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Most of the visitors here are daytime visitors; while a mere few opt on staying over for a day or two. In fact, if you actually want to avoid the day-time crowd, you should choose staying over. A favorite of many, is to simply take a walk and admire the views, the town is small and easy to stroll on your own. The Tourist Information office (Marktplatz 2) organizes private and group walks around the town. The famous, almost daily Night Watchman’s Tour too is an interesting one, wherein the watchman jokes like a medieval Jerry Seinfeld as he stokes his lamp and takes tourists on his rounds, all the while telling slice-of-gritty-life tales. Climbing the Town Hall tower gives the best view of the town and surrounding countryside.

Encompassing a large number of museums, churches and galleries - Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum, St. Jakob’s Church, German Christmas Museum, Reichsstadtmuseum, Lutheran parish church, Rathausturm, St-Peter-und-Pauls-Kirche take you back in time to relive the medieval times. Then there is the Alt-Rothenburger Handwerkerhaus, where numerous artisans – including coopers, weavers, cobblers and potters – have their workshops, so you could test your creativity here!


Below we have a list of things to do in Rothenburg and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Rothenburg getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Rothenburg with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Rothenburg

Here is the list of things to do in Rothenburg and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Town Walls


    Enjoy a close encounter with Rothenburg’s history. The town walls were built to protect Rothenburg from its enemies and thus, are of vital importance. In spite of being very old, the walls are perfectly intact. A must-go for great views of the town and a feeling of going back in time eternal. The Walls give a view of 42 gate houses and towers in town. These can be accessed from anywhere i...Read more
  2. St. James's Church

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    St. James's Church

    Church, Religious Site

    Dominating the skyline of Rothenburg, St. Jacob's Church is the most important church in Rothenburg. The narrow lancet windows and tall pinnacles of the Church appear as if they are reaching towards the heaven. Valuable art treasures along with an array of art works were donated by the people of the town after the building’s completion in 1485. Praying at this beautiful church is a differ...Read more
  3. Medieval Crime And Justice Museum


    This one is gruesomely fascinating museum having the best display of criminal punishment devices probably in all of Europe. Displays include an array chastity belts, masks of disgrace for gossips, a cage for cheating bakers, a neck brace for quarrelsome women and a beer-barrel pen for drunks. The museum has three floors having a lot of history of crime and punishments. Punishments and crimes th...Read more
  4. Siebers Tower


    Siebers Tower (circa 1385) functioned as an entrance to Rothenburg for nearly 150 years, until the building of the Spital Bastion came into in the sixteenth century. Walking in through the archway, the visitor arrives at the Das Plonlein. One of the easiest points of access to the town wall is just south of the Siebers Tower (Siebersturm). With an entrance like this, a visitor is sure to get me...Read more
  5. Rodertor

    Landmark, Walking Area

    The Rodertor is one of the five gates into the preserved Medieval walled town of Rotheburg, it is Located on the east side of Rothenburg. This gate is the closest to the Bahnhof (train station). It’s a ten-minute walk from the station to the Rödertor entrance on Ansbachstrasse. The two structures that margin the Rödertor are round buildings where customs officials formerly colle...Read more
  6. Tauber Bridge

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    Tauber Bridge

    Bridge, Walking Area

    The Tauber Bridge is a historic road bridge that spans the Tauber Valley west of the town center of the Middle Franconian town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria. It carries a local link road to Leuzenbronn and the Tauber Valley Way, having a 4.0-meter-wide roadway and a 1.0-meter-wide footpath. The double bridge with its two rows of arches, one on top of the other, was built some time arou...Read more
  7. Klingentor


    Over 30 meters tall, this tower has mainly served practical purposes since the 16th century. The tower was converted into a water tower, after setting up of a copper vessel, serving the town’s drinking fountains ever since. One of the special features of Klingentor is that it shares a wall with St. Wolfgang Church, forming a link between worldly and spiritual architecture that is quite un...Read more
  8. Rothenburg Historical Vaults

    Historical Site

    The Historical Vaults of the Town Hall bring back the era of the Thirty Years War. You´ll see a total of 14 impressive vaults objects (weapons, helmets etc.) and scenes from the Thirty Years´ War (1618-1648). Here you will also see torture and execution instruments and prison cells which illustrate the dark side of medieval times. It is situated underneath the Town Hall. There are e...Read more
  9. Zum Spitaltor

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    Zum Spitaltor

    Museum, Historical Site

    The Spital Bastion, built around 1586 is located at the end of the Spitalgasse, in southern Rothenburg’s. It has two inner courtyards and an adjacent moat. A part of the Spital Bastion houses the Criminal Museum, located on the Burggasse, in the oldest part of the city. There is a dunking stool on the side of the building that was used to punish bakers whose bread was too light. (Dishones...Read more
  10. St. Wolfgangskirche

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    St. Wolfgangskirche

    Religious Site

    Located behind the Klingen Gate, St. Wolfgang's Church is also known as the Sheepherder's Church. It was erected between 1475 and 1492 by the brotherhood of shepherds, having a very Gothic style to it. However, the church has only a small steeple, not the usual high Gothic spire. The Sentries House, today is being used as the shepherds' dance chamber. The church forms a part of the fortress at ...Read more
  11. St. Georgs Brunnen

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    St. Georgs Brunnen


    This is the largest and loveliest fountain in the city, situated right opposite the town hall. It is constructed in a Renaissance style that can not be compared to other grandiose fountains elsewhere! It sits quietly in a corner of the Marktplatz in front of a timber framed house opposite the City Council's Tavern. There is sculpture atop the fountain pole featuring a cavalier conquering a devi...Read more
  12. Alt-rothenburger Handwerkerhaus


    Hidden down in one the many alleys of Rothenburg, is the Alt-Rothenburger Handwerkerhaus. A hermit who lived here remained obscure to cultural and technical innovations. It is because of him, this medieval jewel, where artisans lived and worked is accessible to tourists. Today numerous artisans including coopers, weavers, cobblers and potters conduct their workshops here. It's partly a museum a...Read more
  13. Councillors' Tavern
    The Councillors' Tavern is located on the main square so it can't be missed, it's a charming building. During the daytime, every hour, a little show happens here which isn't overly exciting but still worth seeing.At certain times of the day, usually on the hour, the two doors near the top of the building open for a short show of the mayor drinking "der meister trunk", which draws crowds. Ratstr...Read more
  14. St. Peter And St. Paul's Church, Detwang

    Church, Religious Site

    St. Peter and Paul is a Gothic church in the quarter of Detwang in Rothenburg. Even in though Gothic it still is a charming small church with an amazing carved altar piece.The crucifixion reredos by Tilman Riemenschneider is the most important piece of artwork in the church.It is located two kilometers outside Rothenburg, in the small former Reichsdorf Detwang in the Tauber Valley. You can do a...Read more
  15. Herrnbrunnen

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    This fountain at Herrengasse is in the form of an inscription since 1595, belonging stylistically to the late Renaissance. The figure on its pillar is that of a mermaid with two fish tails and a golden crown on its head along with a golden scepter in the hand. Previously, the cattle market used to be held at the Lord fountain, here. Today the Imperial City Festival takes place at the Herrnbrunn...Read more
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