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It does not come as a surprise that Portofino is highly frequented by artists and celebrities. For the former, it provides a distinct solace that inspires them to express what they want to and for the latter, it is a beautiful escape from the hustle bustle of their hectic lives. Portofino very prominently stands with its hues of blues on the map of the Italian Riviera. The Marine Bay here in Portofino is now pronounced a UNESCO World Heritage site and you will find people exploring themselves and the waters here quite often. A hit with the fishermen and a preferred spot by swimmers, the Area Marina Protetta Di Portofino is one attraction you can really spend hours sitting around.

The place is also gifted with enough blessings as you can witness in the form of the beautiful churches that make up for the best places to visit in Portofino.The best part is that the town is so humble and the people are so friendly, that the Italian food here is sprinkled not only with exotic herbs but also with different flavors of warmth and hospitality. You can try out the amazing variety of pastas, pizzas, risottos and other foods in Portofino that will definitely make your vacation a little more tasteful. Talking of tasteful, Portofino also has a deep connect with art. The Art Gallery here houses paintings from some really renowned artists and also some Italian creators. The churches here also boast of amazing artworks which complement their simplistic yet eye-catching interiors very beautifully. Also remember to get amazing panoramic views of the city while standing at Castello Brown, which is one of the most coveted venues for hosting various events. Therefore Portofino can be easily described as a place that provides you an escapade from your mundane lives to live in midst of the beautiful blues and paint your holiday with whichever color of the city that you like. 

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