Best Things To Do in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Are you looking for what to do in Porto Alegre?


The city is known for its famous sightseeing places. However, the following places are a must on your list of ‘things to see’ while in Porto Alegre.

  • Farroupilha Park: Established in the 1930’s, the Farroupilha Park is one of the biggest urban gardens in Porto Alegre and is known for its highly maintained greens, street musicians, and food!
  • Museum of Science and Technology (PUCRS): See trending exhibits which relate to the progress in Science- from Medicine, Physics, Biology to Chemistry. The place is known for its interactive features and state-of-the-art displays.
  • Arena do Grêmio: Catching a Soccer game at the Arena do Gremio is half the experience of Porto Alegre. The acoustics, design and sheer spirit during the games, make it a special must-see.
  • Moinhos de Vento Park: Moinhos de Vento Park is another one of city’s beautiful Parks with a shopping delight! A romantic venue by night, you can take a walk with your loved one under its lights, grab a bit at one of the Food kiosks, or simply relax with a pint of beer.
  • Estádio Beira-Rio: The most beautiful stadium in Porto Alegre and the host venue of the FIFA World Cup in 2014, the Estádio Beira-Rio is a marvel in itself. The whole stadium lights up in the night owing to its impeccable technology and a free pass during the day make it a loved attraction.



Nightlife in Porto Alegre is perfect to unwind near the city centre after a long day of sightseeing.

  • Dublin Irish Pub: The youth- favourite in Porto Alegre, the Dublin Irish Pub offers good food with foot tapping music. The happy hours are a local favourite.
  • Wood's Porto Alegre: If you want to go dancing, Wood’s Porto Alegre is where you should be. The place also offers good food and drinks to go with it.
  • Dirty Old Man: A Pub with a wide ‘drinks’ menu and an enviable collection of Craft Beer make the ‘Dirty Old Man’ one of the best night-hubs in Porto Alegre.


Port Alegre offers a rare shopping experience- from the local walk-in, open markets at one of its parks, to high end supermarkets!

  • Mercado Publico de Porto Alegre (Central Public Market): The city market of Porto Alegre has something for everyone and is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. Stop by at the place to shop or bite into one of its gourmet food items. A ‘must-have’ here, is the coffee!
  • Santander Cultural Complex: The Santander Cultural offers all the fun things to do under one roof. From retail shops to art galleries, to small cafes, the place is perfect if you want to see the city’s art pulse and soak in its shopping therapy.
  • Iguatemi Shopping center: The ultimate place to shop till you drop, the Iguatemi Shopping Complex is shopping on adrenaline. The prices are pretty high but window- shopping here is just as much fun.

Below we have a list of things to do in Porto Alegre and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Porto Alegre getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Porto Alegre with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Porto Alegre

Here is the list of things to do in Porto Alegre and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Public Market

    4.4 (138 Votes)
    Public Market

    Historical Site, Cafe, Restaurant, Market

    The Public market of Porto Alegre is the best way to take in the city’s local life and get familiar with its authentic, relaxed self. The 19th century building which houses the market is known for its beautiful historic architecture and in the evenings,its warm lights create quiet a mood! Buy locally made trinkets, jewellery, and fresh food and have a quiet meal later at one its many rest...Read more
  2. Farroupilha Park

    Park, Entertainment, Rock Climbing

    One of the best parks in Porto Alegre, the Farroupilha Park is more of an activity center than a park. On weekends, locals are seen taking part in various activities including rock-climbing or simply relaxing over tasty street food which swarm the park in the early evenings. You can also see musicians performing in the park and on weekends the local market with its authentic arts and crafts, ma...Read more
  3. Pucrs Museum Of Science And Technology

    Science Museum

    The PUCRS Museums of Science and Technology is known for its innovative and interactive exhibits and the sheer variety of scientific facts displayed in detail. If you love science or simply want to see the colourful exhibits which will tickle your curious brain, the museum is sure to give you something to ponder upon. Highlights include: Biology, Palaeontology and Archaeology exhibits. Museum ...Read more
  4. Arena Do Gremio

    4.7 (145 Votes)
    Arena Do Gremio

    Stadium, Entertainment

    The Arena do Grêmio is popular for its Soccer legacy and for grooming some of the best sports personalities which have shaped Grêmio’s pride. Fans of soccer love to attend the matches and cheer for their teams while tourists love to watch a match here to experience an inseparable part of the city’s local life. Highlights includes: 70 Minute Tour of the stadium which cov...Read more
  5. Moinhos De Vento Park

    4.6 (45 Votes)
    Moinhos De Vento Park

    Park, Picnic Spot

    The Moinhos de Vento Park is one of the most laid-back places around Porto Alegre. If you love green lawns and want to simply see a little bit of the city’s park-life, the place is perfect for people-watching and a quiet evening stroll. The pond in the park has places to sit around, facing the park’s own windmill! A must if you like greenery and some quiet time.
  6. Guaiba Lake

    Water Body, Lake

    The Guaiba Lake is perfect if you love sunset. A quiet evening stroll by one of the many avenue restaurants makes it a favorable way to spend a quiet evening. Highlights include: Guided boat ride which gives you a fascinating time along with a distant view of the city.
  7. Estadio Beira-Rio


    One of the most loved stadiums by Football fans all around the world, the Estádio Beira-Rio is popular for hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014. The state of the art stadium comes to life every evening when the lights go on, even during a no-game day! Highlights include: Catching a Live match. Tour of the museum and the stadium. If you want to see the outside of the stadium spring to lif...Read more
  8. Casa De Cultura Mario Quintana

    Hotel, Architecture , Heritage Building

    Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana is one of the most famous hotels in Porto Alegre and was built from 1916 to 1933. Designed by a German-Brazilian architect, the building was one of the major buildings constructed by using reinforced concrete. Today, the hotel still stands just as tall and strong and is a good example of one of the most iconic architectures in the city. A stay here is recommended ...Read more
  9. Fundacao Ibere Camargo

    4.6 (113 Votes)
    Fundacao Ibere Camargo

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    One of the most loved painters of Brail- Ibere Camargo has shaped Brazilian art into an international masterpiece! The foundation of Ibere Camargo was initiated by his widow after the artist died. Till date, the foundation preserves and maintains some of his best works and is known to spread his ideologies about art and life. If you are an art-lover, this one is a must-see!
  10. Teatro Sao Pedro

    4.8 (127 Votes)
    Teatro Sao Pedro

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre

    Founded in 1958, the Teatro Sao Pedro is the oldest theatre in Porto Alegre and is known for its radiant performances which swarm tourists and locals alike, to this day! Catch a show here live or simply take a walk around the building to appreciate its rich architecture, classic design and state-of-the art acoustics which make any performance here, an experience in itself.
  11. Metropolitan Cathedral

    4.8 (129 Votes)
    Metropolitan Cathedral

    Historical Site, Architecture , Cathedral , Heritage Building

    Built in 1920’s, the Metropolitan Cathedral is known for its classic granite construction, fabulous architecture and design. The Cathedral still remains partially closed for visitors, although the dome is now open for everyone to see! Don’t miss the mosaics which grace its wall, the gorgeous alter, stained glass art-work windows and classic chandeliers! The Cathedral is a must-see f...Read more
  12. Rua Goncalo De Carvalho

    Scenic Drive, Walking Area, Nature, Streets

    Rightfully quoted as one of the most beautiful streets in the world and considered as a national pride, the Rua Goncalo de Carvalho is urban heaven! Take a walk along its streets which are lined with trees of genus Tipuana which were planted in the 1930’s and still embrace the sidewalk. The street itself is named after the famous merchant Gonçalo de Carvalho. 
  13. Rio Grande Do Sul Museum Of Art

    Art Museum, Museum

    One of the most beautiful buildings in the city of Porto Alegre, the Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art is known for its exclusive, classic art pieces by some of the most famous artists like Ibere Camargo, Vasco Prado, Jose Lutzenberger, Luiz Maristany de Trias, Joao Fahrion, Glenio Bianchetti and Carlos Scliar among other greats. There are almost 2600 art pieces in the museum-most of them belongi...Read more
  14. Praca Da Alfandega

    4.2 (134 Votes)
    Praca Da Alfandega

    Outdoors, Walking Area, Leisure

    A popular hangout place for locals, the Praça da Alfandega is famous for its many book stalls which are located close to the Public Park. Swarm through the books and find the perfect fit to later enjoy reading on one of the park’s benches. The place also has a nearby shopping mall and many cafes that flaunt its boundaries.
  15. Julio De Castilhos Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    No museum in the Porto Alegre can match up to the sheer variety of collections showcased here! From ethnology pieces, to clothing, to machines, musical instruments, paintings, sculptures, documents, personal items- the Júlio de Castilhos Museum is one of the few museums which is simply spell-binding! Highlights include: Julio de Castilhos room with the politician’s bed and persona...Read more