How to Reach Sagar - The Easiest Way to Reach Sagar


  • By Air: The nearest airport to Sagar is the Bhopal Airport which is located at a distance of roughly 170 kilometers. From here, you can take a train or rent a car to get to Sagar.
  • By Train: Sagar has a proper station with connectivity to most cities. If you do not get a train directly to sagar, then the second nearest station to Sagar is the Bina station.
  • By Bus: The Madhya Pradesh Transport Board has many buses running intra state to Sagar. You can otherwise take a private bus upon reaching Bhopal to get to Sagar.
  • By Car: You can get in by travelling through the MP SH 18 or MP SH 15 A- both of which are prominent state highways of Madhya Pradesh.


  • By Auto: The only prominent public transport that can be used to get around in Sagar is Auto Rickshaws.
  • By Car: You can rent a car from Bhopal and use it to drive in Sagar, although the traffic is not what you would expect here and it can get a little difficult for you to drive.
  • On foot: The best way to explore Sagar is to get around on foot and see everything that it has to offer to you.

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How to Reach Sagar from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Rajakhedi to Sagar 5.39 km 5 mins
Narsinghpur to Sagar 54.75 km 54 mins
Babai to Sagar 93.33 km 1 hour 33 mins
Bhopal to Sagar 147.86 km 2 hours 27 mins
Indore to Sagar 387.64 km 6 hours 27 mins
Bukit mertajam to Sagar 2382.35 km 39 hours 42 mins