How to Reach Sa Pa


  • By Train: From Hanoi, trains accessible from Tran Quy Cap St are available till the Lao Cai Railway station. This station is said to be the gateway to Sapa. From the station, minibuses and vans cruise are available to reach Sapa.
  • By Bus: Sleeper buses and express buses are available from Hanoi to reach Sapa. Other than this, buses from Lao Cai and Dien Bien Phu are also there to reach Sapa.
  • By Motorcycle: motorcycles on rent are available from Hanoi. Hence, if you are skilled enough to drive on rocky mountain paths, you can definitely hire a motorcycle to reach Sapa.


  • Sapa lacks public transport within the town. Hence hiring a motorcycle is the best option to move around the town. Else walking around the town is the best option to explore the hidden corners of the town. This is because most of the attractions are closely located.