Best Things To Do in Quimper, France

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  • Roman Catholic cathedral of Saint-Corentin: Also known as Quimper cathedral, this is a magnificent gothic style church with a bend in the middle. It is also a popular tourist attraction in the city.
  • Town centre: An ancient town square with timbered houses and medieval fortifications.
  • Medieval garden: A charming garden in the southwest of the city.
  • Musee Departmental Breton: A museum with the exhibits of archaeological findings around Brittany and is one of the important places to see in the city.
  • Musee des Beaux Arts: A museum with a collection of fine paintings and other artworks.Guided Tours


  • Office de Tourisme de Quimper: The tourist information centre assists with the travel queries related to Quimper. It also helps the visitors with maps, travel guides and other required details. Address: Place de la Resistance, 29000 Quimper, France.

You can also hire a professional tour guide to take you around the tour of Quimper.

Below we have a list of things to do in Quimper and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Quimper getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Quimper

Here is the list of things to do in Quimper and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cathedrale St-corentin

    4.5 (215 Votes)
    Cathedrale St-corentin

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Cathedral

    The catholic is a brilliant execution in Gothic architecture. One feature in particular makes it stand out from others – there is a ‘kink’ – that is, as it rises, it seems to bend when seen from above. Though this is mainly so that the cathedral matches the contours of its location, worshippers say that it’s symbolic of Christ’s bent head as depicted in the C...Read more
  2. Odet River

    4.6 (217 Votes)
    Odet River

    Church, Waterfront, Garden, River

    The Odet river waterfront is the best place to take a stroll in Quimper. They say it’s the prettiest river in all of France. There are many cute little footbridges crossing the river. Your stroll will take you along squares, historical buildings, fields, gardens, churches. See if you can catch a boat ride. The best place to start the walk would be from the Quimper tourist office and then ...Read more
  3. Musee Des Beaux Arts

    4.4 (165 Votes)
    Musee Des Beaux Arts

    Art Museum, Museum

    Jean-Marie de Silguy bequeathed his art collection of 1200 paintings and 2000 drawings to Quimper on the condition that a museum would be built to house them. Today, most of the works here are by western European painters, Bretons, Flemish, Italian, and Dutch painters. Their special exhibitions are usually very good.
  4. Office De Tourisme De Quimper
    This is the best place to kick off your Quimper tour. They’ll tell you how to get to wherever it is you want to go. They’ll tell you what’s happening in town. They’ll tell you when the weekly markets are, and what to look out for in them. The staff is extremely helpful, and also knowledgeable about the town and it’s surrounding area.
  5.  Musee De L'alambic


    Breton has a long history of distilling. You’ll get to see some of the artefacts related to the process here – namely, stills. There’s a seventeenth century apple press, a number of copper stills and more. A heady scent will fill the air for most of your tour. At its end, you’re welcome to go ahead and engage in a fun tasting.
  6. Earthenware Museum

    4.2 (174 Votes)
    Earthenware Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Quimper and Finistere have a rich history in pottery and ceramic. This museum explores that and also the technical processes and art of pottery, unique to this region. The displays are very well curated and gorgeously presented and lighted. Much of the exhibit is centuries old. There are also exhibits related to specific artists and people who made pottery here famous.
  7. Le Jardin De La Retraite

    4.5 (192 Votes)
    Le Jardin De La Retraite


    This park isn’t very large, but it manages to pack many delights into its small space. It is basically a series of gardens, each of which has its own theme. Most of the plants are palms, arid area plants and tropical plants. There’s also a small playground for kids. It’s very peaceful.
  8. Musee Departemental Breton

    4.4 (166 Votes)
    Musee Departemental Breton

    Art Museum, Museum, History Museum

    This is a good place to get to know Finistere. The museum contains a rich collection of the region’s artistic and ethnographic heritage. It’s quite an old collection; some of the items here date back to Gallo-Roman times. Highlights include sculpture, stained-glass windows, a dug-up treasure of French and British gold from the 14th century. There are hundreds of pieces of stoneware ...Read more
  9. Faiencerie Henriot-quimper

    4.3 (155 Votes)
    Faiencerie Henriot-quimper

    Art And Culture

    This pottery is now the tenth oldest of those potteries that still remain in France. It’s known as a ‘Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant’, or ‘a living heritage company’. Jewellery, collector’s pieces and decorations are produced in the workshop. However, Henriot’s earthwares focus first on practical use, and only then on art. Every thing here is made by h...Read more
  10. Locmaria Quarter

    Church, Museum, Historical Site, Heritage Building

    Locmaria is Quimper’s most historical area. Its name means ‘Mary’s place’ or ‘The place dedicated to Mary’. This most likely refers to the ancient priory here. Locmaria’s history goes as far back its first harbour, built in the 1st century AD. It contains a 12th century Roman church (one of the oldest buildings in Quimper). Locmaria is a popular spot fo...Read more
  11. Quimper-Cornouaille Airport Image
    Quimper-Cornouaille Airport (IATA: UIP, ICAO: LFRQ) is an airport located in Pluguffan, 5 km (3.1 mi) west of Quimper, a commune of the Finistère department in the Brittany region of France. The airport is open to both commercial and private flights.The airport was opened in April 1966 and is operated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Finistère. It is mainly used for general aviation...Read more
  12. Piscine De Loisirs Aquarive Image

    Swimming Pool

    Sit in the pool and let the cold-water tickle you when you arrive at Aquarive leisure swimming pool which is a public swimming pool maintained very nicely. Thus, making it convenient for you to relax for some time during summers when the mercury soars high. All the facilities are up to the mark and cleanliness in every nook and corner is ensured. You will find that the lifeguards are on their d...Read more
  13. Zone De L'hippo

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    5 Rue Dr Picquenard, 29000 Quimper, France
    Amusement Park
  14. Association Culturelle Turque De Quimper

    205 Route de Douarnenez, 29000 Quimper, France
  15. Les Arcades

    36 T Boulevard Dupleix, 29000 Quimper, France