15 Best Things To Do in Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis is one of the must-visit places in Mauritius. Being the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis has numerous tourist attractions including the lush green gardens, historical monuments, shopping centres and others. In other words, the Port Louis must be visited if you are planning to visit the most happening places of Mauritius. Let us have a look at the fifteen most exciting things to do and places to visit in Port Louis.

Here's the list of places to visit and 15 best things to do in Port Louis:

1. Blue Penny Museum

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For those who are in love with art and culture, the Blue Penny Museum is a must visit place in Mauritius. The museum has a great collection of red and blue penny stamps that were in trend in the year 1847. Founded by the Mauritius commercial bank in the year 2001, the museum also has the original statues of Paul and Virginia, which was created by Prosper d’Epinay in the year 1881.Apart from having a great collection of art and culture of Mauritius, the architecture of the museum is also worth watching. So, if you love to see things related to art and culture or just want to visit a place with a great architecture, Blue Penny Museum will satisfy you to the fullest.

2. Citadel Fort Adelaide

Named after Queen Adelaide, the fort is undoubtedly the best place to spend time at. Situated at 240 ft. above the sea level, this is one of the most visited tourist spots of the city. Apart from having a historical importance, the fort is also popular among those visitors who love to have an all-around view of the city and the harbour front. You can easily get to the fort through the train or private taxis, and you will need 10-15 minutes to reach the hilltop. So, enjoy the view and the breeze of the hilltop. You can also enjoy shopping at the boutiques that were once the old barracks of the fort Adelaide.

3. Aapravasi Ghat

Aapravasi Ghat is a UNESCO world heritage site and was the first British colony to receive the labour workforce from India. It is said that in the period of 1849-1923 half a million labour were transported from India through this point. It is a worth visiting place where you can get a historic feel as well as a pleasure of visiting a UNESCO heritage. So, if you have some interest in History and want to know more about Mauritius’ history then this is the best place to visit while touring Mauritius.

4. Le Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront is the best shopping destination for the travellers from across the world. Here you can find almost all kinds of products that you can ever think of buying. Whether you are looking for the latest fashion trends, or want to buy a memorable souvenir of your trip to Mauritius, this will be a perfect place for you to do this. For those who are travelling here by car, can avail the free open park for a limited in the weekdays. While shopping for your favourite merchandise, you can also waste some high-quality delicious food items from the food court.

Le Caudan Waterfront is a must visit place for all those travelers who are looking forward to spend a full day to shop in an affordable place that is full of entertainment and fun.

5. St Louis Cathedral

St Louis Cathedral or the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is located in the Central west end of the city and has been a historical monument for the city. Made in the year 1914, the cathedral receives thousands of visitors from across the globe due to its amazing architecture and beautiful maintenance. Another amazing thing about the cathedral is that it has the largest mosaic installation. There is a huge park in front of the church for the utmost peace of mind. So, if you have planned your trip to Mauritius to find the inner peace, then make sure to visit the cathedral on the first day of your tour.

6. Le Jardin de Pamplemousse

Le Jardin de Pamplemousse is a perfect place for those travellers who are willing to spend some time with nature and peacefully spend a few hours with their family and friends. Amazingly maintained lush green garden, well-organized personalized tours are some of the brilliant things that you can look for while visiting Le Jardin de Pamplemousse.

In all, this is the best place in Mauritius for the nature lovers and those who are travelling Mauritius in the search of peace and relaxation.

7. Champ de Mars Racecourse

Founded by Britain’s Colonel Draper, Champ de Mars Racecourse is the oldest racecourse in the Southern Hemisphere and is the second oldest in the world. With a history of over 200 years, the place is great to look at and is still houses the races. So, if you are planning to visit Port Louis, it is suggested that you should once attend a race in this historic racecourse.

8. Central Market

Port Louis’ central market is a great place for those travellers who love to shop like locals. The central market is located on a busy street and you can buy some extremely great products along with pure herbs and spices. The market is divided into two main parts, one of which is the vegetable section where you can buy all kind of exotic and local fruits and veggies and the other section is reserved for the meat and fish.

So, if you are willing to get some fresh fruits for your tour then make sure to visit the Central Market of Port Louis.

9. Natural History Museum

For the travellers who love to explore the aquatic life and natural history, this is a great place to visit in Port Louis. You can get a detailed information on species like the dodo and similar other species. Just check for the opening hours before planning the trip to the museum as it was closed for renovations a few months back.

10. The Photographic Museum

The Photographic Museum - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

This is another brilliant specialty museum in Port Louis that will attract the photography enthusiasts. Although it is a small museum and takes only an hour to traverse, the museum is absolutely worth visiting as they have a very classy collection of the photographs. Apart from the photographs, you can also find some really old cameras and movie projecting equipment.

In all, even if you have a little interest in the world of photography, you must once visit this small museum.

11. Pere Laval's Shrine

Pere Laval's Shrine is a great way to explore the regional and traditional beliefs of the Mauritius people. Dedicated to the French Missionary, Pere Laval this shrine is believed to have miraculous powers and thousands of pilgrims visit the shrine every year. For this, the shrine is one of the most visited religious places of Port Louis.

Additionally, the shrine also has a church and a few shops from where you can buy some products related to the religious beliefs. You can experience ultimate peace by spending a few hours in the shrine.

12. Kaylasson Temple

Built around the 19th century, this Tamil Kaylasson temple is a great place for those travelers who are looking forward to exploring the ancient Dravidian architecture. The temple is beautifully built according to Hindu beliefs and is one of the most visited places in Mauritius by Hindus and those travelers who love ancient Indian architecture. Surrounded by hills and lush greenery, the temple is a must visit for the nature lovers and photographers.

In all, whether you are a photographer, a devotee, or a lover of ancient architecture, this temple is a must visit place for you while touring Mauritius.

13. Rivulet Terre Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary

Rivulet Terre Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary is a perfect place to watch the different species of birds that are almost impossible to see elsewhere in the world. Developed around the coastal area, the sanctuary is protected by the Mauritius authorities and it also comes under the International Ramsar convention that is meant for protecting all the wetlands across the globe.

Spread over 26 hectares, the sanctuary is visited roughly 1200 birds every year out of which thirteen species are regular migrants and six are the rare migrants that are hard to watch for the bird lovers.

So, if you are a bird lover and want to explore the rare species of birds, then you must once visit the sanctuary while you are in Mauritius.

14. China Town

China Town in Port Louis is a place where you can buy all Chinese stuff including the food items and the merchandise. Although it may seem small to the tourists willing to explore the Chinese tradition, but it is still a great place to be at. You can find tasty food in the Chinese restaurants, and buy some exclusive souvenirs from the grocery stores. So, if you are a fan of Chinese food or culture, then you should visit the small yet worthy China Town of Port Louis.

15. Le Pouce

Le Pouce is the third highest mountain of Mauritius. And it is the best place for the hikers. Apart from being a great place for getting the best view of the city, the mountain is great for enjoying the nature at its best. The mountain range was formed due to a volcanic eruption and you can find a wide range of trees of different types. So, whether you are a hiker, or just want to enjoy the natural views of the city, you will find Le Pouce a great place to be at.

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    Caudan Waterfront

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    Blue Penny Museum

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    Fort Adelaide

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    Central Market

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    Aapravasi Ghat

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    Address: Ex-DWC Building, 1 Quay St, Port Louis, Mauritius

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    Natural History Museum

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    Champ De Mars Racecourse

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    Le Pouce

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    Address: Port Louis, Mauritius

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    Le Pouce is a National Park named so because of its thumb-shaped peak. The park is home to lush green trees that make for great hiking trails and even more beautiful views when you reach the peak. The...Read more

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    St Louis Cathedral

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    Jummah Mosque

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    China Town

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    Government House

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    Address: Intendance, Port Louis, Mauritius

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    Company Garden

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    Address: La Chaussee, Port Louis, Mauritius

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    The Company Garden had three entrance gates and is loved for the number of monuments in contains. The Raoul Rivet Monument, Remy Ollier Monument, the Adrien D’epinay monument, Leoville L’H...Read more

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    Photography Museum

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    Address: Port Louis, Mauritius

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    Domaine Les Pailles

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    Address: Les Pailles, Port Louis, Mauritius

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