How to Reach Rhodes


  • By Air: You will be able to find direct flights to Rhodes International Airport from a few major cities. Alternatively you can choose to land in Athens or Thessaloniki and take a domestic flight to Rhodes.
  • By Ferry: Another interesting way to get to Rhodes is by ferry. You will find a regular system of ferries operating to Rhodes from Athens and Marmaris.


  • Walk: Each individual town and settlement in the area can easily be explored on foot. The towns tend to be quite similar and it is a lot of fun to admire the architecture as you walk.
  • Bus: A decent Public Transport system exists on the island but the stations are not easily available online. You can buy a transport map on arrival. The bus network will be your cheapest option but it might get a bit confusing if you are unseasoned. You will be able to reach most places from Rhodes Town by Bus quite easily.
  • Rentals: Renting a car or hiring a car and driver is the most convenient way to get around Rhodes and also perhaps the most expensive one as well. But the flexibility it will give you will certainly usurp the cost.
  • Taxi: You can find blue taxis easily in case you want to get a quick ride. The taxis have certain maximum tariffs and you should get this information for maximum tariffs from the tourism office in the beginning of your stay and keep it handy.