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If you adore wine, this place is definitely a haven for you. Take your sips of wine as you meander through the streets of history. Reims is a pure indulgence in art, in history and in wine. Located at north east of Paris, featuring prominently in the Adreinne- region of France, the city of Reims (spelled as “Rheims” in English) is well known for its panoramic view of the Gothic domes of cathedrals, the abode of champagne and rich with history, it provides its tourists with an exquisite experience. The city stands conspicuous as it served a significant role in the French monarchical history. The cathedral of Reims will make you revisit its imperious history as it has seen the initiation of the reign of at least 34 sovereigns spread over a millennium (816 to 1825). The lovers of champagne would love to divulge in a city which caters to their taste buds for wine. Taittinger alone claims to have at least three million bottles lying in the former wine cellars waiting to be enjoyed be the connoisseurs of wine.

The city will offer you with atleast four sites which posses UNESCO World Heritage Status-Notre-Dame de Reims, Palais du Tau (the cathedral museum), Saint – Remi Basilica and its museum. The tourists shall be wonderstruck by the art and architecture of the city offering an enchanting melange of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance forms. Rising from the ruins of the First World War when most of it was flattened,the city stands for strength and vitality as it was rebuilt using Art Deco form of style. Revamped and restored, the city now offers a delightful confluence of pedestrian boulevards, architectural ruins and Art Deco cafes.

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