Best Things To Do in Quebec, Canada

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  • La Citadelle: A national historic site, the only way to access the La Citadelle is by a guided tour. Built by the duke of Wellington to keep foreign forces at bay, the citadel is a military base even today and is home to Quebec’s Royall 22e Regiment.
  • Musee de la Civilisation: One of the best museum’s you’ll ever come across, the edifice of the Museum of Civilization is more than enough reason to venture inside.The museum houses one of the best exhibits on the history of Quebec from its fur trading days.
  • Musee National des Beaux Arts: With over 2000 pieces of Inuit art pieces in their inventory, the National Museum of Arts is mostly visited for their Inuit art collection.A part of the museum’s building was a former prison.

Below we have a list of things to do in Quebec and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Quebec getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Quebec with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Quebec

Here is the list of things to do in Quebec and tourist attractions in city.

  1. La Citadelle

    4.6 (2074 Votes)
    La Citadelle

    Battlefield, Walking Area, Historical Site, Performance

    North America’s largest fort, the Citadelle was built under the leadership of the duke of Wellington in anticipation of an attack from the Americans after the war of 1812; by the time the construction was completed the attacks had stopped for quite some time. Since then, the fort has been served as a base for military and is still occupied by troops, even today. The exterior of the fort, ...Read more
  2. Musee De La Civilisation

    4.2 (1440 Votes)
    Musee De La Civilisation

    Art And Culture, Museum, History Museum, Educational Site

    Before you read any further, you should know that the Museum of Civilization promises to wow your socks off, so set aside a considerable part of your day to be wowed. For starters, the exterior is a fine blend of old buildings with modern designs. Gracing the cityscape since 1988, the  Musee de la Civilization has two stunning permanent exhibitions that should not be missed at any cost. Th...Read more
  3. Basilique Cathedrale - Notre-dame-de-quebec

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Historical Site

    No one had the remotest idea that what started as a small church in 1647 would be a one of the popular tourist attractions in the future. If the remains of the church could talk, they would have told a heck of a story- from battle damages to fires, there’s no telling what the church hasn’t experienced. The Notre-Dame Basilica you see today, in all of its grandeur, is a result of the...Read more
  4. Place Royale

    Educational Site, Historical Site, Palace

    The Place Royal is quite a small plaza when compared to the rest of the plazas you’ll see in the city; the Place Royale has something the other plazas don’t. An important part of Canadian history, the Place Royale is believed to be the birth place of French Canada. For more information on the pertinence of the place, visit the interpretive centre for a more comprehensive grasp on th...Read more
  5. Musee National Des Beaux Arts Or Du Quebec

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum, Educational Site

    One of the city’s best art museums, the Musee National des Beaux Arts is a magnificent building, incorporates a former prison. For all those of you interested in some Inuit art, the Musee National des Beaux Arts has a stunning collection of arts, assembled over the years. With over 2600 pieces of art in the museum’s possession, around 280 of them are on display. Visit the Gér...Read more
  6. Observatoire De La Capitale

    4.4 (907 Votes)
    Observatoire De La Capitale

    View Point, Observation Deck, Heritage Building

    The phrase, “A view worth dying for” will be put to shame once you see the vistas the 31st floor of the Observatoire  de la Capitale. Standing tall at 221 meters, the views of the Old Town, St. Lawrence River and the Laurentine Mountains can be seen from an impressive way above the ground. Atop the observation tower is a 3d imagery of the city to help you with your bearings.
  7. Musee Du Fort

    4.5 (1155 Votes)
    Musee Du Fort

    Museum, History Museum

    A museum of the new world, the Musee du Fort offers up its exhibits in a multimedia format. Half an hour sound and light shows take place on the hour,that depict the various battles that took place over the years by various foreign invaders who tried to attack and usurp the city of Quebec City.
  8. Museum Of French America Or Musee De L'ameriquefrancaise

    Museum, History Museum

    Dubbed as Canada’s oldest museum, the Museum of French America highlights the evolution of the French culture in Canada and the United States. The exhibits revolve around the artifacts of the colonial era including religious artifacts. The reason for the wide variety of displays you see here is because of the extensive travel the priests of the Quebec Seminary did and collected memorabili...Read more
  9. Fortifications Of Quebec National Historic Site

    Outdoors, Battlefield, Walking Area, Historical Site

    This 4.6 kilometers circuit is a set of ramparts built by the French to prevent an invasion by the British and the Americans, the Fortifications make for a good walk. During the summer, this historic site is the starting point for walking tours. You can walk along the border for free, but if you want a guided tour, you might have to pay for it.
  10. Chateau Frontenac
    Come and visit the most photographed hotel in the world. Nestled in the centre of the Old Quebec city, it stands proudly, looking over the river St. Lawrence. The hotel tempts its visitors with its evergreen history, elegant beauty, classy hospitality and magic touch. It has been designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site. Its clientele list includes King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Pre...Read more
  11. Quartier Du Petit Champlain

    4.7 (1116 Votes)
    Quartier Du Petit Champlain
    If you are a shopaholic, make sure you visit this famous street of Quebec City. Located at the bottom of the cliff under the Chateau Frontenac, the street has many options to offer. Starting from home décor items, fashion and accessories to jewelry, body care, entertainment, art galleries, souvenirs and gifts; all kinds of products and services are available out here. The street looks ma...Read more
  12. Lower Town
    Nestled between St Lawrence River and Cap Diamant, the Lower Town (Basse-Ville) of Quebec City, is part of the Vieux Quebec UNESCO World Heritage site. Housing some of the oldest buildings of the city, there are plenty of historical sites to see in this part of the city, including the oldest shopping street in North America (Rue du Petit Champlain). Apart from these, the city also hosts bistros...Read more
  13. Terrasse Dufferin
    Located just below Chateau Frontenac, overlooking the old Town of the city, Terrasse Dufferin offers spectacular view of St. Lawrence River. Formerly served as military fortification, the place has now been turned into a public park. You can still see historic cannons in the park. However, from 1989, drastic changes have been brought about to the original construction. Now, in summer you can st...Read more
  14. Parliament Building
    Home to the Parliament of Quebec; designed by architect Eugene-Etienne Tache, this eight storey building was built between 1877 and 1886. This Parliament Building dedicated to people who played an important role in the history of Quebec and French America. Inspired by the expansion of the Louvre in Paris, the unique architectural design of the building was recognized as a Quebec national monume...Read more
  15. Morrin Centre

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    Morrin Centre
    Visit the first prison of the city where the city’s secret are kept in the best way. Dating back to 200 years, the prison now houses one of the best awe-inspiring libraries of the world. Take a tour around this historic site and discover the jail cells to experience the lifestyle of the prisoners who used to live in those cells. Browse through the collections kept in the Victorian library...Read more

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  • What is one place that locals go to in Quebec City?

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    • It is difficult to say which one place in Quebec City is visited by the locals. But, the attractions mentioned above on this very page are the best to visit for discovering the city. For more details, you can speak to the locals around as they are the best source of information.  

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  • What is the daytime temperature in Quebec City the last two weeks of August

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    • It is difficult to say what will be the temperature in the last two weeks of August in Quebec. But, the average temperature is around 14-24 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that you refer to a weather-predicting platform to get more information.  

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  • We would like to know things to do in the December climate. We will be enjoying the Christmas Market but would like to know of other activities that might be going on as well. Thank you, Karen

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    • You can enjoy toboggan slides at Au 1884. Grand Allée is bustling with entertainment activities and is the best place to experience the nightlife. Explore different cafes around Rue Saint-Jean and enjoy shopping at Rue Saint Joseph. Do not miss a chance to stroll around Petit-Champlain. Visiting Morrin Centre is also recommended. Check the opening and closing times of La Citadelle de Québec, Aquarium of Quebec, Museum of Civilization, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and The Battlefields Park while planning your visit. 

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