How to Reach Porto Seguro


  • By Air: Porto Seguro has an International airport that can be reached from almost all the major cities in Brazil like São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and lots of other places. You can then take Taxis from here to get to your destination.
  • By Car: You can travel to Porto Seguro by car from most major cities in Brazil. It is around 1500 kilometers from Rio and it is advisable that you take a flight or bus to get to Porto Seguro.
  • By Bus: The best option is to take a bus from Salvador which is roughly a 12 hours overnight journey; is much more convenient than a taxi and cheaper than flights.


  • On Foot: Most downtown should be explored on foot as you can explore the city completely.
  • By Car: You can travel around the city in a cab. Taxis are accessible and are a safe way to get around for tourists.
  • By Buggy: Buggy ride is something that you should definitely take when in Porto Seguro.
  • Tourist Rentals: There is transportation arranged to get to most tourist destinations specially if you book tours. You can also take a ferry to get to Arraial d’Ajuda.