How to Reach Rotorua


  • By Air: The Rotorua International Airport is a 10-minutes drive from the city center, and is well connected to other domestic airports as well as to Sydney International Airport.
  • By Train: Rotorua is not connected by rail to any of the major cities.
  • By Bus: Bus is one of best and cheapest options for travelling within New Zealand, and Rotorua is serviced daily, multiple times by InterCity and Naked Bus to all major domestic cities.
  • By Car: Auckland being just a few hours away, traveling by car in New Zealand is another great option. The roads are very scenic with small, quaint villages and towns popping up every now and then.


  • By Bus: There are a few CityRide buses servicing Rotorua, but not enough for a traveler to be completely reliant on. They also stop servicing the town at 6 PM on weekdays and 4 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • By Taxi: Although pricey, metered taxis are easily available and a safe way to travel around the city.
  • By Bicycle: Cycling in Rotorua is a great way to get around; especially with the plentitude of bike rental shops.
  • By Car: Having your own car will make your trip to Rotorua even more pleasurable as the city is well-planned and easy to navigate. Hiring a car is preferable to relying on public transport entirely and might also turn out to be cheaper.