Events and Festivals in Port Louis

Mauritius has a large population of people of Indian origin and so they celebrate a lot Indian festivals.

  • Holi (February): Described as the festival of colours, during Holi, the entire Indian community can be seen on the streets, dancing and smearing each other with colours. If you’re approached by anyone to put a little colour on you, either refuse politely or get some colour applied on you.
  • Duchess of York Cup (May): The horse racing season is kicked off with the Duchess of York Cup! Taking place at the Champ de Mar Racecourse, there’s no other event that brings the city on its feet. While the races are underway, there’re a lot of activities going on, on the grounds to cater to everyone’s needs and taste.
  • Pere Leval's Day (September): One of the most revered missionaries to ever arrive at Port Louis, Pere Leval  in the short time period that he was there, fought for the plight of the sick and poor. Every year, in September, thousands of people all over the world fly to Port Louis to visit his tombstone to pay their respects and pray for miracles.
  • Festival International Kreol (December): Celebrating the Creole culture, every December, there are live music and dance performances that go on till the break of dawn. Every beach, park and open public space is celebrating the Creole culture.


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