Best Things To Do in Pokhara, Nepal

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There are number of things to do in Pokhara. There is in fact, something for every type of tourist. From scenic panoramas to sacred temples and scrumptious food, a Pokhara vacation planner is full of diverse attractions and activities.

  • Poon Hill
  • World Peace Pagoda
  • Phewa Lake
  • Begnas Lake
  • International Mountain Museum
  • Bindhya Basini Temple
  • Gurkha Memorial Museum
  • Barahi temple
  • Gupteswar Gupha
  • Mahendra Cave


Pokhara makes for an ideal gateway for trekking the magnificent Annapurna range. There are a number of adventure activities that one can indulge in that are an essential part of any Pokhara trip itinerary.

  • Hiking or Trekking in Pokhara is full of adventure and adrenaline and is also suitable for amateurs.
  • Kayaking or Canoeing in one of its breathtakingly beautiful lakes
  • White water rafting
  • Mountain biking
  • Paragliding in Pokhara is spectacular; amidst the picturesque Annapurna ranges and over the glistening lakes.
  • Rock Climbing

Below we have a list of things to do in Pokhara and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Pokhara getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Pokhara with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Pokhara

Here is the list of things to do in Pokhara and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Phewa Lake

    4.7 (1628 Votes)
    Phewa Lake

    Outdoors, Biking Trail, Walking Area, Lake

    The second largest lake in Nepal is a thing of beauty indeed. The focal point for any dreamy traveller, the lake is hugged by lush forests from all around. On a clear day, the majestic Annapurna is clearly reflected on the lake’s mirror surface. Many people walk or cycle around the lakeshore the trek up to the World Peace Pagoda affords breathtaking views over the tal and the mountains be...Read more
  2. World Peace Pagoda

    4.6 (1523 Votes)
    World Peace Pagoda

    Religious Site, Outdoors, View Point, War Memorial

    The world peace pagoda is a stupa atop a hill offering amazing views of Pokhara. Dedicated to peace and prosperity and the innocent lives lost during the world war, the Peace pagoda is made with the initiative of uniting the human race. There are three paths up to the pagoda and several small cafes once you arrive. The panorama that you experience when you reach the top is worth every steep ste...Read more
  3. Sarangkot

    Outdoors, Landmark, Observatory, Educational Site

    As if pretty Pokhara needed a more beautiful cousin! Sarangkot is the cherry on top of a delicious cake. Privy to some spectacular views of the mountains; from Dhaulagiri to Machhapuchhare, this place can pass off god’s own spot. At any given hour, Sarangkot is at least a couple of degrees cooler than Pokhara. A great place to witness jaw dropping sunrises, but don’t expect to be th...Read more
  4. Caffe Concerto

    4.3 (1071 Votes)
    Caffe Concerto

    Coffee House, Restaurant

    If you crave for delicious pizzas and a lipsmacking lemon meringue pie, head to Caffe Concerto.Known for its rustic ambience, this place is popular for its delectable bistro-style dishes . It has an open fireplace and jazz on the stereo that make you want to linger on a little longer. Almost every meal is legendary here- from breakfast to dinner. The pasta dishes and salads are authentic, wine ...Read more
  5. Poon Hill

    4.6 (861 Votes)
    Poon Hill

    Outdoors, View Point, Hiking Trail, Hill

    Breathtaking views and spectacular scenery awaits you when you reach atop Poon Hill. In most countries, Poon Hill would be called a mountain, but here in the Himalayas it is certainly a hill. Poon Hill is one of the most famous viewpoints in the world and in Nepal, it is probably the second most famous viewpoints after Kala Pattar. There are many options to extend a trip here, and the only limi...Read more
  6. Davis Falls

    4 (1058 Votes)
    Davis Falls

    Outdoors, Observatory, Adventure, Nature

    Named after an overzealous Swiss couple who as legend has it, subsequently drowned in its waters, Patale Chhango as the locals call it is a gorgeous waterfall that finds its way through tunnels and crevices. It forms an underground tunnel after reaching the bottom from its height of 500 meters. It runs 100 feet below ground level. Specially thunderous in the monsoons, be prepared for a deafenin...Read more
  7. International Mountain Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    It’s only befitting that Nepal is home to one of the best mountain museums in the world. Dedicated to mountaineers and mountain-lovers, there’s nothing that is missed out in terms of information regarding the mighty mountains surrounding Nepal. Inside, you can see original gear from many of the first Himalayan ascents, as well as displays on the history, culture, geology, and flora ...Read more
  8. Begnas Lake

    4.6 (1061 Votes)
    Begnas Lake

    Lake, Boating, Picnic Spot, Nature

    Situated at a distance of about an hour from Pokhara, Begnas lake is literally a breath of fresh air. Jaw-dropping serene and much less crowded than the Phewa lake, Begnas lake is a true gem. You can choose to boat, stroll or picnic along the banks of this enchanting lake. Do bear in mind however that this area does not have a lot of tourist facilities.
  9. Gupteshwar Gufa

    4.2 (1130 Votes)
    Gupteshwar Gufa

    Religious Site, Temple, View Point, Archaeological Site

    A sacred cave that houses a Shiva Temple, the Gupteshwar Gufa is an experience by itself. Although dark and dingy, the caves are beautiful from inside and offer amazing views of the nearby waterfall. The Shivalinga inside the cave is said to bein the same condition since it was explored. This shrine is said to have certain healing powers which attracts a number of visitors throughout the year.
  10. Barahi Temple

    4.5 (1281 Votes)
    Barahi Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Island, Lake

    Located on an island in Nepal's Phewa Lake, stands the Barahi Temple. A visit to the island near the center of Lake Phewa is often included on tour packages in the area, and is certainly a must for anyone touring Pokhara. Set in stunning surroundings, many find Barahi Temple a peaceful place to relax, especially after canoing across the glistening waters of Phewa Lake.
  11. Gurkha Memorial Museum

    Museum, War Memorial, Specialty Museum

    The Gurkha regiment was known for its valour and unwavering steadfastness. This museum is dedicated to that spirit and showcases a number of objects and information relating to the regiment. One can also buy an original, military-issue Khukuri (special Gurkha combat knife) as a souvenir here. Accompanied by sound effects of machine-gun fire, it covers Gurkha history from the 19th-century Indian...Read more
  12. Bindhya Basini Temple

    4.6 (1002 Votes)
    Bindhya Basini Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, View Point, Hill

    Dedicated to the Goddess Bhagwati, the Bindhyabasini temple is one of the most important temples in Pokhara. The goddess ‘makes an appearance’ every now and then in an unassuming local and even though this might creep you out a bit, it will definitely hold your attention for a long time. Goddess Bhagwati is Pokhara's Guardian deity, also known as Shakti or Kali, known to be a blood-...Read more
  13. Bat Cave

    4.2 (411 Votes)
    Bat Cave

    Outdoors, Cave, Observatory, Educational Site

    A treat for nature lovers (who are not claustrophobic), the bat cave, true to its name, is full of these creatures of the dark. They thrive in its damp weather which is ideal for reproduction. The cave has many opportunities for daredevils to rejoice- with its tiny crevices and chutes. For the faint hearted- beware, there are thousands of bats here!
  14. Pokhara Regional Museum

    3.9 (573 Votes)
    Pokhara Regional Museum


    From cultural identities to familial traditions, this museum aims to protect, preserve and exhibit the vanishing ethnicities and cultures of Nepal. Visitors also get to learn about the mystical shamanic beliefs of the native inhabitants of the country. Dating back to 1985 and inaugurated by King Gyanendra, this museum is a treasure chest of rare historical photos and maps.The museum has large c...Read more
  15. Krishnas Kitchen

    4.1 (666 Votes)
    Krishnas Kitchen

    Hotel, Outdoors, Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Krishna’s Kitchen is a simple but amazing Thai garden restaurant at the north end of Phewa Tal. Expect homemade tofu, organic herbs and vegetables, served in Thai perfection. Located at a distance of 3 kilometres from the lakeside, this restaurant also has a superb collection of teas and wines.