How to Reach Rennes


  • By Air: Rennes Brittany Airport, which is about 7kms away from the city operates flights to several destinations including Southampton, Belfast, Birmingham, Exeter, Dublin and Cork. You can reach the city from the airport through a public bus service.
  • By Train: Gare de Rennes has frequent TGV services to Paris (Gare Montparnasse). There are also direct trains to Charles De Gaulle airport, Lille, Nantes, Brest, Quimper and several other regional cities.
  • By Car-Sharing: An affordable way to reach Rennes is through car-sharing (covoiturage) from several areas in Brittany.
  • By Bus: The city has a long distance bus station that runs buses to and from several French cities.


  • By Metro: A driverless Metro line runs through the city and has 17 stations.
  • By Bus: A 65 line bus network serves the city, thus becoming the most feasible way to get around the city.
  • By Bicycle: A bike sharing system with about 900 bicycles is available in the city. The rental is free of cost for the first thirty minutes and increases later on the basis of time. You can borrow a bicycle at one station and return it at any other bike renting station in the city.
  • By Car: Driving in cars is a feasible way to get around various sightseeing places in Rennes and its neighbourhood. There are several paid and free parking centres scattered all over the city.