How to Reach Reykholt


The city of Reykholt is a small, but a well-connected city. Here is the way how you can reach the city using different modes of transport.

  • BY AIR: Being a small city, Reykholt does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport, however, is the Reykjavik Airport located about 71 kilometers from the city. This airport is well-connected to major cities in Iceland and cities outside Iceland as well. From the airport, several buses and rental cars are available to help you reach Reykholt.
  • BY RAIL: Iceland does not feature a railway system. You can use other modes of transport to reach the city.
  • BY WATER: Many cruise liners stop at Reykjavik which is 71 kilometers from Reykholt. You can sail till Reykjavik and then opt for car rentals, cabs or buses.
  • BY ROAD: The city of Reykholt is well-connected by road. Several buses both public and private operate year-round in the city. You can also opt for car rentals, cabs, or buses to reach the city.



The best way to get around Reykholt is on foot. The city is beautiful and the pathways are pleasant to take a stroll and explore the city. If you don’t mind cycling through the hilly areas, bikes are also a great option to get around Reykholt. Alternatively, you can take shuttle buses which operate in the city or opt for car rentals and cabs to go from one attraction to the other. Buses go around the city area every morning and you might want to buy special bus cards if you plan to travel frequently by bus.