Events and Festivals in Pune

Being the cultural capital of Maharashtra, this city is bouncing with activities and cultural programs all year long. Along with the vibrant religious festivals, you will get to experience a lot of artistic expressions any time you’re up for a Pune tour:


  • Pune International film festival: PIFF has become one of the most awaited events in Pune in recent times.
  • College festivals: College festivals of reputed colleges like Ferguson, Symbiosis, VIT, and COEP happen this time of the year.


  • Shiv Jayanti: On 19th February, the city celebrates its beloved King Shivaji!


  • Prayatna film and Dance festival: If you are interested in offbeat modern dancing and classical Indian dances, Prayatna has a lot in store for you.


  • Janmashtami: Pune is known for exciting, exhilarating ‘Dahi Handi’ competitions which are a treat to watch during Janmashtami.

August and September

  • Ganeshostav: This cultural festival is celebrated in Pune on a large scale and with a lot of enthusiasm! It originated here and following the traditions a lot socially constructive programs take place in September.
  • The Pune Festival: Keeping the cultural heritage of this city, The Pune festival celebrates the artistic spirit it has with this festival.


  • Navaratri: Every lawn garden celebrates Navaratri with Dandiya Ras nights! Don’t miss to witness this amazing folk dance.


  • Diwali: Diwali is a festival synonymous with Joy in India. This festival of light is when the whole city relaxes and spends times with their families. Sightseeing in Pune might never be better.
  • NH7 Weekender: Music lovers get a treat of original, mind blowing music from famous indie musicians in the country.


  • The Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Festival: The biggest festival of Indian Hindustani and Carnatic music is a major highlight of this month.
  • Christmas: There is a huge Christian community in Pune and their joy infects the entire town!

Other religious festivals like Navroz, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Pongal and Indian national holidays are celebrated by this multifaceted city.