Best Things To Do in Pushkar, India

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  • Pushkar Lake: One of the most important attractions in Pushkar that holds historical and religious importance as well. It is surrounded by many temples and has various ghats around it where devotees take a holy dip.
  • Brahma Temple: The most important temple in Pushkar as it is the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in India. Devotees offer their prayers to the four headed statue of Lord Brahma which was inaugurated by Maharaja Jai Sing of Jaipur in 18th Century.
  • Varaha Temple: One of the oldest temple in Pushkar, it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it worships his Varaha avatar to kill Hiranakashyap.
  • Paap Mochini Temple: The temple dedicated to Goddess Gayatri, also known as Gayatri Peeth, is believed to free the devotees from their sins. Climb to the temple is worth the views it offers, especially at sunrise.
  • Apteshwar Temple: An underground temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Some of the other places to visit in Pushkar: Chamunda Temple, Old Pushkar Lake and Gurudwara Singh Sabha. And places to visit near Pushkar are Ajmer which is just 11 kilometers away and Merta, although a little farther, is home to the famous Charbhuja Temple.


  • Shopping: Pushkar has a lot to offer even to the shopper in you! The main places/ bazaar are Sarafa Bazaar, Baza Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar and Kedalganj Bazaar. Go Splurge!
  • Participate in Pushkar Camel Fair: This fair is marked with taking a plunge into the sacred lake of Pushkar, pay obeisance at the Brahma temple and then watching the cattle display here.
  • Pushkar Camel Safari Tour: While you are here, contact any safari tour operators who will offer you both half-day and full-day itineraries to explore the desert on the camelback. The safari tour takes you to many villages through the desert and by sunset, you will find yourself on the sand dunes, a perfect place to be at that time of the day.

Below we have a list of things to do in Pushkar and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Pushkar getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Pushkar with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Pushkar

Here is the list of things to do in Pushkar and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Pushkar Lake

    4.4 (1892 Votes)
    Pushkar Lake

    Outdoors, Lake

    Anybody residing in India would be well aware of Pushkar Lake. It is considered to be a holy lake that attracts a lot of pilgrims who come here to carry out their religious rites. The lake is close to the famous temple of Sri Brahma, one of the very few in India. This was a place where Lord Brahma (the creator of this world) prayed with Mata Savitri. What makes this lake conspicuous that it is ...Read more
  2. Merta

    Mosque, Religious Site, Temple, Landmark

    Rajasthan is full of monuments and cities that date back to several centuries. One such city is Merta near Pushkar. Most of the people who visit Pushkar make a day trip to Merta to get acquainted with its legendary beauty. This 400-year-old city houses attractions such as: Meera Bai Temple, the poetess who wrote verses in dedication to Lord Krishna. Aurangazeb Mosque  Bhanwal Matta Temple...Read more
  3. Man Mahal

    Hotel, Palace, Architecture

    Man Mahal is one of the best preserved palaces of Pushkar that has now been converted into a heritage hotel. This palace was constructed as a guest house of Raja Man Singh I and was mostly used by the royal family during their trip to Pushkar. This palace displays Rajasthani architecture and various features of the royal era of Rajasthan. The hotel is currently run by the Rajasthan Tourism Deve...Read more
  4. Brahma Temple

    4.5 (1075 Votes)
    Brahma Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site

    This is one of the few temples in India that is dedicated to Lord Brahma and perhaps the most prominent one. This temple is one of the pilgrimage sites for Hindus and every year innumerable devotees visit here during the Pushkar Mela. Although the present temple structure dates to the 14th century, it is believed to be 2000 years old. The temple is mainly built of marble and stone stabs. It has...Read more
  5. Pushkar Camel Fair

    Entertainment, Fair

    This is one fair in India that is completely dedicated to the land of Pushkar. Infact Pushkar city is seen as synonymous with Pushkar Mela, one that attracts a number of tourists’ very year, both from India and abroad. This fair is marked with taking a plunge into the sacred lake of Pushkar, pay obeisance at the Brahma temple and then watching the cattle display here. As you visit this fa...Read more
  6. Savitri Temple

    4.6 (782 Votes)
    Savitri Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Savitri temple is located beautifully on the southwest hill of Pushkar. The legend behind this historic temple is that when Brahma performed the yajna at Pushkar, his wife Savitri could not reach the yajna in time. So Brahma performed the pooja with the help of a local girl, Gayatri – who then became the second wife of Brahma. This enraged Savitri and she sulked off to the hilltop and was...Read more
  7. Pushkar Camel Safari Tour

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    Pushkar Camel Safari Tour

    Outdoors, Wildlife Safari

    Pushkar is a great gateway to explore the golden sand dunes of Thar Desert. While you are here, contact any safari tour operators who will offer you both half-day and full-day itineraries to explore the desert on the camelback. The safari tour takes you to many villages through the desert and by sunset, you will find yourself on the sand dunes, a perfect place to be at that time of the day. You...Read more
  8. Varaha Temple

    4.4 (654 Votes)
    Varaha Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    This is a fortified temple in Pushkar and is considered to be the most ancient of temples in the city. According to Hindu mythology, Varaha the Boar is said to be the third avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. Legend has it that the Varaha rescued the earth from depths of the primeval water, where it had been dragged down by a demon. This temple was rebuilt by the Hada Rao Chatrasal of Bundi up...Read more
  9. The Ranganath Venugopal Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site, Architecture

    This temple is also known as the old Rang-Jee temple and was built in 1844 by Seth Puranmal Ganeriwal of Lakshmangarh of Shehawati. The main deity of the temple is the four armed Venugopala (Krishna) made out of the Black Kadappa stone from Tamil Nadu , surrounded by the statues of Ruhkmani and Satyabhama. Apart from its religious significance, this temple is also a beautiful piece of architect...Read more
  10. Pap Mochani Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, View Point

    Pap Mochini temple in Pushkar is located on the Northern peak of the city. This is considered to be the sacred temple of Hindus where all sins are absolved. The temple is dedicated to “Gayatri” the Gujjar girl whom Brahma married to perform a Yagna instead of waiting for his wife Savitri. The temple is also known as Gayatri Peeth. The temple offers the most spectacular and panoramic...Read more
  11. Pushkar Bazar

    Landmark, Entertainment, Market, Shopping Center

    For an insider’s view of the Pushkar city, enter its colorful bazaar and sample some of the best pieces of art works here. Rajasthani items are renowned throughout the world for their creative and dexterous display and striking colours. The Pushkar Bazar is famous for Rajasthani handicrafts and clothes and has as a result, created a buzz amongst both Indian and foreign tourists. Some of t...Read more
  12. Gurudwara Sikh Sabha

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    Gurudwara Sikh Sabha

    Religious Site, Gurudwara

    Apart from preserving the relics of Hindu religion, Pushkar is also credited with housing one of the famous emblems of Sikh faith, Gurudwara Singh Sabha. It is considered that Pushkar was once visited by Guru Gobind Singh(around 1706) and Guru Nanak Dev. It operates as a subsidiary of Singh Sabha, Ajmer. Gurudwara Singh Sabha is actually located in a double-storey building close to main bus sta...Read more
  13. Aptaeshwar Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Also known as Pataleshwar caves; this is an underground shrine of Lord Shiva’s lingam. After descending down the steps, you reach the Shiv lingam that is encircled by snakes made of cooper. The shrine is supposed to have come into existence during 10th century AD. People also believe that the temple has been sinking deeper into the earth over the years. The original temple is believed to ...Read more
  14. Mahadeva Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Statue, Architecture

    Mahadeva temple in Pushkar is a relatively new temple if we compare it to the other ancient ones that adorn this city. Built back in the 19th century, it is one of the most famous temples in Pushkar. Dedicated to Lord Mahadeva or Lord Shiva, this temple displays beautiful architectural style. Inside the temple, there is a statue of Lord Shiva with five faces. The entire statue is made of white ...Read more
  15. Naga Pahar

    View Point

    Translated as the snake mountain, it is the Nag Pahar that separates the town of Ajmer from that of Pushkar. According to the local belief, this mountain was originally of a colossal height, though with the passage of time its height kept on decreasing. It is also believed that one day the mountain will disappear altogether leaving no trace of its existence. As per the Hindu mythology, this hil...Read more