Best Things To Do in Qingdao, China

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  • Mt. Laoshan: A magnificent mountain with misty peaks and beautiful canyons.
  • Zhan Qiao: A popular sightseeing place that has a famous pier which was later extended by Germans.
  • Protestant Church: A huge church that stands tall amidst the old town, and is an important tourist attraction in the city.
  • Zhanshan Temple: A temple with five halls and a huge pagoda, built in 1945. It is one among the famous places to visit in Qingdao.
  • International Beer Town: The largest bear city in Asia brawling over 35 hectares.
  • Qingdao Municipal Museum: A museum home to antiquities and other important artefacts from ancient to modern Qingdao.


  • MiuMiu Tours-Qingdao Private One-day Tour: A day trip around Qingdao with a professional tour guide.
  • Qingdao City Half Day and Lao Mountain Tour- Qingdao China Travel Services Co.Ltd: Tour of Qingdao city and Lao Mountain with experienced travel guides.

Below we have a list of things to do in Qingdao and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Qingdao getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Qingdao with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Qingdao

Here is the list of things to do in Qingdao and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Laoshan Scenic Area

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    Laoshan Scenic Area

    View Point, Palace

    This is one of the most celebrated scenic spots of China and is situated on the highest coastal peak known as Mt. Lao or Laoshan Mountain. It is on the sea shore of the Yellow Sea. Ancient myths say that the place was where immortals lived for many years. The 1st emperor of the Mind Dynasty and Emperor Hu of the Hang Dynasty also came here in search of elixirs and immortals but it seems that al...Read more
  2. Badaguan Scenic Resort

    Garden, View Point, Walking Area, Leisure

    This is a very famous and beautiful sanitarium area situated in the east of the city in the Shandong Province. The name Badaguan means “eight passes” as this place was made up of 8 avenues named after the 8 passes of China and later were added 2 more avenues. The name however remained the same. Exotic trees and flowers grow along all ten avenues and the most special fact is that all...Read more
  3. May Fourth Square

    Landmark, Square

    This is a large square in Qingdao’s Central Business District and is located between the Municipal Government Building and Fushan Bay. This encompasses the Shizhengting Square, Coastal Park and the Central Square. It is named after the famous May Fourth Movement that originated from Qingdao. The most important feature of this place is the unique “May Wind” sculpture. It is bri...Read more
  4. Qingdao Beer Museum

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    Qingdao Beer Museum

    Museum, Brewery

    This is a more than 100 year old brewing factory that had been built in place of a German Brewing Company. This company was formed in 1903 and was the 1st European organization of this type here. After almost a century this was turned into a Chinese factory with over 55 brewing and malt factories in 18 cities of China. They still have an awesome collection of local beer and malts showcased for ...Read more
  5. Polar Ocean World

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    Polar Ocean World

    Aquarium, Food And Drinks, Entertainment

    This is the “1stDolphinarium of the Chinese Mainland” where you can find a variety of North Pacific Bottle neck dolphins, California Sea Lions, harbor seals and thousands of ornamental and salt water fishes. Situated on the southern end of the Shilaoren National Tourist Resort, this place also encompasses restaurants, accommodation, travel and shopping options. The most important at...Read more
  6. Qingdao Underwater World

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    Qingdao Underwater World

    Water Body, Aquarium, Exhibition

    This is a famous aquarium that lies on the north east of Luxun Park and to the west of the No. 1 Bathing Beach and is exactly on the Huiquan bay on Shandong Province. This is a hotspot for marine eco tourism and is well equipped with all modern and most developed technologies. It is made up using the best parts of the Qingdao Aquarium, Specimen Hall and the Freshwater Center. The main attractio...Read more
  7. Beijiushui River Laoshan

    Water Body, River

    The Central line of Mt. Laoshan puts light on Beijiushui where you find heaven on Earth. The name Beijiushui means “9 crooks” and thus you see the river turning here 9 times. The river starts from the Ju Peak and flows into the valley and the divinity of this place brings it the name of Jiushui Gallery. At every step here you find something new and better than the last one. The rive...Read more
  8. Qingdao Catholic Church

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    Qingdao Catholic Church

    Church, Religious Site, Heritage Building

    Qingdao Catholic a.k.a. Zhejiang Road Catholic Church is a beautiful cathedral that was established in 1934 and is circled by an equally beautiful lawn and garden area. It was designed by a famous German architect in Gothic and Romanesque style. The church is built in yellow granite and is curved into a very simple model. The magical environment is immensely calm and soothing to the mind. A vis...Read more
  9. Golden Beach

    Beach, Entertainment, Leisure, Shopping Center

    This beach with golden sands is situated on the south east of Phoenix Island and is very close to the Bohai Sea. It is a crescent shaped beach and is rated as the No. 1 beach of Asia. This beach is full of engrossing sceneries and plenty of colourful reefs and coral species. One of the most popular reef is shaped like a frog which appears and disappears according to tidal waves and thus known a...Read more
  10. Qingdao Shilaoren Bathing Beach

    Beach, Waterfront, Leisure

    Shilaoren or Stone Man Bathing Beach is probably the most beautiful and cleanest beach in the city. It is a perfect place for some swimming, surfing or just lying down and basking under the sun. The sand is light in color and well maintained and the water current is not much which makes it safe for children as well. The beach was named after a rock that jutted out from under the water. Old tale...Read more
  11. Qingdao Zhongshan Park

    Garden, Park, Nature

    Situated on the eastern side of the Taiping Mountain is situated the Zhongshan Park. It is the oldest and largest park of the city. The park faces the sea on the south and is surrounded by mountains on the other three sides. It was built in 1901 and renamed in 1929 after the provisional president Dr. Sun Yat-sen (or Sun Zhongshan), a great forerunner of the Chinese bourgeois-democratic revoluti...Read more
  12. No.1 Bathing Beach

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    No.1 Bathing Beach

    Beach, Leisure

    This is known to be the largest sandy beach in Asia and is situated in the Huiquan Bay in the Shandong Province. It is also known as the Huiquan Bathing beach that has very clear water, soft sand and mild waves. It has a very European ambience that makes it equally beautiful like the beaches of Hawaii, Bali or Samet Island of Thailand. The beach was first built in 1901 by the Germans who conque...Read more
  13. Qingdao Beer Street

    Brewery, Streets

    Near the Old Tsingtao Brewery is the Qingdao Beer Street. It is a half mile street which is the most popular in the city. When the Germans came to the city they set up their camps on these streets. They loved beer and hence found a sweet fountain to make their brewery and thus was formed the first European Brewery in 1903. This street is more than 100 years old and is not only famous for the br...Read more
  14. Qingdao Site Museum Of The Former German Governor's Residence

    Art And Culture, Museum, Architecture , Heritage Building

    At present known as the “Guest House”, the museum of the Former governor is one of the best attractions of the city. This building is beautiful and was built in the Jugendstil or Art Noveau style of architecture. It is one of the best examples of the remaining European villas in the city. It is still used as a place to welcome VIPs of political and military affairs. The villa covers...Read more
  15. Small Qingdao Island

    Island, Nature

    Lying to the south east of the Zhan Bridge, on the Qingdao Bay is a very popular and important place in the coastal scenic resort of the city. It was earlier on a very isolated place till a seawall was built here in the 1940s to connect the island to the mainland. The island is shaped like a Chinese instrument known as Qin and when waves crash against its shores the sound made is similar to tha...Read more