Best Things To Do in Rotterdam, Netherlands

  1. Willemsbrug Bridge

    Bridge, Walking Area, Harbour

    The Willemsbrug bridge is a cable-bridge built in 1981 was made as a replacement for original William Bridge which was opened in 1879. The present day bridge is constructed 150 meters above the stream to keep water traffic at bay. Today the bridge connects northern Rotterdam to Noordereiland and other districts, running over the Nieuwe Maas. Take a walk around the bridge or see it from the harb...Read more
  2. Mariniers Museum

    4.3 (30 Votes)
    Mariniers Museum

    History Museum, Historical Site, War Memorial

    Know all about the history and journey of the Dutch Marines by visiting the Mariniers Museum. The museum showcases and depicts the story of the country’s turbulent past- including the World War II and the recent Afghanistan mission. If you like war history and would like to see the weapons, official Marine uniform used across ages and other historic articles, a visit here will be interest...Read more
  3. Kpn Tower

    3.9 (40 Votes)
    Kpn Tower

    Walking Area, Dine In, Restaurant, Architecture

    The KPN Telecom Building was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and adds to the urban sky scrapers of Rotterdam. The building has motion graphic lights which light up the night sky. The building itself stands out due to its inclined design which seems to be supported on a rod. If you like to see places which have ultra-modern designs and is a little bit on the quirky side, take a walk ar...Read more
  4. Museum Rotterdam

    4 (24 Votes)
    Museum Rotterdam

    History Museum, Historical Site, War Memorial

    Museum Rotterdam depicts the story of Rotterdam’s past including its role and suffering during the World War II. The exhibits are self-explanatory and include a range of videos which describe just what it was to live in Rotterdam during the 1940’s. Highlights include: Before and After photos of the 1940’s Bombings. Copies of bomber aircrafts which were used during the second ...Read more
  5. Chabot Museum

    3.9 (22 Votes)
    Chabot Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Monument, Sculpture

    The Chabot Museum is dedicated to Hendrik Chabot- a famous Dutch sculptor and painter. The museum is accommodated in a white Villa built in 1930’s and is a National Monument itself. The museum showcases art works from the 1920s from the Schortemeijer collection, works from the time period of the Second World War and exclusive art pieces from the private collection of Mrs. Toll-Breugem. If...Read more
  6. Witte De With Center For Contemporary Art

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Entertainment, Performance

    Located in a former school on the Witte de With street, the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art is the perfect place to explore contemporary art when in Rotterdam. The museum conducts live events, exhibitions and educational programs which give a platform to upcoming contemporary artists. Till date, the exhibition has reached out their support to over 300 artists and is one of the few pla...Read more
  7. Van Nelle Factory

    Architecture , Unesco Site

    The Van Nelle Factory is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful modern building not just in Rotterdam but in the world! The factory topped in the list of the ‘25 Most Beautiful Factories in the World’ and was designed by architect Leendert van der Vlugt. The factory was one of the major factories in Rotterdam to processing coffee, tea and tobacco and soon a proce...Read more
  8. Dutch Pinball Museum

    4.7 (8 Votes)
    Dutch Pinball Museum

    Entertainment, Specialty Museum, Games

    The Dutch Pinball Museum is every Pinball lover’s dream come true. The place is filled with vintage pinball machines as well as modern ones where you can unwind and play the game till your fingers feel numb! Some of the games are collector’s items and even though some may not work, they still add to the colorful gaming ambience of the museum. Highlights Include: Working and playabl...Read more
  9. Villa Zebra

    4 (178 Votes)
    Villa Zebra

    Art Museum, Entertainment, Games

    The Villa Zebra is a unique art museum and laboratory for children who want a place to unleash their creativity and showcase it. If you have a child who loves to make new things or you are simply looking for a place where you can play board games and learn different things with you children, a visit here is sure to make you feel you and your child have learnt something together. The place encou...Read more
  10. Stadsbrouwerij De Pelgrim

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Restaurant

    De Pelgrim Brewery is the only existing brewery in Rotterdam and offers an exclusive tasting, a restaurant which serves delicious food and an ambience which oozes a small-world charm. The brewery was one of the two (other one being Heineken which moved to the North Shore) in the city but after World War II, only De Pelgrim survived. Today, the place is known for its rich, crafted Dutch beers an...Read more
  11. Groothandelsgebouw

    4.2 (17 Votes)

    Walking Area, Heritage Building

    The Groot Handelsgebouw is one of the major buildings built after the Second World War and marked a fresh beginning for businesses in Rotterdam since most of them where lost during the war. Today the massive building and its larger-than-life architecture is home to some of the biggest offices. The building was a result of a sketch made by Frits Po in 1944 and was completely constructed by 1953....Read more
  12. Belasting And Douane Museum

    Specialty Museum

    The Belasting & Douane Museum is the Tax and Customs Museum and conveys the stories of how the administration used to work in the past and its journey to the present day. The museum also has an exhibit about how people used to smuggle things around the world. The stark difference between the past and present day of Tax and customs rules, regulations and its procedures are also explained in ...Read more
  13. Theater Walhalla

    4.5 (7 Votes)
    Theater Walhalla

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre

    Theater Walhalla is a small theatre with a seating capacity of only 80 people but it more than what makes-up for the number with its high quality performances which are a stunner for children and adults alike. If you like theatre and are travelling with children, be sure to catch a show here live to see a hidden, talent-platform when in Rotterdam. The theatre is a smaller blueprint of the bigge...Read more
  14. Leuvehoofd Park

    Park, Bridge, Walking Area, Monument

    The Leuvehoofd Park is located on the river side and overlooks the Earsmus bridge. The park is loved for its green grass, sufficient benches to sit on and simply take the spectacular waterside view. Highlights Include: ‘The Bow’ monument which is built in memory of the 3500 sailors who lost their lives during the World War II. Take a walk through the park during sunny afternoons o...Read more
  15. De Hef

    4.5 (16 Votes)
    De Hef

    Bridge, Walking Area, Monument, Harbour

    The De Hef is a railway lift-bridge which runs over the Royal Harbour and was built in the late 19th century. The bridge was designed in 1927 (first of its kind in Europe) and was a main location for a movie made in 1928. Today, the bridge is no longer funtional but is a monument which keeps the history alive in Rotterdam’s fast-paced urban sphere. Take a walk around the harbor to see the...Read more