Events and Festivals in Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre festivals celebrate life with dance, colours and good music. Some of the most popular festivals are given below.

  • February: The annual carnival includes throwing wax and flour balls filled with lemon scented water at each other. The Festival ‘Festa de Lemanja’ is also celebrated in February and is famous for its fireworks by the beach and voodoo-influenced dances by local priests.
  • December- January: The Pre Carnival parade consists of local dance parades from the city’s best Samba schools.
  • May: Festa do Divino Epirito Santo is the festival when flags symbolising the blessing of the Holy Ghost are taken around the whole city. The festival is celebratedby donating food to the poor.
  • June: Festas Juninas is the harvest season and celebrated with good food, dance and city fairs.

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