Events and Festivals in Rize

Rize celebrates many events and festivals throughout the year. Here is the month wise list of events and festivals organised in Rize.

  • July: Many adventurous festivals like the The International Mountaineering Festival and the Firtina Rafting Festival are organised in this month. Adventure junkies from all over the world visit Rize to indulge in some fun activities. Other prominent festivals include Rize Tea and Tourism Festival.
  • August: Many extravagant events are organised in Rize during this month. The whole atmosphere in Rize gets more festive, during this period. The most prominent festivals in the month of August are The Formulas Wood Car Festivals, Ardesen Kackar Plateau Festival, and Kalkandere Tourism and Friendship Fest.
  • December to March: During the winter, the only event which is celebrated is the Camlıhemsin Ayder Snowman Festival. As the name suggests, during this event, you can indulge in some snow activities.

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