Top Historical Monuments and Landmarks in Pula

Pula is full of historically important monuments and is perhaps the best place to witness history unfold. The wonderful monuments and the rich history attached with the destination make Pula one of Top Historical Destinations in the world. Pula is a very historically important place and thus sees a lot of tourists every year. Whenever you are planning to visit a historical monument in Pula or a place of historical significance, it is always good to know a little information about the place, its opening and closing times, the ideal duration of visit and the need of tour guide to visit the historical monuments of Pula. Explore the historical monuments of Pula with a guided tour or opt for in-depth information of its historical account, this Pula guide is your go-to option for free. Move to things to do in Pula page for the complete list of attractions and activities.

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Let's witness the history of Pula with these top historical monuments and landmarks:

  1. The Arena

    #1 of 6 Historical Places in Pula
    The Arena

    Tags: Ancient Ruin, Monument, Entertainment, Performance

    Address: Scalierova Ulica 30, Pula, Croatia

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    An architectural masterpiece, an ancient roman amphitheatre and one of the largest surviving Roman arenas in the world. The arena is the most visited tourist destination in Pula. With reconstructions ...Read more

  2. Triumphal Arch Of Sergius

    #2 of 6 Historical Places in Pula
    Triumphal Arch Of Sergius

    Tags: Landmark, Ancient Ruin, Tourist Center, Architecture

    Address: Giardini, Pula, Croatia

    Timings: 08:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    Also known as the Arch of Sergii, this is another landmark of Pula reminiscing the Roman era. It is an ancient roman triumphal arch constructed in 29-27 BC. Commemorating three brothers of Sergii fami...Read more

  3. Historical Museum Of Istria

    #3 of 6 Historical Places in Pula
    Historical Museum Of Istria

    Tags: Art And Culture, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Fort

    Address: Gradinski uspon 6, 52100 Pula

    Timings: 08:00 am - 10:00 pm Details

    Founded in 1955, the historical museum of Istria is housed in a baroque style castle. Located atop a hill in Pula, this fortification offers a 360 degree view of the city and the city wall and towers ...Read more

  4. Dvojna Vrata

    #4 of 6 Historical Places in Pula
    Dvojna Vrata

    Tags: Historical Site, Tourist Center, Architecture , Specialty Museum

    Address: Pula, Croatia

    Timings: 09:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    One of the landmarks of Pula, this is one of the well-preserved 10 gates city gates belonging to the Roman Empire. These gates date back to 2nd century and lead to the Archaeological Museum of Istria ...Read more

  5. Pula Cathedral Or Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

    #5 of 6 Historical Places in Pula
    Pula Cathedral Or Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

    Tags: Religious Site, Historical Site, Tower, Cathedral

    Address: Trg Svetog Tome 2, 52100, Pula, Croatia

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    One of the major religious buildings of Pula, this cathedral exhibits grandeur and architecture that will stun the visitors. The cathedral dates back to the 5th century and is one of the oldest buildi...Read more

  6. Zerostrasse

    #6 of 6 Historical Places in Pula

    Tags: Museum, Archaeological Site , Exhibition , Tunnel

    Address: Carrarina ulika, Pula, Croatia

    Timings: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm Details

    An impressive underground system of tunnel built prior to the WW I, Zerostrasse was extensively used to shelter the city’s population during the war. It was also used as a storage space for the ...Read more

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