Best Things To Do in Rotterdam, Netherlands

  1. The Destroyed City

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    The Destroyed City


    The ‘Destroyed city’ is a monument in Rotterdam made by sculpture Zadkine to signify the loss of the city during the Second World War when the Germans damaged the city severely. Ossip Zadkine is a celebrated Russian/French sculptor and artist of the 20th century known for expressing the world around through his sculptures and even paintings. See the masterpiece while in Rotterdam an...Read more
  2. Wilhelminapier

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    Outdoors, View Point, Walking Area

    The Wilhelminapier is the perfect place to go for late evening walks where you can see the Erasmus bridge and the city-scape with the silhouette of Rotterdam’s beautiful buildings.  The place has a Broad walk where you can take a walk and see all the tall buildings of Rotterdam in one sight! The highlight of the view is after dark when the city lights adds a glow to the sight!
  3. Breakout Rotterdam

    Adventure, Games

    Escape rooms is one of Rotterdam’s favorite things to do and the Breakout Rotterdam is no exception to that. The place is located in the same building as De Machinist restaurant and offers two rooms- ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Whodunnit’. Both the rooms have individual themes with popular plots and adds a little bit of old-world charm to its ambience. Get your detective-face ...Read more
  4. Santa Claus


    Originally made to depict Santa Claus with a Christmas Tree in his hand, the statue got way to may sexual references and soon the ‘Leprechaun Butt-plug’ got more popular than any other name. Take a picture of the iconic yet funny statue and you have something unique to remember Rotterdam by for sure. The statue is located at Eendrachtsplein and is celebrated as yet another of the ci...Read more
  5. Nieuwe Luxor Theater

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    Nieuwe Luxor Theater

    Performance, Play, Theatre

    The Nieuwe Luxor Theater is known for its classic performances like Rapunzel while still offering a platform for Jazz, Drama and Alternative performing arts. The theater was built in 1917 by architect P. Vermaas. During the World War II, the theatre still screened shows and is one of the few buildings in Rotterdam which was unaffected by the 1940 bombings. See a live performance here as you tou...Read more
  6. Beurs - World Trade Center


    The Beurs- world trade center is a member of the World Trade Center's Association of Rotterdam and is a major business center with over 200 offices. The center’s history dates back to the 16th century and since then it has changed to keep up with the modern times. Today, the curved building with its blue windows can be distinguished from the neighboring sky scrapers. Take a casual walk ar...Read more
  7. Veerhaven

    Walking Area

    The Veerhaven is home to some of the best pre-war buildings in Rotterdam and is a dip in history like no other place in the city. Take a walk through the area to see the old houses and end the day with a meal at one of its restaurants. The area has a port where historic ships are moored. If you like to see places which take you to a different time and simply breathe its story, a walk here is ju...Read more
  8. The Red Apple

    Landmark, Skyscrapper

    The Red Apple is the eight tallest building in Rotterdam and is known for its stark Red frame which gives it its iconic name. The building is 407 feet in height. The red frame is made from anodized aluminum and marks yet another artistic- technology to the building. The building accommodates shops and restaurants and is also a residential complex. The Red Apple adds a stark contrast to the urba...Read more
  9. World Port Centre

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    World Port Centre

    Landmark, View Point, Port

    The World Port Centre is the modern port in Rotterdam where you can take a cruise along the busiest sailing routes around the city. The whole port shows just what Rotterdam has evolved into- an ultra-urban port city which is as fast paced as the changing times. The cruises are the highlights especially when you get to see the city rise above the water level. The view around sunset is simply the...Read more
  10. Natural History Museum

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    Natural History Museum

    History Museum, Architecture

    The Natural History Museum was established in 1927 and occupies the Villa Dijkzigt which was built in the 19th century. The museum has a wide collection of skeletons, fossils and stuffed animals and is the perfect way to spend an hour or so with children. Highlights include: Skeleton of Sperm Whale at the glass pavilion Skeleton of Asian elephant Ramon Fossils dating back to 230 million years ...Read more
  11. Holland Casino-Rotterdam

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    Holland Casino-Rotterdam

    Casino, Entertainment, Games, Adults

    Holland Casino Rotterdam is one of the most popular Casinos in Rotterdam. Blackjack, Poker, Slot machines, Roulette, Jackpots, Bingo or Wheel of Fortune- whatever is your gambling poison, the Casino has it all and more. If you want jazz up your evenings while in Rotterdam or simply multiply your greens, try you luck here while you absorb all of its luxuries.  Highlight include: Texas Hold...Read more
  12. Westerkade

    Park, View Point, Walking Area, Nature

    The Westerkade area is a quay area in Rotterdam- one of many in the city which get shadowed under its urban hangout places. The whole area is planted with trees and has parks to add to the beautiful view of the harbor. If you are looking for a place to simply be and people-watch or even catch up on some reading, visit the place during the early afternoons or take a walk along its boardwalk in t...Read more
  13. Katendrecht

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Adults, Skyscrapper

    Katendrecht used to be Village in the South of Holland but is now a part of Rotterdam. Originally a Red Light area where sailors would get down after long sea journeys and unwind and party, it is now an upscale place with modern highlights including restaurants and sky-scrapers. The whole area has some of the best food haunts in Rotterdam and you can have a hop in any of the restaurants to tast...Read more
  14. Boompjes Park

    Park, View Point, Walking Area

    A waterfront facing the Nieuwe Maas, the Boompjes Park is more of a boardwalk with small park in it and overlooks the beautiful harbor and the ships which sail that through its route. The beautiful view of the water along with the bridge is the highlight. A pleasure to take a walk through in the evenings or even capture the moment on a Camera, don’t miss out on the place if you would love...Read more
  15. Delftse Poort


    The Twin building was designed by architect Abe Bonnema and for 20 years Tower I was the tallest one until 2009. The building was built over an underground metro tunnel and used state-of-the-art technology to create its existing layout. The sleek mirror building is easy to spot and is a wonderful sight to see after dark. The highlight however, is the view from the building’s 37th floor. T...Read more