Best Things To Do in Reims, France

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  • Cathedrale Notre Dame: Translated as “Our Lady of Paris”, the Cathedrale is one of the oldest historical locations and an unparalleled epitome of French Gothic Architecture. It is home to Catholicism’s most significant relics. You will be completely mesmerised with the spires and domes of its building. Although, the buiding has undergone many reconstructions, the place holds its antiquity and old world charm. The visitors will be completely overwhelmed by the gigantic ten bells inside the Cathedrale. The place has been the site of numerous coronations of the monarchs in the history of France.
  • Museums and Galleries: The city provides a whole range of museums and galleries with their collection of paintings, portraits and antiques. Prominent amongst  these are Musee des Beaux and Palais du Tau. So if you are an art lover, this place shall certainly enamour you.
  • Squares, Plazes, Markets and Bazaars: Pedestrian friendly Squares such as Place Drouet d’ Erlon provide a suitable location for recreation offering a plethora of options for food, beer and shopping. The other must- to-visit food market is Halles du Boulingrin. The place is significant because of its history as it had been the centre of main food market in 1929 post the destruction of WWI. One can also encounter various exhibitions and cultural events during its visit.


  • Champagne tasting and tours: There are various tours such as that of Veuve HQ, Mumm, Lanson, Pommery and others that will take you into the exuberance of wine tasting experiences and shall certainly leave you entranced. Taittinger Cellars is known for its aging wines lying in the Cellars waiting to be curated.
  • Theatre: Known for its lively theatre culture, the city provides its visitors with a plethora of choices such as the main Theatre (Opera and Culture), La Comedie (20th century drama and film art), La Cartonnerie (alternative, performance and music acts).
  • Shopping: Owing to modernisation the place offers the whole range of brands and stores such as Galeries Lafayette. There are shopping centres such as E space d’Erlon.

Below we have a list of things to do in Reims and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Reims getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Reims with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Reims

Here is the list of things to do in Reims and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Champagnes Pommery


    No visit to Reims can be consummated without visiting this estate which offers its tourists, an exquisite wine. Apart from its repute as a winery, the estate stands unique in architectural design with its ancient Roman caves, art nouveau tasting rooms and a never-ending magnificent staircase down into the chalk caves. Built by Madame Pommery in the 19th century, the building is structured in El...Read more
  2. Taittinger Cellars

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    Taittinger Cellars


    Taittinger Cellars tell a long history of wine. Established in 1734, this huge estate possesses 250 ha of vineyards. Millions of bottles lay here since ages in the pyramid shapes. As they say, wine tastes better as it ages. The tour is also available in English as it takes you inside the caves and to the tasting rooms. This tour will definitely gratify your senses. Taittinger, indeed, stands fo...Read more
  3. Museum Of Surrender

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    Museum Of Surrender


    Located within the close proximity of Porte Mars, this museum holds a historical significance as it was the site where the Germans under General Jodl surrendered before General Eisenhower, during the World War II in Europe. This museum displays a political and historic combination of films, photographs, press cuttings and models pertaining to WWII. There is a Map Room, where the signatures of s...Read more
  4. Reims Tourism Office

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    Reims Tourism Office
    Adjacent to the Notre Dame Cathedral, Reims’s Tourist office is an attraction in itself. It is an apparently half destroyed building which was earlier a cellar. Along with visiting this beautiful historical site, you can also procure information on champagne cellars, vineyards, architectural heritage. The staff at the tourism office will guide you during your stay in Reims. Moreover, it o...Read more
  5. Porte Mars

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    Porte Mars


    The triumphal arch of the Roman Empire, the site symbolises its glory, aura and the reign.Considered to be the widest arch in the roman architecture, it dates back to the third century AD. The site borrows its name from Roman God of Valour-Mars and exhibits elaborate carvings on its exterior and on the ceilings of its corridors. The arch reminds us of the glory as well as the fall of the greate...Read more
  6. Circuit De Reims-gueux

    Entertainment, Adventure, Adventure Sport

    Reims takes you into a pilgrimage of another kind- automobile and racing. The motor enthusiasts shall certainly love this place as they shall be able to encounter adventure in a place which is otherwise a historical location. The circuit was a Grand Prix motor racing road course, situated 7.5 km west of Reims. Presently, it is a triangular layout incorporating public roads between the villages ...Read more
  7. Abbey Of Saint Remi

    Church, Monument

    This Abbey of Saint Remi boasts of a sublime interior which measures over 120 metres in length and 58 metres in width, and the central nave is as high as 28 metres. This Gothic structure was built in the 11th century and incorporates within itself distinguishable Romanesque columns, archs and windows. The Abbey is named after 5th century Saint Remi who was considered to be the patron Saint of t...Read more
  8. Foujita Chapel

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    Foujita Chapel

    Church, Religious Site

    Originally named as The Chapel of our Lady of Peace, the site is better known as Foujita Chapel as a dedication to the Japanese born French artist Leonard Foujita. Foujita, who converted himself to Catholicism is known for his Romanesque architectural designs, stained glass windows, sculptures, iron work etc. According to the sources, he himself painted the frescoes on the interior walls of the...Read more
  9. Bibliotheque

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    Well known for its extraordinary Art Deco structure, this Carnegie Library of Reims(known as Bibliotheque Carnegie de Reims in French) is a heritage building along with serving as a reading public library. The library was built by the donated money of businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to the city of Reims after the World War I. The library was designed by Sainsaulieu who built it a...Read more
  10. Palace Of Tau

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    Palace Of Tau

    Historical Site, Monument, Palace

    Palace of Tau is yet another historical monument which graces the landscape of Reims. In fact, Palace of Tau shares its history with Notre Dame Cathedral as it served as the residence of the monarchs of France before they progressed towards their coronation in Notre Dame. It was the abode of Archbishop of Reims and later gave way to displaying statuary and tapestries from the Cathedral, along w...Read more
  11. Museum Of Fine Arts

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    Museum Of Fine Arts

    Art Museum

    The museum (Musee des Beaux Arts) is an abode for the artistic pieces and paintings. These artefacts belong to Europe’s major artistic movements ranging from 16th to the 20th century. They are kept in a chronological order and adhere to their thematic relevance. Prominently known for its paintings, the museum houses Flemish, Dutch, French schools and modern artists’ works. Connoisse...Read more
  12. Eglise St-jacques

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    Eglise St-jacques


    One of the most ancient preserved church in Reims, the structure was built in 12th century. This church incorporates a sober blind breakthrough three portals facade, a 12th century nave and sanctuary of the 16th century. There are enchanting stained glass windows which were created in 12th century by a Czech painter, Joseph Sima, and Maria Elena Vieira da Silva, one of the leading artists of th...Read more
  13. Reims Champagne Automobile Museum

    Automobile Museum

    This place is for people who love to explore the dynamics of automobile (who doesn’t!). A visit to this automobile museum will take you down into the history of cars and bikes as they are displayed in a chronological fashion. The collection goes back to 1908 till today, making a voyage down the pages of history. The museum also retains some of the models which had been produced in just a ...Read more
  14. Halles Du Boulingrin

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    Halles Du Boulingrin

    Flea Market, Street Market, Shopping Center

    The building serves as a lively market place and is also home to new cultural applications such as temporary exhibitions etc. Originally opened in 1929, the structure is a masterpiece of reinforced concrete pushed to its limits by pioneer engineer Eugene Freyssinet along with the architecture of Emile Maigrot. It is an enclosed space which renders a typical European feeling to its visitor. The ...Read more
  15. Sube Fountain

    View Point, Fountain

    One of the most important landmarks of Reims, Sube fountain dazzles one’s eyes with its golden statue called: “The Glory”. It is situated in the centre of Drouet d’Erlon’s square, one of the busiest squares in the city. The fountain is crowned by the statue of the winged Angel, signifying a collusion of art, myth and beauty. The area was completely destroyed by the...Read more