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Republic Of The Congo Overview

If you are looking for the experience of the chills down the spine amidst the pristine wilderness of nature, then the Republic of the Congo is the ideal place for you! Longing for a place to visit far from your mundane city life? Well, this land of misty jungles will definitely quench your extreme thirst of adventures! Get an adventurous experience of the masses of wild elephants, lowland gorillas, swinging and hooting of chimpanzee troops and much more here in the Republic of the Congo. If you are short on time but wistful enough to satisfy your extreme wanderlust within a short span of time, then this pithy Republic of the Congo travel guide may become handy to you.

Paramount Details of Visa Procedure

If you are interested in visiting this place you must take a note that all the nationals of Canada, Australia, Britain along with other EU and the USA need to provide Republic of the Congo visa to get an entry here. Tourists are needed to furnish the details of their confirmed accommodation along with the copy of return airline tickets while applying for the visa. For further detailed information, you can check it with the nearest embassy.

Note that providing a vaccination certificate for yellow fever is essential for the travelers.  

Ideal Time to Visit                                    

This place has an equatorial climate. Short rainfall occurs during the time of October to the month of December. The heavy rainy season prevails from mid-January to mid-May. Starting from the June, the dry season lasts till October; and this is the best time to visit theRepublic of the Congo.

Top Tourist Destinations to Cover

Wondering about the top tourist destinations to cover and things to do in the Republic of the Congo? Well, a here is a list to help you out!

Brazzaville–Interested in the immense cultural diversity and vibrant arts of this place? Explore Brazzaville!

Conkouati-Douli National Park–Your list of best places to visit inthe Republic of the Congo will remain sketchy without a visit to this diverse park!

Loufoulakari Falls–The alluring picturesque view and the verdant surroundings of Loufoulakari Falls will definitely leave you beguiled!

Apart from all the above-mentioned and countless other impressive places, you can check into the Pointe Noire, can take a ride on the famous La Gazelle as well!

Means of Transportation

If you’re wondering how to reachthe Republic of the Congo and then how to get around the places here, you can hire car services. Between Pointe Noire and Brazzaville, flight services are also available. Steamer services are also mentionable here.

Guidelines for Food and Lodging

Hotel fares are a bit expensive here. Due to a very little availability of good hotels outside the town area, visitors are advised to book their accommodation in advance. If you love camping, at the Cargo-Point you can have this facility.

Good news for the foodie travelers! Satisfy your taste buds with the rich availability of sea foods along with some French-styled bakeries. Fufu, Manioc, Salt fish, Safouetc. are some special dishes available here.

Get a hold of this succinct travel guide and make your trip to Republic of the Congo a lifetime experience!

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