How to Reach Rize - The Easiest Way to Reach Rize


  • By air: The nearest airport to Rize is the Trabzon airport. The Trabzon airport is well connected to various Turkish cities and some prominent European cities.
  • By bus: Once you reach Trabzon, you can visit Rize through bus or shuttle bus.


  • By shuttle bus: The whole city of Rize is well connected by an extensive network of shuttle buses. Also, this is the most convenient option to roam around the city.
  • On foot: Major attractions in Rize are in close proximity and can be travelled on foot.

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How to Reach Rize from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Dumankaya köyü to Rize 9.46 km 9 mins
Asmalıırmak köyü to Rize 11.88 km 11 mins
Trabzon to Rize 105.44 km 1 hour 45 mins
Erzurum to Rize 125.57 km 2 hours 5 mins
Elazig to Rize 246.12 km 4 hours 6 mins
Siirt to Rize 303.85 km 5 hours 3 mins
Diyarbakir to Rize 323.91 km 5 hours 23 mins
Samsun to Rize 465.24 km 7 hours 45 mins
Tbilisi to Rize 482.12 km 8 hours 2 mins
Gaziantep to Rize 488.61 km 8 hours 8 mins