How to Reach Providence


  • By Plane: There are two airports in the Providence- T.F. Green Airport and Boston Logan Airport. While the former one offers many domestic flights to the varied destinations within United States, the latter caters to both national and international flights. T.F. Green, located near Warwick, is a cheap option to go for.
  • By Train: Two major train services in the area caters to the travellers of Providence. A train run by MBTA spans the distance between Boston and Providence. Another option is Amtrak’s Acela and Regional which has routes connected from south, west and north. Services are frequent here.
  • By Bus: There are few bus services available to commute to the city. RIPTA, Bonanza Bus Line, Greyhound Bus, Fung Wah Bus. Both RIPTA and Bonanza are major out of them providing transportation facilities from different countries.
  • By Car: Depend on the city you are coming from you can choose the route. I-95 for Boston and New York, Rt 146 for Worchester, I-195 connects to Cape Cod and eastern Massachusetts as well.
  • By Ferry: There are three ferry options- Providence to Newport Water Taxi, Block Island Ferry and Martha's Vineyard Ferry Service Vineyard Fast Ferry.


  • On Foot: The downtown area which is the mostly frequented area is very small and can be easily covered on foot. Other districts can also be transversed easily.
  • By Bus: RIPTA is one of the major bus facility in the area. The bus network is very efficient and it is a cheap way to traverse the city.
  • By Car: One can always rent a car as it is very convenient to go places.