How to Reach Sagres - The Easiest Way to Reach Sagres

Sagres can be reached from international destinations throughFaro international airport, the second of Portugal’s busiest air hubs. If you feel like taking a road trip, you can make the 300km journey from Lisbon by car although this can be a stressful and long journey.

Renting a car is advisable if you plan on travelling to outer regions, but most of Sagres can be traversed by foot.

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How to Reach Sagres from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Lagos to Sagres 31.75 km 31 mins
Lisbon to Sagres 189.33 km 3 hours 9 mins
Toulouse to Sagres 1350.47 km 22 hours 30 mins
Cardiff to Sagres 1720.46 km 28 hours 40 mins
Bristol to Sagres 1745.66 km 29 hours 5 mins
Guildford to Sagres 1828.72 km 30 hours 28 mins
Leyton to Sagres 1891.65 km 31 hours 31 mins
Amsterdam to Sagres 2293.82 km 38 hours 13 mins
Bucharest to Sagres 3976.34 km 66 hours 16 mins
Fort lee to Sagres 7231.11 km 120 hours 31 mins