Events and Festivals in Rio De Janeiro


  • Victoria Day: This event is overseen by the Republic’s President and this event Rio de Janeiro features huge celebrations honoring-the Allied victory of World War II.
  • Folklore Day: This day is celebrated in August every year and it is about different stories told about life in Rio, or about history and certain buildings.

Rio de Janeiro Festivals

  • Rio de Janeiro Carnival: The Main Festival is the Carnival that takes place in February or March right before Ash Wednesday. Huge floats make up the vibrant and lively parades and it is a night of complete extravagance which is certainly exciting.
  • Festival do Rio: This takes place in October and is a pretty big deal. The festival celebrates the unique and interesting culture of Brazil and certainly makes for a good holiday.\
  • Rio Film Festival: Takes place from September to October and sees a lot of international presence. The films are a huge attraction for students and film enthusiasts.

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