Grezzo Raw Chocolate, Rome

Grezzo Raw Chocolate, Rome

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About Grezzo Raw Chocolate, Rome

Grezzo Raw Chocolate is a place of interest in Rome. You can see its beautiful image on this page. While looking for the information about Grezzo Raw Chocolate, first of all, you will find the exact address written on the right side. Note down the contact number so that you can contact the responsible authority for any information. Check out the ticket price to plan your budget. The timings and total time required sections will make your trip to Grezzo Raw Chocolate well-managed.

To make your trip to Grezzo Raw Chocolate in Rome comfortable and safe, you can check the public safety stations. For any medical emergency, remember the pharmacies located nearby. You can shop a lot around Grezzo Raw Chocolate and so, you need to check out the ATMs and banks present in the locality. Traveling Rome by car? Don’t run out of fuel and visit the nearby Gas Stations. Park your vehicles safely at the parking lot provided near Grezzo Raw Chocolate. If you plan to travel like a local, find the bus stations and railway stations given on the page. The city of Rome also has some internet cafes for your ease.

If you are new to Rome and planning to visit Grezzo Raw Chocolate, visit the Tourist Information Centre. The city also offers some wonderful accommodation options near Grezzo Raw Chocolate including the BnBs and Hostels. Select a suitable one on the page. There are good restaurants around Grezzo Raw Chocolate to satisfy your taste buds. Dying to get a drink? Head to fabulous Bars, Hotel Lounges, Jazz and Blues Cafes, Sports Bars, Wine Bars, Breweries located in the area. For desserts and coffees, you would like to visit Bagels and Donuts, Bakeries, Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses, Dessert, Ice Cream Parlors, Juice Bars and Smoothies. Are you in hurry and just want a quick bite? Visit Delis, Diners, Fast Food, Pizza, Burgers, Food Trucks.

There are plenty of places for a gastronomical delight near Grezzo Raw Chocolate in Rome. The city is home to some of the phenomenal cuisines like American, Chinese, French, Indian. Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai, Asian, Sushi. This city page will also guide you to explore many specialty places such as Barbecue, Buffets, Seafood, Steakhouses, Vegan and Vegetarian, International considering your requirement and preference. If you have been to Grezzo Raw Chocolate in Rome, and you want to edit any information about it, Triphobo welcomes your contribution delightfully.

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  • Name: Salvatore Vero Address: Viale Pasteur 68
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Grezzo Raw Chocolate, Rome Reviews

  • Staff was lovely, very helpful and friendly, perfect service. It's a nice place but a little pricey. We had a tiramisu, a cheesecake and 2 cappuccinos, it was nice, but not nicer than other vegan cakes we've had. The coffee was a bit too cold. If you're vegan and are looking to hit all the grates eats in Rome, I'd say don't bother with cakes here, but instead try the truffles.

  • 100% vegan chocolate place with gelato. I got a small cone which came with two flavours - everything I sampled tasted good but I went for the pistachio and strawberry. Both were delicious! It's also on a cute little Street.

  • Had the chocolate dessert filled with hazelnut. Absolutely delicious. Best vegan dessert I've had

  • Amazing and yummy! I don’t have any allergy and preference for food as long as they taste good and made fresh. The raw chocolate products from this store is amazing!!! Can’t believe the un-baked chocolate cookies are so yummy; the hazelnut gelato is super creamy; oh I wish I can finish all the desserts and take the chocolate sauce home. The staff is super knowledgeable that also made the visit super special.

  • Knowledgeable, friendly, professional staff. Organic Ecuadorian chocolate, gelato with the least number of ingredients I've seen (pistacchio, nocciola, & mango are especially good), health shakes, and chocolate truffles second to none.

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