How to Reach Reims


  • By Air: Reims International Airport (RHE) serves flights coming in from European cities. It takes just 30 minutes to reach Reims from Paris Roissy International Airport. The city is surrounded by at least 5 international airports- ChalonsVatry Airport, Paris Orly Airport, Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, Beauvais- Tille Airport, Brussles South Charleroi Airport-thereby, making it an easy to access international tourist destination.
  • By Bus: Vatry Bus services provide connecting buses from Paris Vatry Airport to Reims. Along with that, Trans Champagne Ardenne renders daily connecting buses from Troyes and Chalons and twice weekly connections from Charleville-Mezieres.
  • By Car: Located at the cross roads of Paris- Strasbourg and Calais-Troyes – Dijon, the city offers 6 motor way exits so as to make an entry or exit.


  • Bus and Tram Services: The Bus lines of Reims are extensive and easy to use. There are two circular Bus lines: The clock wise Citadine 1 and the anti clock wise Citadine 2 will cover most of the sites of Reims. Keep in mind that most of the TUR lines provide last services till about 9:50 pm, however, there are 5 night lines which operate until 12:15 am. The bus service is reliable and you can buy its tickets from local bars, tobacco shops and newspaper shops.
  • Reims’ Tram Line also connects the citycentre and the train stations which would further connect the city with rest of Europe.
  • Taxi: The city provides reasonable taxi services (around €2) but make sure you book them well in advance.