Events and Festivals in Port Of Spain

  • February: Trinidad and Tobago Carnival (16th and 17th): This is the biggest festival in the entire year, with preparations starting many months in advance. Costumes, delicious food, music, dance and amazingly intricate costumes, bursting with colour, attract people from all over the world! This is the festival of bounty, before the sombre Ash Wednesday.
  • July: Eid-Ul-Fitr (28th): This marks the end of Ramadan and actually moves back a month every year. Ramadan was the month of austerity, compassion and fasting while this festival is in complete celebration of your trials during the holy month. More of a family festival than anything.
  • August: Emancipation Day (1st): Celebrates the abolition of slavery with a public holiday annually. The emancipation of African slaves took place in 1834.
  • October: Deepavali (Diwali) (23rd): The festival of lights is celebrated with aplomb here, with the Indo-Caribbean community indulging in sweets and pretty colours on this special day.
  • December: Christmas (25th): Christmas in Port of Spain is a colourful affair, with good food, sweet drinks and lots of family time.
  • Boxing Day (26th): This isn’t exactly a festival but it’s a day that is observed in the city, when servants, apprentices and the poor are presented with gifts. 

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