Best Time To Visit Rewalsar

Best Time To Go To Rewalsar

Rewalsar has a warm and temperate climate with rainy summers and cold, dry winters. The temperature on an average is around 20 degree Celsius. The winters can be pretty chilly while the summers are often quite pleasant.

  • Winters: November to February are the coldest months of the year. Temperatures are usually around 9 degree Celsius during this period.
  • Spring: March and April are Spring months. This period has a beautiful weather and many colorful flowers can be seen blooming up.
  • Summer: May to October the weather is very pleasant and the temperature is absolutely comfortable. The months of June to September receive the highest amount of precipitation. Rainfalls are heavy and frequent during these months.

The months of March to October are best time to visit Rewalsar because of the fine weather and clear visibility. All the attractions like Lakes, temples and hills are easily accessible in this period.

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