Best Time To Visit Polignano A Mare

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Best Time To Go To Polignano A Mare

  • Summer: The months between June to September mark the summer months around here. It is humid, from mild to a little above around here during this time. The temperature though ranges in the early twenties in this season around here.
  • Winter: The winter season ranges between December to February. The humidity level really rises around here during this time. The temperatures is under the 10 degree Celsius mark here during this time.
  • Autumn: The months of October and November mark the autumn season around here. The temperatures begin to gradually descend. The humidity levels are the highest in the month of October and it rains quite some much here.
  • Spring: The spring season lies between March to May. It is the season when temperatures begin to gradually soar and they lie in the teens only.

The best time to visit Polignano A Mare would be in the month between February to May. The temperatures are not too high or low and the humidity is in check as well.

    We will be updating things to do in Polignano A Mare soon.