

    Religious Site, Landmark

    Djumaya Mosque (Dzhumaya) is an ancient mosque in the center of Plovdiv. It is one of the biggest and oldest mosques in Bulgaria. It is believed that this mosque was built as an imperial mosque by Shihabedin pasha, during the reign of Murad II (1359-85). The Djumaya mosque is built with thick stonewalls and is covered by solid-coated domes. There are foursquare pillars supporting the 9 huge int...Read more
  8. Ancient Stadium Of Philipopolis

    Landmark, Stadium

    The ancient stadium of Philipopolis in Plovdiv was built in the beginning of 2nd century AD during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, and is among the largest structures from the times of Ancient Rome that exist in this region. Located in the Northern part of the fortified city, the stadium has a capacity to seat up to 30,000 spectators. The seats are tiered in 14 rows, dissected by stepped aisles d...Read more
  9. Chiesa S S. Constantin E Elena

    Church, Landmark, Cathedral

    Chiesa SS. Constantin e Elena is a small church in the old town of Plovdiv. It is a part of a larger complex, however you can only enter this church and stroll in the adjacent courtyard a bit. St. Elena was the mother of Constantine the Great, who was responsible for changing the Roman Empire from a polytheist to Monotheist religion. This church is one of the few churches dedicated to both Elen...Read more
  10. Grazhdanskiklub

    4.3 (465 Votes)


    GrazhdanskiKlub is located at a 50 meters walk down the hill from Roman Amphitheatre in Plovdiv. This place is one of the best restaurants in Plovdiv, where the staff is polite, food is great and the servings are huge. The place is surrounded by lush green trees, which control the climate during the summer seasons. Highlights and must see includes: Great food in less price Surrounded by beauti...Read more
  11. Archeological Museum

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    Archeological Museum

    Museum, History Museum, Performance, Specialty Museum

    This is a museum dedicated to the history of Plovdiv. This city is a heir to one of the biggest ancient towns in the history- Philippopolis. The museum houses a very rich collection of artefacts. There are 3 departments; all have their own separate building- The National Revival Department, The Unification Department and the book publishing department. Inside the museum, the information is aple...Read more
  12. Art News Cafe

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    Art News Cafe

    Library, Landmark, Cafe

    This is a popular cafe in Plovdiv. The infrastructure is unique. The floor might look an unenthusiastic grey, but the furniture is an antithesis of it. It is colourful and peculiar. The chairs are made of wire. But they are comfortable, thanks to the big soft cushions. The tables look like they have been reclaimed from the flea market. The lighting is dim and warm. This eccentric setup gives a ...Read more
  13. Plovdiv Regional Historical Museum

    Art Gallery, Museum, History Museum

    Plovdiv Regional Historical Museum is located in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The museum was established in 1951, and it covers the history of Plovdiv from the 15th century till date. It has three departments, each occupying a separate historic building. It is a small museum, which includes history, and colonialism from when the Spanish came to town. Highlights and must see includes: Pictori...Read more
  14. Hisarya

    Church, Landmark, Ancient Ruin, Town

    Hisarya, located on the outskirts of the Sredna Gora in Plovdiv Province, is a small resort town, which has an elevation of 368 meters and a population of 7691. The town was founded thousands of years ago, which later became a Thracian city and, when Thrace fell to the Romans and became a Roman Province, and thus Hisarya became a Roman town. After the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, Hisarya was...Read more
  15. Cultural Center-museum Trakart

    Museum, Monument, Specialty Museum

    Cultural Center-Museum TrakArt, located in the Archaeological Subway in the city of Plovdiv, is famous for its floor mosaics. In September 2003, a project for conservation and restoration of the antique mosaics was initiated for the Restoration of this monument of culture of national and world significance. TRAKART has obtained a grant from the USA state department. The cultural centre- Museum ...Read more