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Russia Overview

Gorgeous Russia beckons! The vast, varied and wonderful land of Russia is a wonderland of unexplored touristic destinations. Surely, everyone knows of Moscow and St. Petersburg but there is a lot more to the country that is left to explore.

Russia has a long history and when it comes to its culture there is a lot to be mentioned. Its unique brand of music and dance, its stunning art, its intriguing thinkers and its renowned literature all make it a culturally rich land that has a lot to offer.

Perhaps the most intriguing part about Russia is its amazing architecture. The amazing mix of styles, colors, and texture have given a very distinct look to Russian Architecture.  Renaissance architecture is the most colorful and fairytale-like. The Kremlin in Moscow is the biggest example of it but you will be able to see some really eclectic buildings all over the country.

Russia has a remarkable old-worldly charm. Not only has the country been home to civilization for a really long time but it also possesses a very rich and old tradition. The archeological sites are evidence of this. When you go to a few places in Russia you might actually get the feeling that you are living in the past.  The country is certainly a treat for history lovers.

The country is undoubtedly beautiful; often nestled in snow and otherwise completely sun-soaked. There is a lot of untouched forest in Russia too. Nature’s bounty has definitely been generous on them. Besides the nature, the culture, the art and the music provide several more amazing tourist destinations. As a result of all this, Russia has become  an intriguing travel destination.

Best time to Visit Russia

  • Spring: If you want to go to Russia on a calm holiday without too many tourists and distractions, some of the better months to visit are May and June. They are still quite cool so be sure to pack your winter gear, but they are tranquil and wonderful for tourists.
  • Summer: Summer is the best time to visit Russia and the Months of July and March form the high point of the tourist season. The interesting thing is that in certain places in Russia, the sun literally never sets in summer! So, the “white nights” themselves have become a popular tourist attraction. The days are very long so you get to pack a lot into your sightseeing schedule.
  • Fall: September and October are also not bad options. The weather starts getting cooler but the warmth of the summer is still lingering at this time. Besides, another plus is that the crowds are a lot less.
  • Winter: Unless you actually like the cold temperatures or that is exactly what you are looking for in a holiday, visiting Russia in winter is probably not the best Idea. The temperatures fall very low November onwards and Russian winters are known to be the coldest and the roughest in the world. However, there is the amazing snow to think of. If it is snow and snow sports you crave, November and February are the perfect months for that.

Getting in and Around Russia

  • Going to Russia: It is best to travel by air to Russia. All the major cities have airports and flights from major cities are accessible almost throughout the year. Be sure to book your flight tickets in advance. The cheapest deals will be found in November and August, when the flow of air traffic to Russia is the lowest.  Visas are required to travel to Russia for travelers from all countries without exception.
  • Getting around Russia: Metro stations all over are extremely lavishly decorated in Russia. They are a real sight to see.  However, when it comes to public transport the country has different situations in different cities. The traffic in Moscow is really congested. Most people will suggest its best to walk. In Moscow, the metro rail is actually quite easy to use but the signs tend to be in Russian so you will have to ask around. In St. Petersburg public transport is easily accessible too. They have minibusses, trolleybuses as well as Metros so you can take your pick. Your best bet is to take Metros and then walk to nearby destinations as a general rule all over Russia. Do not hesitate to ask around rather than getting lost.

Places to visit in Russia

  • Moscow: Moscow, the sprawling capital of Russia is a favorite with the tourists. Going to Russia and not seeing the Kremlin is definitely a miss. Its colorful mix of architectural styles is sure to make you gaze in awe. You can also experience the grandeur of the Red Square as well as several other historic buildings. Moscow is not going to disappoint.
  • Saint Petersburg: St Petersburg which is often referred to as the Venice of the North is an amazing tourist destination. In summer, the Sun never fully sets here so the phenomenon called the “white nights” is certainly worth the visit. Besides this, the Russian Museum, the Yusupov Palace, the Catherine Palace, and many other such places make the city a real treat for the traveler.
  • Omsk: If you do not want to visit the more popular cities, Omsk is a great option. The Dostoyevsky Museum of Literature is housed in Omsk. Besides, there are several places of interest with the typical Russian architecture which is an eclectic mix of styles and cultures.
  • Arkaim: Akraim in Russia is a beautiful ancient city that was excavated. This ancient relic will remind you of just how old and culturally rich the planet we live on today is. There are several artifacts from an ancient civilization that are on public display.
  • The Golden Ring: You could try out a tour of the Golden ring especially if you are a culture seeker. The Golden ring is a trip of Russia that includes some amazing Historic cities and usually goes from St. Petersburg. 

States in Russia

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