Best Things To Do in Port Louis, Mauritius

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Blue Penny Museum: The obsession and pride the people of Port Louis have with their stamps is nothing short of contagious. It’s exactly this that will lead you to visit the Blue Penny Museum. Getting its name from the two rare stamps the museum displays, a two pence blue stamp and a one penny red stamp, the museum has a lot of other stories to offer than just the stamps.

Fort Adelaide: If there’s a view you won’t forget, it’s from Fort Adelaide. Needless to say the Fort is built in a strategic location at 240 feet above the sea level. Constructed during the colonial era, the British didn’t want the French settlers in Port Louis to revolt and be prepared in case they do. So, Fort Adelaide was in a way, built in anticipation.

Champ de Mars (Racecourse): If you’re in Morocco between the months of June and November, head over to Port Louis and be a part of some total Moroccan madness. The Champ de Mars is the second largest race course in the world and during horse racing season, the race course is filled to capacity and then some. If you don’t want to try your hand at betting, you could watch the race or dive into one of the many activities that go on, on the grounds.

Natural History Museum of Port Louis: Known as the oldest museum of the country, the Natural History Museum is recognized by its life like replica of the Dodo. In fact, an entire room has been dedicated to the extinct bird. The other rooms of the museum cover the other birds, reptiles, mammals and corals found in the region.

Jummah Mosque: Unarguably one of the best mosques of Mauritius, not only is the architecture of the mosque noteworthy, but so is the throngs of worshippers that frequent the Jummah Mosque. During the months of Ramadan and the Friday prayers, tourists are barred from entering the premises; so plan your visit accordingly.

Below we have a list of things to do in Port Louis and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Port Louis getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Port Louis with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Port Louis

Here is the list of things to do in Port Louis and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Caudan Waterfront

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    Caudan Waterfront

    Waterfront, Entertainment

    The Le Caudan Waterfront is a business center as well as an entertainment center in Port Louis. The whole waterfront is a historic center with museums and old buildings. An evening walk along the river front is perfect to see the city light up and reflect in the waters while the musicians and artists that bring art to the streets, enhance the ambience. The highlight of the place is shopping and...Read more
  2. Blue Penny Museum

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    Blue Penny Museum
    Inside Port Louis’ famous mall, Le Caudan Waterfront, lies Mauritius’ most precious treasure, the Blue Penny Museum. It’s called the Blue Penny because of a 2 pence blue stamp, one of the two rare stamps that are the pride and joy of not only the museum, but also the country. The other stamp being a one penny red stamp; in order to preserve the original colors of the stamps, t...Read more
  3. Fort Adelaide

    Historical Site, Fort

    Built by the British in anticipation of an uprising from the few French settlers and to protect Port Louis from infiltrators coming in through the harbor, Fort Adelaide is built in a very strategic location. At 240 feet above sea level, the view Fort Adelaide offers in par excellence! With a 360 degrees view, you can not only see the city of Port Louis but also the surrounding mountain range.
  4. Central Market

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    Central Market

    Market, Souvenir Shop

    The Central Market is a world in itself and sells everything from textiles, vegetables, meats and herbs sold for various ailments. The buzzing market that is nestled among old buildings that have an old-world charm themselves, is perfect to see Port Louis’s local life and taste some fresh local foods. Highlights include: The shops that sell various Chinese Herbal medicines and Aphrodisia...Read more
  5. Aapravasi Ghat

    Waterfront, Historical Site

    During the colonial era, the British used to ferry ships and ships of indentured laborers from India, to Mauritius, under their indentured servant scheme. The Aapravasi Ghat is a bunch of buildings on the sea front that served as the immigration department for indentured laborers. During the years the indentured servant scheme was in play, over half a million labor force was shipped to the shor...Read more
  6. Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum

    The Natural History Museum in Port Louis is famous for its life size replica of the Dodo, a bird which is now extinct. The oldest museum of Mauritius is located in the centre of the city and provides a peaceful gateway from the bustle of the city. The Dodo replica of the Natural History Museum is so well known that they have recently renovated and dedicated an entire room to the extinct bird. E...Read more
  7. Champ De Mars Racecourse

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    Champ De Mars Racecourse

    Entertainment, Race Track

    The Champs de Mars is a popular horse-racing track in Port Louis which was initially a military training ground established in the early 19th century. The track is the second-oldest race-course in the world and covers a circumference of 1298 meters. On a race day, the race-course is filled with locals betting on their favorite horses and if you are in town, do join in to see the energy of the p...Read more
  8. Le Pouce

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    Le Pouce

    View Point, Hiking Trail, Nature

    Le Pouce is a National Park named so because of its thumb-shaped peak. The park is home to lush green trees that make for great hiking trails and even more beautiful views when you reach the peak. The panoramic views form the top are the icing on the cake and is perfect for Photography lovers to capture some rare frames. You can also see Moka and the high grounds of Plain Wilhems from here. Hik...Read more
  9. St Louis Cathedral

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    St Louis Cathedral

    Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    The St Louis Cathedral, built in 1814, is one of the oldest Churches in Mauritius. The church was promoted to Cathedral in 1847 and is popular for its Latin cross design, when view aerially. Today, the humble church is loved for its simple architecture and tranquil atmosphere and is the reason why many visitors still admire it. If you are in Port Louis, do make sure you take a walk around the c...Read more
  10. Jummah Mosque

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    Jummah Mosque

    Mosque, Religious Site

    The Jummah Mosque is revered as the holiest mosque in all of Mauritius. Every Friday, the mosque broadcasts live prayers and the taraweeh prayers during the month of Ramadan. It’s also during these times that people, especially tourists are barred from entering the mosque for sightseeing purposes. Otherwise, any and everyone is welcome. The architecture of the mosque is a smooth blend of ...Read more
  11. China Town


    The Chinese have a considerably strong foothold and form quite an industrious position in the economy of the capital city. China town is like a miniature town brimming with life and activity. The grocery stores, restaurants and cafes and the various merchandise on sale there is sure to be an experience in itself. It’s amazing the kind of stuff you’ll find here; even if you don&rsquo...Read more
  12. Government House

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    Government House

    Architecture , Heritage Building

    Dubbed as the oldest building of the capital, the Government House was the residence of the first French governor of Mauritius, built under his supervision as well. The architecture of this building is typical of the French colonization era! One of the striking features of the premises is the statue of Queen Victoria with an air of un-amused indifference.
  13. Company Garden

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    Company Garden

    Garden, Walking Area, Monument

    The Company Garden had three entrance gates and is loved for the number of monuments in contains. The Raoul Rivet Monument, Remy Ollier Monument, the Adrien D’epinay monument, Leoville L’Homme, Brown Sequard monument, the statue of Doctor Manilal Maganla, Soeur Marie Barthelemy, and the Al- Idrissi monuments are the highlights of the garden. When in the city, do take a walk amidst t...Read more
  14. Photography Museum

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    Photography Museum


    Once you have visited the Photography Museum, it’ll be crystal clear that no one loved photography as much as Tristan Bréville. Everything you see in the museum, right from the negatives to framed portraits is all a labor of his love, if you will! Upon entering the cottage, that’s been transformed into a museum, the photographer’s wife, Madame Marie Noelle Brévil...Read more
  15. Domaine Les Pailles

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    Domaine Les Pailles

    Restaurant, Neighborhoods

    The Domaine Les Pailles is a heritage center that includes railway rides, horse-drawn carriages, a traditional mill that used Oxen to extract sugar, a distillery and a restaurant that serves lip-smacking food. The whole place is ideal for a family day out or if you want to explore Port Louis’s neighborhood in its raw form. The Safari ride is the main highlight here and coupled with the ol...Read more