Best Things To Do in Recklinghausen, Germany

Have you ever visited a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many visitors, it happens at Recklinghausen.

Recklinghausen may not be as popular as other cities in Germany, but don’t let that fool you. Recklinghausen is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination.

You might wish to revisit it someday again, to take a break and relax at Recklinghausen.

If you have plans to visit Germany and are not sure if Recklinghausen should be included in your itinerary, keep reading. In this list, we have put together some of the things to do in Recklinghausen and around. We have a hunch that if you include this city in your travel plans, you will be thrilled you did so.

Tourist Attractions in Recklinghausen

Here is the list of things to do in Recklinghausen and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Schiffahrtsmuseum Image

    Address: Sachsenstraße 121

    The Schiffahrtsmuseum, Recklinghausen, Germany was founded in 1975 by the local shipping company, the Rhein-Herne-Kanal-Reederei (RHK). The museum was established to preserve the history of the shipping industry in the region and to educate the public about the importance of shipping in the local economy. The museum houses a variety of artifacts...Read more
  2. Tiergarten Koldewey Tierfachmarkt Image

    Address: Marienstraße 1B

    The zoo Tiergarten Koldewey Tierfachmarkt in Recklinghausen, Germany was started in 1968 by the Koldewey family. The family had a passion for animals and wanted to create a place where people could learn about and interact with a variety of different species.The zoo was originally a small petting zoo, but over the years it has grown and expanded...Read more
  3. EIKON. Freunde Der Ikonenkunst Image

    Address: Kirchplatz 2a

    The museum EIKON. Freunde der Ikonenkunst was started in 1992 in Recklinghausen, Germany. It was founded by a group of art enthusiasts and collectors who shared a passion for icon art.The idea for the museum came from the founder and director, Dr. Klaus Gereon Beuckers, who had been collecting icons since the 1970s. He wanted to create a space w...Read more
  4. Lindner Group Image

    Address: Sieben Quellen 41

    The Lindner Group Museum, located in Recklinghausen, Germany, was started in 2006 by the Lindner Group, a leading manufacturer and contractor of interior fit-out, facade construction, and insulation technology. The museum was established to showcase the company's history, products, and innovations.The Lindner Group was founded in 1965 by Hans Li...Read more
  5. Süder Männerchor Image

    Address: Marienstraße 127

    The museum Süder Männerchor, located in Recklinghausen, Germany, was started in 1921 by the Süder Männerchor, a male choir group. The choir group was founded in 1861 by a group of men who shared a love for singing and wanted to promote the cultural heritage of their region.The idea for a museum was first proposed by the choir's conductor, He...Read more
  6. Galerie Roggenbuck Image

    Address: Bochumer Straße 76

    The Galerie Roggenbuck in Recklinghausen, Germany was founded in 1972 by art collector and entrepreneur, Hans Roggenbuck. The museum was established with the aim of promoting contemporary art and providing a platform for emerging artists.Hans Roggenbuck was a successful businessman who had a passion for art. He began collecting art in the 1960s ...Read more
  7. Kath. Öffentliche Bibliothek Des St, Recklinghausen, Germany Image

    Address: Mühlenstraße 27

    The Kath. Öffentliche Bibliothek des St, Recklinghausen, Germany was established in 1903. It was founded by the Catholic Church in order to provide access to literature and education for the local community. The library was initially located in the St. Peter and Paul Church in Recklinghausen, but it moved to its current location in the city cen...Read more
  8. Galerie Kutscherhaus Image

    Address: Im Rom 8

    The Galerie Kutscherhaus in Recklinghausen, Germany was started in 1981 by the city of Recklinghausen and the Recklinghausen Art Association. It was founded as a space for contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events.The idea for the gallery came from the then mayor of Recklinghausen, Wolfgang Schäfer, who wanted to create a platform for lo...Read more
  9. Vestisches Museum Image

    Address: Hohenzollernstraße 12

    The Vestisches Museum, Recklinghausen, Germany was founded in 1892 by the local industrialist and art collector, Carl von Vest. The museum was established to house his collection of art and artifacts from the region, as well as to promote the cultural heritage of the area. The museum has since grown to include a wide range of collections, includ...Read more