Top Historical Places in Rimini

Are you looking to explore the history of Rimini through the ages? There are a number of historical destinations in Rimini including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Rimini. The presence of these historical sites and museums will take you on a walk through Rimini ‘s rich history.
If you are willing to have an in-depth historical information about Rimini, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical places in Rimini for a great trip!

Let's witness the history of Rimini with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. Arco D' Augusto

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    Arco D' Augusto

    Historical Site, Memorial, Monument

    Dedicated to Emperor Augustus in 27 BC, The Arc of Augustus is perhaps the oldest Roman arch that still survives. The Via Flaminia, where the arch stands was once the route that travellers had to pass while travelling between Rome and Milan. The arch, that is said to have a gloriously grand statue of Augustus once upon a time, went through a renovation in the 10th century. You can see clearly t...Read more
  2. Basilica Cattedrale

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    Basilica Cattedrale

    Architecture , Cathedral

    The Tempio Malatestiano (Italian Malatesta Temple) is the cathedral church of Rimini, built during the 15th Century. Officially dedicated to St. Francis, it takes its popular name from Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, who commissioned its reconstruction by the famous Renaissance theorist and architect Leon Battista Alberti around 1450. The original church had to be reconstructed as a personal mau...Read more
  3. Piazza Tre Martiri

    Historical Site, Square, Shopping Center

    Piazza Tre Martiri is the commercial heart of Rimini – its main square, and the custodian of some of its most historic moments. It’s changed its name several times, but a brief walk around the piazza shows a continuity between Roman times and the modern city, with plenty of interesting links to the past on display. The square has many shops and restaurants and houses a weekly street...Read more
  4. Antica Pescheria Di Piazza Cavour

    Bar, Art Gallery, Historical Site, Restaurant

    On the left of the Piazza Cavour is la Pescheria Vecchia, one of the most charming places in Ravenna. It was built in 1747 by the architect Buonamici. It has large marble tables on which fish was once sold, now these slabs are used by artists and local market traders. Surrounded by good restaurants, this area is the perfect place to go it you are looking to experience authentic Rimini. Vibrant ...Read more
  5. Rimini Gurkha War Cemetery

    War Memorial, Cemetery

    Located in the town of Rimini, this monument is a war memorial dedicated to the brave soldiers who fought The Allies of World War and contains 618 Second World War burials, all of the Indian forces. Rimini Gurkha War Cemetery is one of the three memorials built by the Italians to cremate the remains of the soldiers of the Indian Army. The other two cemeteries being Forli Indian Army War Cemete...Read more
  6. Castel Sismondo

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    Castel Sismondo

    Castle, Palace, Architecture

    Even though only the central nucleus of Castel Sismondo stands today, this monument is very important from a historic point of view. The walls of the Castel were thought to be thick enough to bear the strike from the new artillery pieces of that period. A medieval treasure that was built in 1437, the location is now used as a venue for the local market. The Castel was built for both defensive p...Read more