How to Reach Rotterdam


  • By Train: Rotterdam is connected by an international rail to Belgium and France. If you are travelling from Antwerp, Brussels or Paris, you can take the high speed train which takes around half hour, 1 and a half hour and around 2 and a half hour respectively to reach Rotterdam. Train are also available from Amsterdam, Gouda, Leiden, The Hague and Flushing among other cities. The rail link is preferred for a cross Europe tour and is a budget friendly way to reach Rotterdam.
  • By Air: Rotterdam The Hague Airport is located around 7 kilometers from the city center and is connected to major European cities including Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom. You can opt for a Tinker Taxi at the airport to take you to the hotel.
  • By Boat: If you are travelling from the United Kingdom, ferries are available with overnight as well as day journeys and provide a bus shuttle service to take you to the city center.
  • By Car: Major highways connect Rotterdam to cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Gouda and you can park on the street by using a Chip card sold at various points on the highway. Rotterdam is located 73 kilometers from Amsterdam (a little more than an hour’s journey), 27 kilometers from The Hague (30 minutes’ journey time) and 61 kilometers from Utrecht (around 1-hour journey time).
  • By Bus: Eurolines bus service connects Rotterdam with neighboring cities like Berlin (12 hours’ journey time), Brussels (around 3 hours’ journey time), Frankfurt (8 hours’ journey time) and Paris (around 7 hours’ journey time) among other cities.
  • Other bus service: Megabus connect the city to London (9 hours away) and Cologne (6 hours away) among other cities including Paris and Frankfurt.

Tickets can be bought online or at the bus stops.


Where ever you want to travel around Rotterdam, you will need a Travel Chipcard to use the Public transport, which is preferred for its unlimited use for a fixed amount of days.

  • By Metro: Rotterdam’s metro service is efficient with 5 lines that create a well-connected service throughout the city. The metros operate from 6.00 am to midnight and need a check in and check out. The metros are frequent however, during peak hours the frequency is more.
  • By Bus: The RET bus service covers the area around the city center while the ARRIVA and Connexxion connect the outskirts of Rotterdam. Do use the front door to get in the busses. RET also operates night buses on Friday and Saturday nights. 
  • By Tram: For areas which are not covered by the Metros, the Tram provides the local transport. RET has 10 tram lines and most of them stop at the Rotterdam Central. Lines operate at the frequency of on every 10 minutes.
  • By Taxi: Taxis have a base charge with additional charges per kilometer. You can find a Taxi at any of the ranks or simply call for one using your smartphone or by calling the local Taxi company.
  • By Water Bus: To reach places like windmills of Kinderdijk and places on route to Drechtsteden, you can take the Water Bus.
  • By Aqualiner: To reach Katendrecht and Lloydkwartier and its neighboring cities, an Aqualiner is the most preferred mode of transport.
  • By Walking: If you have enough time on your hands to only visit the main central city, walking is the best way to appreciate its nooks and corners and really explore the streets of Rotterdam.