Best Things To Do in Potsdam, Germany

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Potsdam is usually a day trip from Berlin but to truly see the city’s many attractions- take about 2 days to fill your travel itinerary. Start your day by exploring the UNESCO World heritage sites- Sanssouci Palace and Park, Babelsberg Park and the Sacrow Park along with the historic places like the Dutch Quarters with 18th century building.

A walk in the Russian Colony ‘Alexandrowka’ offers a peak of the houses of Russian immigrants. Don’t miss out on the famous Café in House No. 4 ( Haus 4).

The Krongut Bornstedt’s Italian architecture along with the adjoining gorgeous gardens, make for a romantic pocket in Potsdam.

For history buffs, the Film Museum (showcasing the history of Cinema in Potsdam), the Potsdam Museum and the Filmpark Babelsberg, is an experience in itself. The art scene in Potsdam is best seen in Altes Rathaus and Gemäldegaleria with the latter showcasing some of the most beautiful paintings at the Sans Souci Palace.

Amidst all the urban hustle-bustle, the war memorials are a reminder of Potsdam’s World War history and pays tribute to all the people who have lost their lives. The ‘Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte Ehemaliges KGB-Gefangnis’ reminds the city of the repercussions of Dictatorship.

Along with a lesson in history and art, Potsdam completes the experience by offering a variety of things to do. The Nightlife in Potsdam is lively with insomniac bars and pubs that offer the best food, music and drinks! The ‘Bar-O-Meter’ is a popular hangout spot with an open-menu that dishes out your favorite food and serves a delicious cocktail menu. The La Leander forms the focal point in Dutch quarter for party goers and is a preferred LGBTIQ pub.

Wrap up your stay in the city by tasting a variety of cheese at Kaesestuebchen and shopping for small gifts and souvenirs at Brandenburger Strasse. Apart from the city’s markets that add to its extensive shopping pulse, Potsdam does have popular malls that provide the quintessential shopping experience. The Stern-Center Potsdam is the perfect place to splurge when in the city and end the stay with some much needed retail therapy.

Below we have a list of things to do in Potsdam and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Potsdam getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Potsdam with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Potsdam

Here is the list of things to do in Potsdam and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Dutch Quarter

    Historical Site, Architecture

    The Dutch Quarter was designed by Jan Bouman and was completely built by the year 1742. Today, the quarter has the greatest collection of Dutch Houses outside of Netherlands. The beautiful 169 building that grace the quarters are reminiscent of the 18th century and a walk here is loved for seeing the architecture and taking photos. Some of the buildings still show damage signs from the war. To ...Read more
  2. Filmpark Babelsberg

    4 (97 Votes)
    Filmpark Babelsberg

    Amusement Park, Entertainment

    Witness the magic behind the scene as you see film sets, costumes, props and equipment come to life. A tete-a-tete with painters, plasterers, costume designers and make-up artists gives you a peak into the making of films and all the had work that goes into making every perfect scene! Highlights include seeing the Stuntmen, Animal trainers and Pyrotechnics show their skills. The 4D “Dome ...Read more
  3. Orangery Palace

    4.6 (233 Votes)
    Orangery Palace

    Park, Palace, Architecture , Fountain

    The Orangery Palace was the last palace building built in Sanssouci Park and was made on the orders of Frederick William IV. The elegant building is loved for its Italian influences with sculptures, fountains, arcades and terraces. Highlight Include: Fifty 19th century copies of paintings by Raphael including the Sistine Madonna and the Transfiguration, kept in the ornately decorated Raphael H...Read more
  4. Alexandrowka

    4.4 (125 Votes)

    Museum, Historical Site, Unesco Site

    The Alexandrowka is the Russian Quarter of Potsdam and consists of 13 houses built between 1826-1827 under the orders of Friedrich Wilhelm III- a Prussian King. The place is declared as a part of the cultural heritage of the world by UNESCO. The beautiful green gardens that occupy the space around the houses form the perfect place for long walks. Highlights include Das Museum, Gartencafé...Read more
  5. Nauener Tor

    4.3 (53 Votes)
    Nauener Tor


    The Nauen Gate was designed by architect Johann Gottfried Büring on the orders of Frederick the Great who insisted on the classic Gothic and medieval architecture of the gate. Today, the structure, located close to the Dutch quarters, celebrates the 18th century and is a pleasant place for a quite stroll. In the evening, after dark, the gate is illuminated and its ash-colored structure tur...Read more
  6. Biosphare Potsdam

    4.5 (38 Votes)
    Biosphare Potsdam


    Biosphere Potsdam recreates a tropical jungle all year round. The place consists of around 20,000 types of plants, exotic fauna and the highlight- an hourly thunderstorm! The small walkways, beautiful creepers that form arches over the pathways and the array of colorful flowers and friendly animals- all spin their magic and you are lost in the wild, happily! Don’t miss out on the birds, r...Read more
  7. Charlottenhof Palace

    4.5 (37 Votes)
    Charlottenhof Palace

    Historical Site, Palace

    The Charlottenhof Castle was built in the 1820’s and was a summer residence of Crown Prince Frederick William. The traces of the castle date back to the 18th century when the land was allotted to the crown prince. The castle draws its inspiration from the architecture of Roman villas. The simplicity and regal design of the place merges seamlessly with the surrounding landscaped garden. Ar...Read more
  8. Propsteikirche Sankt Peter Und Paul

    Church, Religious Site

    The eclectic design of the St. Peter und Paul Kirche has admirers from all over the world and combined with the Byzantine and Romanesque interiors, the church is simply a treat for art lovers. The building was completed in 1870 and serves as the parish as well as the worship place for Catholic soldiers stationed in Potsdam. The church tower stands at a height of 64 meters and has three bells de...Read more
  9. Bildergalerie

    4.4 (19 Votes)

    Art Gallery, Historical Site

    Another gorgeous building by Frederick the Great, the Picture Gallery is the oldest surviving gallery building in Germany. The place has around 180 gorgeous paintings showcased in royally embellished frames. The collection is from Flemish and Dutch Baroque schools of painting, the Italian Renaissance and the Baroque period- a rare combination of art collaged in a dazzling 18th century building ...Read more
  10. Landtag Brandenburg

    4.2 (49 Votes)
    Landtag Brandenburg

    Heritage Building

    The Parliament- Landtag of Brandenburg was initiated in the 1940 and abolished in 1952 to be re-established in 1990 in Potsdam. The blue dome of the building is easily spotted even from a distance. The building is functional and even offers a tour of the place to make the people familiar with its proceedings, system, history and workings. For casual visitors, you can access the roof terrace and...Read more
  11. Einstein Tower

    4.6 (20 Votes)
    Einstein Tower

    Observatory, Tower, Architecture

    The Einsteinturm- named after Albert Einstein, is an astrophysical observatory that offers a slice of universe to its visitors. The place is an active research center and known for its trending observations and progress in understanding the universe and all its elements. The building itself is unique and is a fabulous example of expressionist architecture. The place makes for a pleasant place t...Read more
  12. Heilandskirche Am Port Von Sacrow

    Church, Religious Site, Walking Area, Architecture

    The Heilandskirche am Port von Sacrow was inspired from the drawing ‘Romantic on the Throne’ made by King Frederick William IV of Prussia. The Church of the Savior is located overlooking the Havel river and is loved for the scenic views of the water along with the boats. The church was built in the 1840’s and explores the Byzantine Revivalism architecture. The quaint Campanile...Read more
  13. Ruinenberg

    4.6 (2 Votes)

    Historical Site, Performance, Exhibition , Heritage Building

    One of the many retreats designed for solace for the Crown Prince Frederick, Ruinenberg overlooks the calm waters of lake Grienericksee. Today, the 18th century royal home is used to host festivals, cultural programs and theater and music performances. The elegant décor of the place along with dainty chandeliers, painted ceilings, exuberant furnishings with gold details, beautiful painti...Read more
  14. Freundschaftsinsel

    4.8 (5 Votes)

    Theatre, Exhibition

    The Freundschaftsinsel is an island covering an area of 6 hectares and has an open-air theatre, children’s theatre, an exhibition space and a coffee house. The island is loved for its flora and is filled with colorful blooms almost all year round. Do notice the phloxes, larkspur and aster species of flowers grown here lovingly by the gardener. A walk here is perfect to escape the hustle-b...Read more
  15. Jan-bouman-haus

    4.2 (7 Votes)

    Architecture , Heritage Building

    The Jan Bouman Haus showcases the Dutch history of Potsdam- right from its initiation, its design and its history from the 18th century to the World War. A walk here is ideal to get familiar with the iconic houses, its use and its historic stories. The architect himself was rather popular and the Dutch quarter is one of his most famous creations. He designed the Potsdam's Berlin Gate and town h...Read more