How to Reach Porto Alegre


By Air:

  • The Salgado Filho (POA) airport is located at a distance of 7 kilometres from downtown Porto Alegre.
  • Porto Alegre is connected withflights toMiami, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Cordoba, Panama City and Buenos Aires among other cities.
  • The airport has sufficient Cabs or Taxis preferred over the nearby Train station (which is relatively far from the airport). Know that there are Red and White cabs available at the airport (the white ones exclusively serve the Airport).

By Train:

  • Trains connect Porto Alegre to nearby metropolitan cities like Novo Hamburgo, Sapucaia do Sul , Canoas, São Leopoldo and Esteio and consist of only one line which connects the cities in Brazil to Downtown Porto Alegre.

By Boat:

  • Ferry services are available from Porto Alegre’s small neighbouring city of Rio Guaiba.

By Bus:

  • The Rodoviaria is the central bus station of Porto Alegre and offers connectivity to nearby cities along with connectivity to neighboring countries like Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

By Car:

  • Porto Alegre is connected to the northern cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by the BR-116 (shorter and tricky route) or the safer BR-101 (From Osório) and BR-290.
  • If you are traveling fromUruguay or Argentina, the BR-290 is a simple route to reach the city.
  • If you are travelling from Santa Maria, Santa Cruz do Sol or Passo Fundo, take the BR-386.
  • The southern cities of Rio Grande and Sui among other are connected to Porto Alegre by the BR-116.


By Bus:

  • Most of the busses in Porto Alegre pass through the downtown area. The other busses which prefixes of ‘T’ offer transportation to the neighbourhood without going through the downtown part of the city.
  • The buses with ‘C’as a prefix merely connect the areas which lie concentric to the downtown area and are used to travel to neighbourhoods in the same circle.
  • Busses are the most common way to travelaroundPorto Alegre, especially for those who want to sightsee during their rides. Do know that you have to be at the bus stop and wave to make the busses stop for your pick up!

By Lotacao

  • These classic Red and Blue vans are a popular way of going around the city,especially for their ease of picking up a pit-stop as per your convenience. The tickets are cheap and you can hail a Lotacao by a simple wave of the hand.

By Bicycle:

  • The best way to avoid the high-traffic zones and see the city up close is by renting a Bicycle. You can find online rental websites where you can register or simply ask locals for a local bike-renting agency.

By Taxi:

  • A little bit heavy on the price as compared to other Public Transport, Taxis are convenient and can be hailed from any nearby Taxi stop. If you are away from a Taxi stop, wave a hand to a passing empty Taxi. The fares are according to meters and are a non-confusing way to get around the city.

On Foot:

  • The pedestrian crossings are present but not many drivers follow the traffic rules. Do take care if you want to explore the city on foot.