Hotel Unic Prague, Prague

Hotel Unic Prague, Prague

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About Hotel Unic Prague, Prague

An attraction gaining popularity amongst tourists, Hotel Unic Prague, Prague is now making it to the list of every traveler. And here we are, to give you a glimpse of what it would feel like when you visit!

As you can see, we have the address and all the necessary logistics noted here. If you find any information missing, and you have visited Hotel Unic Prague, Prague before, feel free to add information like address, contact number, ticket price and timings. To help us make the experience of your fellow travelers easy and fun, you can also contribute to this page by sharing your inputs and experiences. What’s more, if you think you have the perfect click that will not only impress, but also allure travelers to Hotel Unic Prague, Prague, you can add that too!

We also have all that you will need when you visit Hotel Unic Prague, Prague. For all those road trippers, gas stations in the vicinity. If you’re looking for parking spots nearby, many parking lots are at your disposal. For all those relying on public transport during your tour, we already have the suitable transport options listed for you. Having said that, it will be helpful to note the nearest bus stations, and the nearest railway stations for planning your route.

ATMs and Banks are some of the available ones near Hotel Unic Prague, Prague. The first rule of travelling is to be prepared for contingencies, so, to help you plan for such events, Public Safety Stations are available. Also, to make sure you are well and good all throughout your visit, do keep in mind the pharmacies in the vicinity.

For all kinds of travelers, whether it be solo, with family, friends or any other kind, one thing that is very important for research, plan, and most importantly execute, is internet! So, if you are looking for internet cafes near Hotel Unic Prague, Prague, you will find some of them like internet cafes to be very efficient. On your Prague tour, if you would like to know more about the popular, as well as lesser known tourist spots, you will find one of the nearest tourist center.

Heading onto accommodation near Hotel Unic Prague, Prague, you will find some of the best options in the vicinity. While the top hotels are already listed on the page, it wouldn’t hurt to add to the list!

Food in Prague is a whole different experience! You will find incredible options from bars to diners and restaurants to cafes, all set to give you the best experience! If you are looking for a place to drink and eat near Hotel Unic Prague, Prague, do take some of these into consideration. For all those brew-lovers, there are some great places. And for those who can’t rid themselves of the sweet aroma of coffee and cake, head out to a café. If you are in a large group or have little time to indulge in elaborate meals, you can always opt for a quick bite at any one of the casual places. Offering you a range of cuisines from all around the world, some restaurants near Hotel Unic Prague, Prague, there are some perfect options! You can also treat yourself to some exquisite dishes special to the city of Prague. Try out specialty places for an incredible experience!

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Find places near Hotel Unic Prague, Prague

  • Name: Raiffeisenbank Address: Národní 1010/9
    Distance: 1.556 km away
  • Name: Komerční banka, bankomat Address: Dejvická 33
    Distance: 2.614 km away
  • Name: Bankomat | Raiffeisenbank - Zlatnická Address: Zlatnická 1
    Distance: 0.204 km away
  • Name: Komerční banka Address: Na Příkopě 969/33
    Distance: 0.576 km away
  • Name: ČS bankomat - Praha 1 Address: Vestibul metra - Masarykovo nádraží
    Distance: 0.414 km away
  • Name: Komerční banka Address: Spálená 108/51
    Distance: 1.373 km away
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  • Name: Komerční banka Address: Štefánikova 267/22
    Distance: 2.646 km away
  • Name: J&T Banka Address: Pobřežní 297/14
    Distance: 0.682 km away
  • Name: Evropsko-ruská banka Address: Štefánikova 78/50
    Distance: 2.435 km away
  • Name: Raiffeisenbank Address: Jugoslávská 21
    Distance: 1.776 km away
  • Name: ČSOB Address: Na Příkopě 18
    Distance: 0.715 km away
  • Name: Expobank CZ Address: Vítězná 126/1
    Distance: 2.036 km away
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  • Name: Městská policie Praha 8 - okrsková služebna Address: Sokolovská 112/56
    Distance: 1 km away
  • Name: Obvodní ředitelství Mestska Policie Address: Českomalínská 25
    Distance: 2.426 km away
  • Name: Policie Address: Na Bělidle 5
    Distance: 2.672 km away
  • Name: Policie České Republiky - Místní oddělení Žižkov Address: -
    Distance: 1.825 km away
  • Name: Policie České Republiky Address: -
    Distance: 1.312 km away
  • Name: Policie Praha 3 Address: Lupáčova 11
    Distance: 1.902 km away
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  • Name: Vinohradská Lékárna Address: Vinohradská 1367/24
    Distance: 1.558 km away
  • Name: K D SERVIS - sluchadla Address: Navrátilova 8
    Distance: 1.539 km away
  • Name: Dr. Max Lékárna Address: Vítězné nám. 997/13
    Distance: 2.701 km away
  • Name: Lékárna Veletržní Address: Malířská 386/1
    Distance: 1.129 km away
  • Name: Nemocniční lékárna Všeobecné fakultní nemocnice Address: U Nemocnice 2
    Distance: 1.979 km away
  • Name: Lékárna 7 Moráň Address: Karlovo náměstí 325/7
    Distance: 2.052 km away
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  • Name: Cross Club Address: Plynární 1096/23
    Distance: 2.052 km away
  • Name: Krásný Ztráty Address: Náprstkova 10
    Distance: 1.368 km away
  • Name: U Trajců Address: Vyšehradská 1902/39
    Distance: 2.492 km away
  • Name: La Casa Blů Address: Kozí 15
    Distance: 0.642 km away
  • Name: Blue Light Bar Address: Josefská 42/1
    Distance: 1.877 km away
  • Name: Rock Café Address: Národní 116/20
    Distance: 1.379 km away
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  • Name: Two Steps bar Address: Hybernská 12
    Distance: 0.482 km away
  • Name: Refectory Bar Address: Letenská 33/12
    Distance: 1.791 km away
  • Name: Executive Lounge Marriott Hotel Address: -
    Distance: 0.369 km away
  • Name: Hotel Marriott Address: -
    Distance: 2.442 km away
  • Name: Vodka Lobby Bar Address: U Obecního domu 660/3
    Distance: 0.405 km away
  • Name: Le Palais Hotel Prag Terasse Address: -
    Distance: 2.452 km away
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  • Name: Jazz Dock Address: Janáčkovo nábřeží 2
    Distance: 2.246 km away
  • Name: Jazz Time Address: Krakovská 19
    Distance: 1.388 km away
  • Name: Jazz Club Ungelt Address: Týn 640/2
    Distance: 0.677 km away
  • Name: Jazz Club u Staré Paní Address: Michalská 9
    Distance: 1.082 km away
  • Name: U Malého Glena Address: Karmelitská 23
    Distance: 2.017 km away
  • Name: Prague Jazz Boat Address: Dvořákovo nábřeží 901/6
    Distance: 1.013 km away
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  • Name: Rocky O'Reillys Address: Štěpánská 32
    Distance: 1.371 km away
  • Name: Hospůdka Nad Viktorkou Address: Bořivojova 785/79
    Distance: 1.572 km away
  • Name: Café Bar FANO Address: Haštalská 750/10
    Distance: 0.495 km away
  • Name: Tipsport Bar Address: Dukelských hrdinů 903/42
    Distance: 1.22 km away
  • Name: U Zábranských Address: Křižíkova 330/89
    Distance: 1.589 km away
  • Name: Absolutní Bowling Address: Osadní 28
    Distance: 1.955 km away
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  • Name: Na břehu Rhôny Address: Rohanské nábřeží 7
    Distance: 2.819 km away
  • Name: Hergetova Cihelna Address: Cihelná 2b
    Distance: 1.538 km away
  • Name: Villa Richter Address: Staré zámecké schody 251/6
    Distance: 1.629 km away
  • Name: VINOdiVINO Address: Štupartská 18
    Distance: 0.566 km away
  • Name: Kavárna Slavia Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 1012/2
    Distance: 1.673 km away
  • Name: Dům vína u Závoje Address: Havelská 25
    Distance: 0.92 km away
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  • Name: Eutanázium A Hudební Mrtki Hl.města Prahy Address: Zmrdáckého Náměstí
    Distance: 1.957 km away
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  • Name: Millème Address: Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 4
    Distance: 1.937 km away
  • Name: Pekárna, Cukrárna Address: Korunní 36
    Distance: 2.004 km away
  • Name: Bakeshop Praha Address: Kozí 918/1
    Distance: 0.65 km away
  • Name: Cukrárna Studánka Address: Na Zderaze 1947/3
    Distance: 1.992 km away
  • Name: Au Gourmand Address: Rytířská 400/22
    Distance: 0.867 km away
  • Name: Paneria Address: Seifertova 566/39
    Distance: 1.157 km away
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  • Name: Vinohradský pivovar Address: Korunní 2506/106
    Distance: 2.598 km away
  • Name: Restaurace U Čerta Address: Nerudova 4
    Distance: 2.118 km away
  • Name: U Svobodných Zednářů Address: Týnská 10
    Distance: 0.6 km away
  • Name: Pivovarský dům Address: Lípová 511/15
    Distance: 1.843 km away
  • Name: Pivovar Victor Address: Husitská 73/37
    Distance: 1.421 km away
  • Name: Restaurace Dvůr Address: Na Poříčí 44
    Distance: 0.401 km away
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  • Name: Grand Cafe Orient Address: Ovocný trh 19
    Distance: 0.632 km away
  • Name: Kavárna Obecní dům Address: Náměstí Republiky 1090/5
    Distance: 0.479 km away
  • Name: Café & Knihkupectví Fra Address: Šafaříkova 15
    Distance: 2.233 km away
  • Name: Strop Café Address: Balbínova 192/14
    Distance: 1.53 km away
  • Name: Starbucks Address: Hradčanské nám
    Distance: 2.354 km away
  • Name: Follow me Address: Dlouhá 706/20
    Distance: 0.562 km away
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  • Name: Cukrárna Kamel Address: Francouzská 42
    Distance: 1.974 km away
  • Name: Cukrárna Sladká Monika Address: Vlkova 456/10
    Distance: 1.373 km away
  • Name: LEONIDAS - pralinky Address: Kaprova 14/13
    Distance: 0.96 km away
  • Name: Leonidas Address: Wilsonova 300/8
    Distance: 0.977 km away
  • Name: Cukrárna U Palmy Address: Jirečkova 949/17
    Distance: 1.059 km away
  • Name: Cukrárna Š + Š Address: Komunardů 886/26
    Distance: 1.901 km away
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  • Name: Cukrárna Simona Address: Václavské náměstí 778/14, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město
    Distance: 1.036 km away
  • Name: Boom Gelato Address: Melantrichova 1
    Distance: 0.973 km away
  • Name: Amarena Address: Plzeňská 233/8
    Distance: 2.912 km away
  • Name: Angelato Address: Újezd 425/24
    Distance: 2.155 km away
  • Name: Monarch Address: Nerudova 254/9
    Distance: 2.174 km away
  • Name: Staroprazske Tradicni trdlo Address: -
    Distance: 0.933 km away
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  • Name: Cafe Bar 3+1 Address: Plaská 10
    Distance: 2.19 km away
  • Name: Club Net Cafe Internetova Kavarna Address: Americká 339/39
    Distance: 1.956 km away
  • Name: Charisma Café Address: Anglická 1
    Distance: 1.582 km away
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  • Name: Freshlife Juice Bar Address: Melantrichova 11
    Distance: 0.978 km away
  • Name: Ugova čerstvá šťáva Address: náměstí Republiky 1078/1
    Distance: 0.34 km away
  • Name: B juicy Address: Národní 26
    Distance: 1.308 km away
  • Name: Ugova čerstvá šťáva Address: nám. Republiky 1
    Distance: 0.377 km away
  • Name: Yasmin Lobby Bar Address: -
    Distance: 1.038 km away
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  • Name: Palác Akropolis Address: Kubelíkova 1548/27
    Distance: 1.636 km away
  • Name: U Tří růží Address: Husova 10
    Distance: 1.117 km away
  • Name: Cafe Jedna Address: Dukelských Hrdinů 530/47
    Distance: 1.099 km away
  • Name: La Veranda Address: Elišky Krásnohorské 2/10
    Distance: 0.802 km away
  • Name: Kozlovna Apropos Address: Krizovnicka 10, 11000
    Distance: 1.219 km away
  • Name: U Kroka Address: Vratislavova 12
    Distance: 2.904 km away
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  • Name: Starsky & Hutch Address: Uhelný trh 423/2
    Distance: 1.155 km away
  • Name: George & Dragon Bar Address: Staromestske Namesti 11
    Distance: 0.785 km away
  • Name: James Dean Prague Address: V kolkovně 922/1
    Distance: 0.668 km away
  • Name: Hard Rock Cafe Prague Address: Malé náměstí 3
    Distance: 0.998 km away
  • Name: Restaurace Jáma - The Hollow Address: V Jámě 1671/7
    Distance: 1.329 km away
  • Name: Midtown Grill Address: V Celnici 8
    Distance: 0.357 km away
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  • Name: Spices Restaurant & Bar Address: Nebovidská 459/1
    Distance: 1.989 km away
  • Name: SaSaZu Address: Bubenské nábřeží 306/13
    Distance: 1.317 km away
  • Name: Lounge & Terrace Address: Nebovidská 459/1
    Distance: 1.98 km away
  • Name: Neb.O Address: Perlová 10
    Distance: 1.133 km away
  • Name: Pivoňkové Zátiší Address: Skořepka 421/5
    Distance: 1.191 km away
  • Name: Zelená zahrada Address: Šmilovského 1427/12
    Distance: 2.439 km away
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  • Name: La Belle Epoque Address: Křižovnická 97/8
    Distance: 1.192 km away
  • Name: Pinta - pivní steakhouse Address: Argentinská 18
    Distance: 1.637 km away
  • Name: Rezavá Kotva Address: Janackovo nabrezi - Detsky
    Distance: 2.261 km away
  • Name: Party Grill Garden Address: Rašínovo nábřeží
    Distance: 2.493 km away
  • Name: Expats BBQ Bar Address: Oldřichova 5/822
    Distance: 2.881 km away
  • Name: Cafe restaurant Becher Address: Masarykovo nábřeží 2058/38
    Distance: 1.73 km away
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  • Name: Apetit Praha Address: Dlouhá 736/23
    Distance: 0.479 km away
  • Name: Etnosvět Address: Legerova 1832/40
    Distance: 2.033 km away
  • Name: New Limit Address: Těšnov 1162/9
    Distance: 0.367 km away
  • Name: Garden Café Taussig Address: Vlašská 25
    Distance: 2.709 km away
  • Name: Jídelna U Vrtule Address: Tusarova 1537/19
    Distance: 1.609 km away
  • Name: Paštiky Čongrády @Farmářské trhy Address: -
    Distance: 1.937 km away
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  • Name: The Tavern Address: Chopinova 26
    Distance: 1.463 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Vodičkova Address: Vodičkova 15
    Distance: 1.373 km away
  • Name: Funky Monkey Address: Tusarova 25
    Distance: 1.687 km away
  • Name: Jo's Cocktails & Diner Address: Malostranské nám. 264/7
    Distance: 2.021 km away
  • Name: Mad Dog bistro Address: Vinohradská 1215/32
    Distance: 1.613 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Address: Milady Horákové 1066/98
    Distance: 1.478 km away
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  • Name: Šťastný Drak Address: Náměstí Míru 1220/3
    Distance: 1.737 km away
  • Name: Mei Shi Ge Address: Slavíkova 18
    Distance: 1.736 km away
  • Name: Summer Palace Address: Celetná 25
    Distance: 0.602 km away
  • Name: Da Hong Yun Address: Vinohradská 163/3216
    Distance: 2.212 km away
  • Name: Hua Long Zhai Address: Rumunská 17
    Distance: 1.93 km away
  • Name: Čínská restaurace Zahrada Address: Keramická 344/2
    Distance: 1.271 km away
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  • Name: Jan Paukert lahůdkářství Address: Národní 981/17
    Distance: 1.453 km away
  • Name: A café Address: Wilsonova 308/8
    Distance: 0.914 km away
  • Name: Lepší Časy Address: Kodaňská 21
    Distance: 2.738 km away
  • Name: Chlebíčky Letná Address: Milady Horákové
    Distance: 0.984 km away
  • Name: Gourmet Deli Imco Address: Dejvicka 36
    Distance: 2.444 km away
  • Name: Provence Nature Address: Na Belidle 20
    Distance: 2.743 km away
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  • Name: Restaurace Rožmitálka Address: Koněvova 1194/85
    Distance: 2.352 km away
  • Name: Mistral Café Address: Valentinská 56/11
    Distance: 1.106 km away
  • Name: HamTam Address: Voroněžská 564/19
    Distance: 2.425 km away
  • Name: Restaurace Český ráj Address: Praha 1, Jungmannovo náměstí 763/3
    Distance: 1.1 km away
  • Name: Bon Delikates Address: Sokolovská 79/81
    Distance: 1.356 km away
  • Name: U Majáků Address: U Výstaviště 229/9
    Distance: 1.641 km away
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  • Name: KFC Address: Vodičkova 700/32
    Distance: 1.238 km away
  • Name: McDonald's I.P. Pavlova Address: Jugoslávská 11
    Distance: 1.77 km away
  • Name: Bageterie Boulevard Address: Thámova 115/22
    Distance: 1.509 km away
  • Name: KFC Address: Plzeňská 233/8
    Distance: 2.904 km away
  • Name: Fast food a restaurace Olive Address: Křižíkova 44
    Distance: 1.566 km away
  • Name: Fasty's Address: Rybná 26
    Distance: 0.387 km away
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  • Name: Pizza Express Address: Na můstku 383/1
    Distance: 0.961 km away
  • Name: Doubleshot Address: Vítězné náměstí
    Distance: 2.88 km away
  • Name: Chefparade Foodtruck Address: U Nadrazni Lavky
    Distance: 1.511 km away
  • Name: Eurohotdog Address: Klárov
    Distance: 1.518 km away
  • Name: Farm Fair Prague Address: -
    Distance: 1.215 km away
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  • Name: Bellevue Restaurant Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 329/18
    Distance: 1.468 km away
  • Name: Pálffy Palác Address: Valdštejnská 14
    Distance: 1.805 km away
  • Name: Tři Století Address: Míšeňská 70/4
    Distance: 1.676 km away
  • Name: Triton Restaurant Address: Václavské nám. 784/26
    Distance: 1.064 km away
  • Name: La Creperie Address: Janovského 1298/4
    Distance: 0.797 km away
  • Name: Chagall's Address: Kozí 5
    Distance: 0.627 km away
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  • Name: Indian by Nature Address: Pernerova 1
    Distance: 1.02 km away
  • Name: Indian Jewel Address: Týn 6
    Distance: 0.649 km away
  • Name: Chanchala Address: Náměstí Republiky 1
    Distance: 0.314 km away
  • Name: Indian by Nature II Address: Dejvická 188/6
    Distance: 2.069 km away
  • Name: Royal Bengal Address: Vejvodova 4
    Distance: 1.158 km away
  • Name: Universal Address: V jirchářích 149/6
    Distance: 1.659 km away
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  • Name: Století Address: Karoliny Světlé 320/21
    Distance: 1.506 km away
  • Name: Terasa U Zlaté studně Address: U Zlaté studně 166/4
    Distance: 1.896 km away
  • Name: Les Moules Address: Pařížská 203/19
    Distance: 0.912 km away
  • Name: Solidní jistota Address: Pštrossova 200/21
    Distance: 1.764 km away
  • Name: Café Savoy Address: Vítězná 5
    Distance: 2.064 km away
  • Name: Restaurace Lví Dvůr Address: U Prašného mostu 51/6
    Distance: 2.323 km away
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  • Name: CottoCrudo Address: Veleslavínova 2a/1098
    Distance: 1.248 km away
  • Name: Ambiente Pizza Nuova Address: Revoluční 655/1
    Distance: 0.314 km away
  • Name: La Finestra Address: Platnéřská 90/13
    Distance: 1.152 km away
  • Name: Ambiente Pasta Fresca Address: Celetná 11
    Distance: 0.699 km away
  • Name: Stella Cafe Ristorante Address: Moskevská 33
    Distance: 2.998 km away
  • Name: Alchymist Club Restaurant Address: Hellichova 4
    Distance: 1.935 km away
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  • Name: Sushi Bar Made in Japan Address: Rytířská 406/10
    Distance: 1.038 km away
  • Name: Mr. Sushi Address: Malá Štupartská 3
    Distance: 0.606 km away
  • Name: Sushi Upgrade Address: Opletalova 1337/29
    Distance: 0.866 km away
  • Name: Sushi Take Away Address: Praha 10, Kodaňská 553/37
    Distance: 2.849 km away
  • Name: Sasori Restaurant Address: Praha 7, Milady Horákové 19
    Distance: 0.881 km away
  • Name: Miyabi Address: Navrátilova 10
    Distance: 1.535 km away
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  • Name: Sami grill Address: Anny Letenské 1235/5
    Distance: 1.633 km away
  • Name: Bibimbap Korea Address: Křižíkova 7/57
    Distance: 1.314 km away
  • Name: Korea House Address: Sokolská 1792/52
    Distance: 1.858 km away
  • Name: Koba Address: Dušní 6
    Distance: 0.736 km away
  • Name: Hanil Address: Slavíkova 24
    Distance: 1.607 km away
  • Name: Mamy Korean Restaurant Address: Benediktská 3
    Distance: 0.36 km away
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  • Name: Sonora Address: Radhošťská 2004/5
    Distance: 2.337 km away
  • Name: Fiesta Address: Václavkova 176/2
    Distance: 2.247 km away
  • Name: MaleDivy Address: Janovského 3
    Distance: 0.781 km away
  • Name: Tacos El Paisa Address: Vratislavova 21
    Distance: 2.915 km away
  • Name: Burrito Loco Address: Masná 620/2
    Distance: 0.599 km away
  • Name: Las Adelitas Address: Malé náměstí 457/13
    Distance: 0.99 km away
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  • Name: Luka Lu Address: Újezd 33
    Distance: 2.103 km away
  • Name: Molo 22 Address: U Průhonu 22
    Distance: 1.912 km away
  • Name: Olive Point Address: Americká 29
    Distance: 2.052 km away
  • Name: Oliva Address: Plavecká 4
    Distance: 2.717 km away
  • Name: U Cedru Address: Národní obrany 27
    Distance: 2.555 km away
  • Name: Malá Bretaň Address: Opatovická 13
    Distance: 1.616 km away
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  • Name: Výtopna Address: Václavské náměstí 802/56
    Distance: 1.252 km away
  • Name: Pizza Factory Address: Havlíčkova 1014/2
    Distance: 0.413 km away
  • Name: Pizzeria Rialto Address: Sokolovská 33
    Distance: 0.834 km away
  • Name: Pizza do Address: Jankovcova 1596/14b
    Distance: 2.494 km away
  • Name: Pizzeria Manna Address: Urxova 483/5
    Distance: 1.908 km away
  • Name: Fabbricia Address: Dukelských hrdinů 16
    Distance: 0.909 km away
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  • Name: Zdenek's Oyster Bar Address: Malá Štupartská 5
    Distance: 0.584 km away
  • Name: Slezská rybárna Address: Balbínova 496/8
    Distance: 1.598 km away
  • Name: Restaurace Rybářský Klub Address: U Sovových mlýnů 134/1
    Distance: 1.9 km away
  • Name: La Grotta Address: Vinohradská 32
    Distance: 1.61 km away
  • Name: Nordsee Address: Vinohradská 151
    Distance: 2.569 km away
  • Name: Per te Address: Korunní 23
    Distance: 1.932 km away
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  • Name: George Prime Steak Address: Platnéřská 19
    Distance: 1.02 km away
  • Name: El Toro Address: Kubelíkova 1123/33
    Distance: 1.697 km away
  • Name: Restaurace Titanic Address: Štěpánská 615/24
    Distance: 1.467 km away
  • Name: U Zlaté konvice Address: Staroměstské náměstí 478/26
    Distance: 0.908 km away
  • Name: KOBE Steak Grill Sushi Address: Praha 1, Václavské náměstí 837/11
    Distance: 0.998 km away
  • Name: Mama Lucy Address: Dlouhá 609/2
    Distance: 0.737 km away
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  • Name: Thai Oishi Address: Jaromírova 186/62
    Distance: 2.937 km away
  • Name: Sushi Oishi Address: V celnici 4
    Distance: 0.368 km away
  • Name: Millhouse Sushi Address: Na příkopě 859/22
    Distance: 0.624 km away
  • Name: Zebra Asian Noodle Bar Address: Melantrichova 5
    Distance: 0.98 km away
  • Name: The Sushi Bar Address: Zborovská 49
    Distance: 2.075 km away
  • Name: Aichisushi Address: Praha 1, V Jámě 8/1371
    Distance: 1.324 km away
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  • Name: Modrý Zub Address: Jindřišská 5
    Distance: 0.963 km away
  • Name: Kiin Address: Jagellonská 1239/24
    Distance: 2.157 km away
  • Name: Občanská plovárna Address: U Plovárny 8
    Distance: 1.18 km away
  • Name: Lemon Leaf Address: Myslíkova 14
    Distance: 1.861 km away
  • Name: Bangkok Restaurant Address: Josefská 42/1
    Distance: 1.876 km away
  • Name: Orange Moon Address: Vinohradská 2828/151
    Distance: 2.568 km away
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  • Name: Loving Hut Address: Londýnská 216/35
    Distance: 2.055 km away
  • Name: Duhová čajovna Address: Milady Horákové 73
    Distance: 1.079 km away
  • Name: Cafeterapie Address: Na Hrobci 3
    Distance: 2.799 km away
  • Name: VeggieGarden Address: Pobřežní 394/12
    Distance: 0.645 km away
  • Name: Zelená kuchyně Address: Milíčova 5
    Distance: 1.593 km away
  • Name: Country Life Address: Melantrichova 15
    Distance: 0.986 km away
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  • Name: Čepro Address: Dělnická 213/12
    Distance: 1.664 km away
  • Name: OMV Čerpací Stanice Address: Argentinská 166/42
    Distance: 2.488 km away
  • Name: Pap Oil Address: Drtinova 324/9
    Distance: 2.637 km away
  • Name: Eni Česká republika Address: Sokolovská 394/17
    Distance: 0.653 km away
  • Name: Čepro Address: -
    Distance: 1.654 km away
  • Name: Benzina Address: Olšanská 2643/1a
    Distance: 2.415 km away
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  • Name: Parkoviště Praha Address: Prvního pluku 1/207
    Distance: 0.845 km away
  • Name: B.H. Centrum Address: V Celnici 1028/10
    Distance: 0.379 km away
  • Name: Garáže Slovan Address: Wilsonova 372/6
    Distance: 1.174 km away
  • Name: Letna Buspark Address: -
    Distance: 1.198 km away
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  • Name: Cedaz, spol Address: Wuchterlova 523/5
    Distance: 2.519 km away
  • Name: REGA & R spol Address: Husitská 73/37
    Distance: 1.372 km away
  • Name: Student Agency Praha-Bardejov Address: -
    Distance: 0.663 km away
  • Name: Touring Bohemia Address: Křižíkova 6/344
    Distance: 0.679 km away
  • Name: Orlan Address: Křižíkova 23
    Distance: 1.625 km away
  • Name: Eurolines Address: ÚAN Florenc, Křižíkova 2110/2b
    Distance: 0.693 km away
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  • Name: Hlavní nádraží Address: Wilsonova 8
    Distance: 0.96 km away
  • Name: Drážní Úřad Address: Wilsonova 8/300
    Distance: 0.949 km away
  • Name: SC 509 Pendolino | Praha - Ostrava Address: -
    Distance: 0.944 km away
  • Name: R6 | EC Ex Praha - Plzeň - München Address: Wilsonova
    Distance: 1.077 km away
  • Name: Železniční stanice Praha-Holešovice Address: Partyzánská
    Distance: 2.165 km away
  • Name: Ex1 Praha – Ostrava – Žilina Address: Wilsonova
    Distance: 1.027 km away
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  • Name: Pension Janata Address: Hájkova 1284/19
    Distance: 2.391 km away
  • Name: Penzion Mánes Address: Mánesova 46
    Distance: 1.675 km away
  • Name: Amadeus Hotel and Residence Prague Address: Dalimilova 10
    Distance: 1.455 km away
  • Name: Bohemia Apartments Address: Vodičkova 680/16
    Distance: 1.478 km away
  • Name: Pension Beta Address: Jaromirova 46/174
    Distance: 2.937 km away
  • Name: Josefov Apartments Address: Široká 4
    Distance: 1.026 km away
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  • Name: Plus Prague Hostel Address: Privozni 1
    Distance: 2.45 km away
  • Name: Hostel Elf Address: Husitská 11
    Distance: 1.162 km away
  • Name: Travellers Hostel Address: Dlouha 33
    Distance: 0.383 km away
  • Name: Adam&Eva Hostel Prague Address: Zborovská 50
    Distance: 2.174 km away
  • Name: Hostel Emma Address: Na Zderaze 10
    Distance: 1.902 km away
  • Name: Hostel Marabou Address: Konevova 738/55
    Distance: 2.122 km away
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Hotel Unic Prague, Prague Reviews

  • The rooms are perfectly set up, comfortable beds, lovely bathroom facilities and is very well placed for access to everything Prague has to offer. The restaurant is incredible, such a talented chef! Worth a visit for the cooking alone.

  • Great hotel for a short trip to Prague! Close to the city center and great restaurants. Delicious breakfast and friendly people.

  • Beautiful and modern hotel in a great location with nice and attentive staff. Could not be better!

  • Great staff, great location and great breakfast. Had a wonderful time staying here for a week. What a wonderful place to come home to after exploring the many wonders of Prague. Also walking distance to bus and train stations which is handy for day trips. My wife and I can't wait to return.

  • Excellent hotel. Great rooms with modern design, spacious and comfortable. Modern and clean bathrooms. Excellent service and friendly staff. Great breakfast with numerous choices in lovely designed restaurant. I would definitely come back and refer it

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