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About Southridge, Reno

Overview of Southridge

Home to Southridge is the city of Reno in the country of United States. Southridge is easily missed on a visit to Reno.

Home to bountiful attractions like National Automobile Museum, Aces Ballpark, Peppermill Casino, Silver Legacy Casino Resorts and Atlantis Casino, there are many things to do in Reno that you can explore on your visit.

More about Reno

Try the best Reno trip planner to visit this Southridge as well as many others.

You can enjoy a comfortable stay in the city by booking the best hotels in Reno like Circus Circus Reno, Best Western Airport Plaza Hotel and Whitney Peak Hotel.

Chalk out the best way to discover the city with Reno vacation packages. Check out various modes for how to reach Reno.

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  • My boyfriend lived here from Summer 2014 - Summer 2015. Honestly, wasn't that bad of a place. The appliances were nice, the apartment was prefect for him and the price was great (especially considering where it was located; basically in the middle of Reno.) That being said, I have been left HUGELY disappointed almost 2 years later. My boyfriend and I were planning to get married and move to Virginia about 4 months ago. He broke his lease with Southridge to join the Navy 2 years ago... a week after, he received a bill and was in bootcamp so he couldn't take care of it. I made sure I was prompt in getting everything paid off (even though I'd asked for photos of the 'damage' and was never shown them). I paid off the bill within a week of receiving their notice and kept my receipt. Almost 2 years later when we go to apply to places in Virginia, lo and behold there was a credit issue and the bill I had paid off went to collections. Luckily, I kept the stupid receipt for 2 years and was able to prove it had been paid. What was told to us was that "the manager accidentally put it to the new applicant's account"... what a joke!!!! I went to get this taken care of immediately so it wouldn't affect my boyfriend's credit and was left feeling very disrespected by Southridge after I made sure we paid within a timely manner. If you chose to live here, SAVE EVERY PIECE OF PAPER YOU HAVE. Glad I saved all the paperwork. :/

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  • Don't expect to get your deposit back and be prepared to owe money on top of the $300 you pay to move in. This complex goes out of their way to use every last bit of the deposit and will charge you even more. My apartment on move out was spotless yet my entire deposit was taken and I owed $30 on top of it. Absolutely unacceptable, this place will take advantage of you.

  • Don't even bother moving in. This place has the worst management in the world when it comes to customer service. I lived here for 6 years and would consider myself a good tenant. Once we had first moved in they were upgrading the apartments. They had told us what we would expect in our improved home such as: central heating, new carpets and hard wood paneling, new appliances and a washer and dryer in the hall closet. About halfway into said upgrades, owners changed and instead of continuing they decided to take the money and completely remodel the office with a gym and a new pool. Of course we were in the apartment that had not gotten upgraded. With filthy carpets, an AC stuck in our wall that barely worked, washers and dryers that were seperate and cost an arm and a leg to just wash 1 load of layndry and no new sockets and fire detectors, we continued to live in these apartments hoping for that upgrade. Soon our electricity would go out through out the apartment if I bumped a plug in a socket, the fire detectors started going off at random and the carpets started lifting. With continuous calls and complaints nothing really changed except for a maintenance guy checking our detectors, taking them out and then not replacing them for the rest of the years I spent living there. Fast forward 6 years with no new upgrades and 4 different owners, my whole apartment flooded 4 times in the span of 1 month. I went to the office, complained and they said they would have someone clean the carpets. They did yet, I had wet carpets still. I let it go until it flooded again, then they came and cleaned once again but the carpets were still wet. Soon my apartment flooded two more times, the carpets ended up bunching up all over and it smelled of mold. I went to talk to managment for the 5th time and asked to get my carpets pulled out since they were molding. With the intent of moving all my things myself in order for them to do this, they said they would not remove my carpets just because they're wet, but they will clean them again and maybe spray some nice smelling scents through out the space. By that time I had given up and I have now moved out since then. This was probably one of the worst experiences with an apartment complex I've ever had. Please, I beg of you, don't live here.

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  • I wish there was a way to make a negative review for this place. I do not know where to even begin. This place is god awful. DO NOT move here!!! The people in the leasing office are the biggest jokes for leasing agents ever and are the rudest, condensending people I have ever met, especially the blonde gal, not too sure of her name. I currently stay here and could not be more excited to move out. I have tried contacting them 4 times about our EXTREMELY poorly installed carpet, yet no response. I am fearing what they will try to pull after we move out, like trying to make us pay to replace the carpet like it happened to the other people who wrote reviews on here. I guarantee you WILL come across some issue(s) with management here. DO NOT MOVE HERE

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  • Great apartment complex. I've been living here for almost 2 years now and could not be happier. Bryan is always a great help to me and very understanding. The entire staff is always willing to do whatever they can to assist you!

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