Hotel Raffaello, Rome

Hotel Raffaello, Rome - Address

Address: Via Urbana, 3, 00184 Roma, Italy

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  • Name: Farmacia Quirinale Address: Via Milano 54
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  • Name: Farmacia Eredi Vincenti Address: Piazza della Rovere 2
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  • Name: La Carrozzeria Beer & Food Address: Via Domodossola 17
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  • Name: Effegi Uno Address: Via San Vincenzo 17
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  • Name: Ny. Lon Address: Via del Politeama 12
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  • Name: Geo Hotel Address: Via Fortebraccio 14
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  • Name: Vuda bar Address: Via della Vite
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  • Name: Bebop Music Club Address: Via Giuseppe Giulietti 14
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  • Name: BeBop Jazz Club Address: Via Giuseppe Giulietti 14
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  • Name: Scholars Lounge Address: Via del Plebiscito 101b
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  • Name: Sally Brown Rude Pub Address: Via degli Etruschi 3A
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  • Name: Il Tajut Address: Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 244
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  • Name: Kitchen Pasta all'uovo Address: Via Merulana 179
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  • Name: Etabli Address: Vicolo delle Vacche 9
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  • Name: Ombre Rosse Address: Piazza di Sant'Egidio 12
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  • Name: DivinPeccato Address: Piazza della Rovere 84
    Distance: 2.705 km away
  • Name: Casina Valadier Address: Piazza Bucarest
    Distance: 1.918 km away
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  • Name: Fefè Address: Via dei Volsci 45
    Distance: 1.377 km away
  • Name: Rustichelli & Mangione Address: piazza Santa Maria Maggiore 5c
    Distance: 0.32 km away
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  • Name: 9 Favole di Pane SRL Address: Via Catania 79
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  • Name: Ciuri Ciuri Address: Via Leonina 18
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  • Name: Dagnino Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 75
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  • Name: Made Creative Bakery Address: Via dei Coronari 25
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  • Name: Giselda Address: Viale di Trastevere 52
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  • Name: Biscottificio Innocenti Address: Via della Luce 21
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  • Name: Pasticceria Faloci Address: Via Prenestina 58
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  • Name: Fatamorgana Ludoteca Address: Via dei Volsci 3
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  • Name: Officina Birra Address: Via Populonia 19
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  • Name: Antica Boheme Address: Via Napoli 4
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  • Name: Perfect Bun Address: Largo del Teatro Valle 4
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  • Name: Hard Rock Cafe Italy SRL Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 62
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  • Name: T-Bone Station Address: Via Francesco Crispi 29
    Distance: 1.048 km away
  • Name: Roadhouse Grill Address: Via Galvani 71
    Distance: 2.88 km away
  • Name: Topside Restaurant Address: Via Labicana 12
    Distance: 0.925 km away
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  • Name: Green T. Address: Via di Piè di Marmo 28
    Distance: 1.345 km away
  • Name: Harusaki Address: Via Cremona 42
    Distance: 2.439 km away
  • Name: Thien Kim Address: Via Giulia 201
    Distance: 2.096 km away
  • Name: Sushime Address: Via Catania 22
    Distance: 2.272 km away
  • Name: Yami Address: Via Vicenza 10
    Distance: 0.79 km away
  • Name: Bin Hai Ristorante Cinese Address: Via La Spezia 86
    Distance: 2.345 km away
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  • Name: T-Bone Station Address: Via di Santa Dorotea 21
    Distance: 2.367 km away
  • Name: Settimio all'Arancio Address: Via dell'Arancio 50
    Distance: 1.654 km away
  • Name: I Butteri Address: Piazza Regina Margherita 28
    Distance: 1.952 km away
  • Name: Osteria Pizzeria Margherita Address: Via delle Coppelle 34
    Distance: 1.719 km away
  • Name: La Cantina Del Grillo SRL Address: Via dei Messapi 10
    Distance: 1.566 km away
  • Name: House Grill SRL Address: Via Nicola Salvi 65
    Distance: 0.759 km away
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  • Name: Piccadilly Roma Address: Via Appia Nuova 127
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  • Name: Antica Biblioteca Valle Address: Largo del Teatro Valle 9
    Distance: 1.706 km away
  • Name: Bistro La Casetta di De Donno Domenico Address: Via della Madonna dei Monti 62
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  • Name: Assaggi d'Autore Address: Via dei Lucchesi 28
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  • Name: Centro Macrobiotico Italiano Naturist Club Address: Via della Vite 14
    Distance: 1.431 km away
  • Name: La Casetta Address: Via Madonna dei Monti 62
    Distance: 0.573 km away
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  • Name: Quarto - Burger & Drinks Address: Via Crescenzio 52
    Distance: 2.77 km away
  • Name: Shooters Address: Via Faleria 57
    Distance: 2.059 km away
  • Name: Burger King Address: Via Nazionale 178
    Distance: 0.626 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Address: Piazza di Spagna 46
    Distance: 1.276 km away
  • Name: Robivecchio Address: Via Gallia 78
    Distance: 1.968 km away
  • Name: Rec 23 Address: Piazza dell'Emporio 2
    Distance: 2.337 km away
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  • Name: Il Dragone d'Oro Address: Via Ogliastra 10
    Distance: 2.531 km away
  • Name: Ruyi Address: Via Valadier 14
    Distance: 2.387 km away
  • Name: Città In Fiore Address: Via Cavour 273
    Distance: 0.614 km away
  • Name: Court Delicati Address: Viale Aventino 41
    Distance: 1.956 km away
  • Name: Mandarin Address: Via Emilia 85
    Distance: 1.328 km away
  • Name: Hang Zhou Address: Via Principe Eugenio 82
    Distance: 1.177 km away
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  • Name: C.I.Bo Address: Via Catanzaro 4
    Distance: 2.356 km away
  • Name: Le Sicilianedde Address: Viale Parioli 35
    Distance: 2.924 km away
  • Name: Ruggeri Vito Salumeria Address: Piazza Campo dè Fiori 1
    Distance: 1.932 km away
  • Name: Fratelli Fabbi Address: Via della Croce 28
    Distance: 1.578 km away
  • Name: Franchi Address: Via Cola di Rienzo 204
    Distance: 2.894 km away
  • Name: Eat Street Food Address: Piazza Trilussa 40
    Distance: 2.211 km away
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  • Name: Su Nuraghe Address: Via Imperia 66
    Distance: 2.025 km away
  • Name: Fermento Cucina e Bistrot Address: Via Cicerone 61
    Distance: 2.532 km away
  • Name: Ristorante La Cornucopia Address: Piazza in Piscinula 18
    Distance: 1.818 km away
  • Name: La Scalinata Address: Via di Sant'Andrea delle Fratte 32
    Distance: 1.175 km away
  • Name: Vecchia Roma Address: Via Leonina 10
    Distance: 0.467 km away
  • Name: Rosti Address: Via Bartolomeo d'Alviano 65
    Distance: 2.937 km away
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  • Name: Likeat Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 310
    Distance: 2.423 km away
  • Name: Alfonso Cous Cous Address: Via Brescia 23
    Distance: 1.602 km away
  • Name: Ristorante Alfredo SAS Address: Via Principe Amedeo 126
    Distance: 0.525 km away
  • Name: Ristorante Arco di S. Calisto dei Fratelli Fioravanti Address: Via dell'Arco di San Calisto 45
    Distance: 2.252 km away
  • Name: Ai Bozzi Address: Piazza Giuditta Tavani Arquati 107
    Distance: 2.065 km away
  • Name: Volpetti Più Address: Via Alessandro Volta 8
    Distance: 2.529 km away
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  • Name: Storico Mercato delle Coppelle Address: Piazza delle Coppelle
    Distance: 1.538 km away
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  • Name: GiNa Address: Via San Sebastianello 7
    Distance: 1.474 km away
  • Name: Charly's Sauciere Address: Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 270
    Distance: 1.288 km away
  • Name: L'Eau Vive Address: Via Monterone 85
    Distance: 1.65 km away
  • Name: VA Sano Address: Piazza Buenos Aires 22
    Distance: 2.316 km away
  • Name: Le Carré Français Roma Address: Via Vittoria Colonna 30
    Distance: 2.13 km away
  • Name: La Baguette SRL Address: Via Tomacelli 24
    Distance: 1.683 km away
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  • Name: Indian Affairs Address: Via Palermo 6b
    Distance: 0.383 km away
  • Name: La Sagrestia Address: Via del Seminario 89
    Distance: 1.484 km away
  • Name: Sitar Address: Via Cavour 256
    Distance: 0.473 km away
  • Name: Bibliothe Address: Via Celsa 4
    Distance: 1.404 km away
  • Name: Piperno Address: Via Monte dè Cenci 9
    Distance: 1.729 km away
  • Name: La Taverna del Ghetto Address: Via Portico d'Ottavia 8
    Distance: 1.581 km away
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  • Name: Hostaria dè Pastini Address: Via dè Pastini 128
    Distance: 1.486 km away
  • Name: Taverna Del Moro SAS Address: Vicolo del Cinque 36
    Distance: 2.252 km away
  • Name: Piccolo Abruzzo Address: Via Sicilia 237
    Distance: 1.358 km away
  • Name: Miraggio Club Address: Via della Lungara 16
    Distance: 2.449 km away
  • Name: Il Bacaro Address: Via degli Spagnoli 27
    Distance: 1.705 km away
  • Name: Trattoria Moderna Address: Vicolo dei Chiodaroli 16
    Distance: 1.774 km away
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  • Name: Take Sushi Address: Viale di Trastevere 4
    Distance: 2.096 km away
  • Name: Senba Address: Via Padova 55
    Distance: 2.485 km away
  • Name: Shinto Address: Via Ludovisi 39
    Distance: 1.173 km away
  • Name: Daruma Sushi - Parlamento Address: Piazza del Parlamento 37
    Distance: 1.537 km away
  • Name: Sakura Sushi Address: Piazzale di Porta Pia 122
    Distance: 1.425 km away
  • Name: Ginza Address: Via Emanuele Filiberto 251
    Distance: 1.406 km away
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  • Name: Bi Won Ristorante Coreano Address: Via Conte Verde 62
    Distance: 1.114 km away
  • Name: Gainn Address: Via dei Mille 18
    Distance: 0.92 km away
  • Name: Arirang Address: Via Massimo d'Azeglio 3F
    Distance: 0.381 km away
  • Name: Ristorante coreano Hana Address: Piazza Manfredo Fanti 15
    Distance: 0.645 km away
  • Name: Sorabol Address: Via Carlo Cattaneo 13
    Distance: 0.473 km away
  • Name: Kwon Hyok Shin Address: Via d'Azeglio Massimo 3
    Distance: 0.38 km away
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  • Name: Bistro By Linda Address: Via Eleonora d'Arborea 15
    Distance: 2.772 km away
  • Name: Los Cabos Tex Mex Grill Address: Via Latina 48
    Distance: 2.882 km away
  • Name: Charro Cafe Address: Via di Monte Testaccio 73
    Distance: 2.956 km away
  • Name: La Taqueria Roma Address: Via Giacomo Boni 26
    Distance: 2.916 km away
  • Name: Fiesta y Siesta Address: Via Nomentana 155
    Distance: 1.786 km away
  • Name: Agaveria La Punta Address: Via di Santa Cecilia 8
    Distance: 1.908 km away
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  • Name: Ristorante Rhome Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore 46
    Distance: 1.726 km away
  • Name: Donati Address: Via Magenta 20
    Distance: 0.853 km away
  • Name: La Terrazza Address: Via Ludovisi 49
    Distance: 1.228 km away
  • Name: Trattoria da Teo Address: Piazza dei Ponziani 7
    Distance: 1.795 km away
  • Name: Julian Cafe Address: Via di Panico 15
    Distance: 2.3 km away
  • Name: Vino e Camino Address: Piazza dell'Oro 6
    Distance: 2.528 km away
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  • Name: Il Pizzicotto Address: Via Giuseppe Gioachino Belli 73
    Distance: 2.422 km away
  • Name: Divino Address: Via Tevere 13
    Distance: 1.771 km away
  • Name: Open Colonna Address: Via Milano 9
    Distance: 0.527 km away
  • Name: Lo Zozzone Address: Via del Teatro Pace 32
    Distance: 1.983 km away
  • Name: Pizzeria Del Secolo Address: Via Palestro 62
    Distance: 1.069 km away
  • Name: Ristorante Buono Address: Via Albenga 1
    Distance: 2.765 km away
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  • Name: Porto Fish & Chips Address: Via Crescenzio 56
    Distance: 2.795 km away
  • Name: La Grotta Azzurra Address: Via Monza 17
    Distance: 2.148 km away
  • Name: Chinappi Roma Address: Via Augusto Valenziani 19
    Distance: 1.377 km away
  • Name: Fish Market Trastevere Address: Vicolo della Luce 2
    Distance: 1.88 km away
  • Name: Papagiò Address: Via Capo d'Africa 26
    Distance: 1.014 km away
  • Name: Crab Address: Via Capo d'Africa 2
    Distance: 0.987 km away
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  • Name: Napoletano's Address: Viale Regina Margherita 72
    Distance: 2.208 km away
  • Name: Vineria Il Chianti Address: Via del Lavatore 81
    Distance: 1.004 km away
  • Name: Old Wild West Address: Via Tiburtina Antica 26
    Distance: 1.376 km away
  • Name: T-Bone Station Address: Via Vittoria Colonna 21
    Distance: 2.118 km away
  • Name: La Gattabuia Address: Via del Porto 1
    Distance: 1.99 km away
  • Name: La Taverna dei Mercanti SNC Address: Piazza dei Mercanti 3
    Distance: 1.956 km away
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  • Name: Somo Address: Via Goffredo Mameli 5
    Distance: 2.599 km away
  • Name: Temakinho Address: Via dei Serpenti 16
    Distance: 0.497 km away
  • Name: Izumi Address: Via Luigi Pigorini 25
    Distance: 2.989 km away
  • Name: Zen Sushi Address: Via degli Scipioni 243
    Distance: 2.819 km away
  • Name: Junsei Address: Via Galvani 69
    Distance: 2.881 km away
  • Name: Sushisen Address: Via Giuseppe Giulietti 21
    Distance: 2.858 km away
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  • Name: Chekiang Royal Thai Address: Piazza di Villa Fiorelli 13
    Distance: 2.676 km away
  • Name: Royal Thai Address: Via di Villa Fiorelli
    Distance: 2.712 km away
  • Name: Chekiang Address: Via Enna 13
    Distance: 2.748 km away
  • Name: Salathai Address: Via Topino 33
    Distance: 2.895 km away
  • Name: 2Mondi Address: Via Garibaldi 60
    Distance: 2.785 km away
  • Name: Ristorante Due Mondi Address: Via Garibaldi 60
    Distance: 2.492 km away
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  • Name: Venanzo Mattei Distributore Api Address: Piazza Vittorio Bottego 51
    Distance: 2.99 km away
  • Name: Gestioni Riunite G.R. SRL Address: Viale Aventino 15
    Distance: 1.801 km away
  • Name: Gasperetti Mario Address: Via Bari
    Distance: 2.166 km away
  • Name: Serratore Massimo Address: Via Nicola Zabaglia
    Distance: 2.435 km away
  • Name: Di Pietro Franco Address: Viale Marco Polo 60
    Distance: 2.75 km away
  • Name: Autorita'per L'energia Elettrica e Il Gas Address: Via dei Crociferi 19
    Distance: 1.143 km away
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  • Name: Piazza Cavour Address: Piazza Cavour
    Distance: 2.286 km away
  • Name: Piazza Zama Address: Piazza Zama
    Distance: 2.679 km away
  • Name: Autoturismo SRL Address: Via Gela 71
    Distance: 2.962 km away
  • Name: La Porta Domenico e C. SRL Address: Viale delle Provincie 99
    Distance: 2.46 km away
  • Name: Autorimesse Cese SRL Address: Via Giovanni Mingazzini 10
    Distance: 2.088 km away
  • Name: Sag Service SRL Address: Via dei Monti Parioli 31
    Distance: 2.936 km away
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  • Name: Fori Imperiali Address: Via Madonna dei Monti 96
    Distance: 0.95 km away
  • Name: Capolinea Paola Address: Via Paola
    Distance: 2.449 km away
  • Name: Piazzale dei Partigiani Address: -
    Distance: 2.814 km away
  • Name: 110 Open Bus Address: -
    Distance: 2.922 km away
  • Name: Cameli Autolinee Start SPA Address: -
    Distance: 1.203 km away
  • Name: Fermata ATAC Lepanto Address: Via Lepanto
    Distance: 2.84 km away
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  • Name: Ferrovie Del Gargano Address: Via Principe Amedeo 23
    Distance: 0.349 km away
  • Name: Trenitalia SPA Address: Piazza della Croce Rossa 1
    Distance: 1.378 km away
  • Name: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SPA Address: Via Marsala 27
    Distance: 0.775 km away
  • Name: Ferrovie Dello Stato SPA Address: Piazza della Croce Rossa 1
    Distance: 1.377 km away
  • Name: Roma Ostiense Railway Station Address: Piazzale dei Partigiani
    Distance: 2.964 km away
  • Name: Roma Termini Railway Station Address: Piazza dei Cinquecento
    Distance: 0.65 km away
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  • Name: La Maison dell'Orologio Address: Via dei Banchi Nuovi 19
    Distance: 2.316 km away
  • Name: La Mongolfiera Rooms Address: Via di Tor Millina 35
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  • Name: A Casa di Penelope Address: Via Varese 5
    Distance: 0.975 km away
  • Name: Evergreen Address: Via Milazzo 23
    Distance: 0.939 km away
  • Name: Monti House Address: Via dei Ciancaleoni 1
    Distance: 0.291 km away
  • Name: Guest House Arco dei Tolomei Address: Via dell'Arco dè Tolomei 27
    Distance: 1.879 km away
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  • Name: Alessandro Downtown Hostel Address: Via Carlo Cattaneo 23
    Distance: 0.501 km away
  • Name: Legends Hostel Address: Via Curtatone 12
    Distance: 0.865 km away
  • Name: Alessandro Palace Hostel Address: Via Vicenza 42
    Distance: 1.036 km away
  • Name: Freedom Traveller Address: Via Gaeta 23
    Distance: 0.864 km away
  • Name: Sandy Hostel Address: Via Cavour 136
    Distance: 0.117 km away
  • Name: Hotel Marghera Address: Via Marghera 29
    Distance: 0.863 km away
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Hotel Raffaello, Rome Reviews

  • I'd recommend to stay at this lovely hotel. Very central and walking distance to many of the historic sights. Walking distance to the metro/trains, Termini. Breakfast was lovely each morning with a continental buffet, some hot foods available ie scrambled eggs. Reception staff were all lovely and very helpful. The only downside was our room had no daylight whatsoever. We had French doors that opened to a tiny patio area but faced the back of a building so no natural light came through, we never knew what the weather was like until we walked out to reception. The room itself was lovely, cleaned everyday and the bathroom fitted with a jacuzzi shower. The room was always warm, in fact sometimes too warm and this was early November but there is an air conditioning/heat unit in the room.

  • If anyone is looking for a great deal on hotels you can check it out on HotelRaven. com Booked a room on there and they had the best rates around... Continental breakfast good. No restaurant not a problem as there are many many restaurants on your doorstep! Very well stocked food wine etc shop just a half minuet walk from hotel...hotel staff lovely. Beds very comfortable. Cotton linen. Fridge in room...Rooms are little dated but not worn. Very clean.very close to all sites to visit. All streets cobbled wear appropriate footwear .. enjoy...pack pain killers! Oh! Must say the biggest surprise was the cost of eating out! Same as Spain

  • Great service. Comfy hotel. Great location. Only down side was the hot water was only ever about 32 degrees

  • Nice hotel with very good amenities but very inconsistent service. We we're promised a breakfast box so we didn't miss breakfast as our flight was early but when we reached the lobby there was nothing. The receptionists were somewhat rude as well.

  • Even though the staff were well aware that my wife had a serious heart condition and thus we had to cancel our reservation three weeks in advance of our arrival, they refused to refund any of our monies. If you wish to make a reservation do not pay them ahead of time. They are very shady; not like an American hotel.

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