How to Reach Rothenburg


By the way, there are several “Rothenburgs” in Germany. Be sure you are going to Rothenburg ob der Tauber (on the Tauber River); people actually do sometimes drive or ride the train to other, nondescript Rothenburgs by accident.

  • By Air: The closest airports are München (240 kilometer), Frankfurt am Main (175 kilometer), Stuttgart (165 kilometer) and Nürnberg (90 kilometer).
  • By Train: Reach Würzburg or Ansbach and change there to a regional train via Steinach to Rothenburg. This quaint town can then be reached on foot from the railway station in just a few minutes.
  • By Taxi: A rental car from Sixt is perfect to explore the beautiful surroundings of Rothenburg cheaply and easily.
  • By Bus: There are two main options to get here by bus: The Romantic Road Coach Bus line runs daily from mid-April to mid-October from Frankfurt and Munich along the tourist route "Romantic Road" in both directions. Flix Bus offers bus travel in Germany and nearly whole Europe. Traveling by bus is the most environmental friendly means of transport and saves your wallet.


  • On Foot: Rothenburg can be best experienced by strolling around. Being a small town that it is, walking will get you from one end of town to the other in about 15 minutes. The town also has a lot of day and night walking tours.
  • By Bike: Though cars and bikes are not required within the town, rent a bike for a breezy half-day pedal around the river valley.
Route Distance Time
Fürth to Rothenburg 89.75 km 1 hour 29 mins
Heroldsbach to Rothenburg 96.66 km 1 hour 36 mins
Bamberg to Rothenburg 97.69 km 1 hour 37 mins
Nuremberg to Rothenburg 99.23 km 1 hour 39 mins
Heroldsberg to Rothenburg 108.78 km 1 hour 48 mins
Ulm to Rothenburg 109.24 km 1 hour 49 mins
Jettingen-scheppach to Rothenburg 111.97 km 1 hour 51 mins
Vaihingen an der enz to Rothenburg 144.73 km 2 hours 24 mins
Heidelberg to Rothenburg 167.06 km 2 hours 47 mins
Frankfurt to Rothenburg 185.41 km 3 hours 5 mins